the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 73

Hello fellow dreamers. I’m Rayth. I’m new here but not new to lucid dreaming. I’ve had spurts of lucidity before. My last lucid dream a few days ago had me wildly flying an xwing fighter. When I woke up I thought, man I gotta lucid dream more often. And so here I am at ld4all cuz I like the spacey theme of the place. Hope to be sharing lots of lucid dreams soon.

Hello Rayth, welcome to ld4all. :wave:

There’s nothing like a lucid dream to kick start your motivation again. :smile:

Hello moogle. Thanks for the welcome. I’m anxious for more lucid dreams soon. :smile:

Hello, I am Juggaloner. I’m not actually a Juggalo. My girlfriend told me about this site. I am new to Lucid Dreaming. She has had hundreds of Lucid Dreams throughout her life and was obsessed with it. I knew about Lucid Dreaming but never thought I would be able to have one until I met her. For about three weeks I have been trying to Lucid Dream. In my dream last night I started to feel conscious and kind of knew I was dreaming and then I said “I am aware I am dreaming”. My body started to get excited and my heart raced and I woke up. I became aware towards the end of the dream, but wasn’t able to control it. I got excited and it faded. I tried spinning around which is something she mentioned but my dream faded so fast. I hope to have this experience again soon but learn to stay calm and control it. Lucid Dreaming is exciting and I hope it helps with my anxiety dreams and nightmares!!! :smile:

You are getting there and have even experienced some lucidity. :thumbs:

Welcome to ld4all Juggaloner. I hope to read about your first stable ld in the near future. :content:

Hello, my name is greenfly and I found out about this forum 2 days ago. I have had lucid dreams since i was a kid. The thing I found very interesting when i was browsing this forum was the explanations about the techniques you use to get into LD. I didn’t know anything about it, but i used variations about them as a kid, so i guess that is how i got into LD. :happy:

I made quite some journeys through my dreams. At some point they got really scary, so i was really scared about going to sleep for a long time. I stopped with LDs and later started to read about it. That was the first time when I realised LD was “a thing”. I started again with moderation, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know more about the whole subject and share my experiences. :happy:

Also it is really strange for me to read the techniques written out, like a rulebook. I always assumed that i was alone with the dream controlling stuff for a long time (because everyone would treat it like such a unnormal thing). Also until some days ago, I didn’t know that it was SUCH a big thing. And that there already exists so much shared knowledge about lds. Praise the internet! I’m really looking forward to reading thourgh all your experiences and start to understand what the hell is going on with my subconsciousness. :yay: :hyper:

Hi and welcome, greenfly! :welcome: I can vividly remember what it first felt like for me to come here. I hope you will experience some awesome lucid dreams soon!

Hello everyone. Have been browsing the site for a couple days now. This is the first time I’ve been part of a forum so go easy on me :wink: I had an interest in LD as a teenager but didn’t have the drive to keep up practice to gain any skill at it. I have a vague memory of possibly being lucid a couple of times in my life but could not say with 100% certainty. From my own perspective, I consider this the same as never having any at all.

Recently, the topic of LD came up at a time that I am consciously working on improving my life from many angles. I began to read Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner and felt a strong desire to pick up the pursuit of LD to see what the experiences may reveal to me. I have started a DJ on as a WordPress blog rather than LD4all so that I might have more control over the content. The link to my DJ is in my profile as I get adjusted to the site. I look forward to meeting others and getting tips, advice and hearing what others have experienced through LDs.

Hey Norcaldreamer :smile:

Nice to see more people from my age-group here :tongue:

The border between lucid and normal dreams is not always clear. Sometimes we can act like lucid dreamers in normal dream. Sometimes we act as lucid dreamers who went to sleep in normal dream and think now that it was not normal dream, but reality. And there are more examples where the border between lucid and normal dream is not very clear. So welcome to the forums and hopefully your dreams will be more lucid while reading and discussing about it :smile:

Welcome to ld4all, Norcaldreamer. :wave:

Robert Waggoner is a registered forum member :content:
I hope you decide to share your first LD with us in the sticky topic in the dream journal forum :grin:

BTW there is a link in my signature for members that are 30 years and older to post in :peek:

Hello everyone. I heard about LD some 2 years ago, but after one week I gave up. Keeping a dream journal was annoying. And then i forgot. But 2 weeks ago the topic came back to me and I became highly motivated ! I subscribed to this forum to keep my motivation high and to not give up this time. I hope this will work !

Welcome Helnyx! Keep your motivation high and make LDing technique of your choice a daily habit. Keeping a forum DJ and taking part in competitions like the LC is surprisingly good for motivation.

Welcome to the forum, Helnyx :wave:

I agree with Letaali.

Also reading all the older ld4all quests plus the topics " The B I G Lucid to-do list topic" and " The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD topic" (all in lucid adventures subforum) will keep you inspired and motivated.


hello :welcome:

hello lesreveslucides :wave:

Hi every body, I’m Guims.

I actually registered on ld4all in 2014 and tried to get things going, but after a few weeks, i didn’t manage to remember dreams properly. Thus, i stopped pushing and just kept an eye on my dreams to see if there was any improvement, which is apparently starting. Now its not like i am remembering every dream i did every night, but its been about three weeks now and i’d say that i remember a dream every two night, and sometimes a few days in a row. So this pumped me up, and here i am, definitely motivated to make it a dream per night and start LD for good.

Thanks in advanced for everything i will learn here and for all the work that is done here.


Welcome back to the forum Guims. :wave:

A new ND challenge is about to start (tomorrow), joining it will probably further improve your recall and it would also be a way to get to know some members.

[NDC-XI] Normal Dream Challenge 11: Sign Up

I hope you enjoy your time here and finally get to experience some good LDs.

hi moogle, hi letaali, how are you guys :smile:

Doing ok I guess.