the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 74

I just found out about this website while I was researching the topic of lucid dreaming for a science fiction book I am writing.

Welcome to ld4all sarahacker :user:
I hope you experience a lucid dream due to reading about them - it happens quite often. :content:

Well I have been lucid dreaming before I even knew they had a name! I don’t really do anything to become lucid like reality checks etc., but still I have them at least two times a week. Isn’t it strange?

Nope. Some people naturally have the right mindset and required self-awareness to become lucid. Two times a week is quite frequent though, congrats!

I’ve kept a DJ on and off over the years, but never consistently. I’ve always wanted to LD consistently (I’ve had a few LD’s in my life) but I only keep my DJ for long enough remember 1-2 dreams a night before losing track of it (then slowly recalling less and less dreams). So I found this site to help me log my dreams and research LD teks.

Hello LucidWilliam, welcome to ld4all.

The Normal Dream Challenge is a great way to increase recall and motivate dream logging.
Normal Dream Challenge 12 - Signups open!

What techs do you use now? I really recommend WBTB with the method of your choice. :content:

Hi everyone, I’m new here.
I haven’t been lucid before, but have started a dream diary about a week ago.
I sort of did a reality check in a dream this morning (first time, that I can recall at least), but it (the reality check) woke me up. I read about pinching your nose shut & trying to breathe through it, but instead I plug my throat with my tongue and try to breathe through my nose. When I did it in the dream I couldn’t breath, and was confused as I woke up with my tongue pressed against the back of my throat preventing me from breathing through my nose.

I was trying to go for a less conspicuous check I could do regularly… I can’t go around my office pinching my nose.
Shouldn’t I be unable to actually move my tongue like that when I’m asleep? Though it is a very easy motion to make–with my mouth closed I just move it sort of close to my throat (very short distance) and it will get sucked back by air pressure if I’m breathing in through my nose at the time. (Should I make a different thread asking about that?)

:wave: hello SwirlingSkies, welcome to ld4all

Looking at a watch or text, looking away then rechecking for changes won’t be noticed. Or pushing a finger against a surface and seeing if finger goes through, others wouldn’t notice.

And feel free to post a topic about RCs in quest subforum if you wish. :thumbs:

Hey everyone. I used to browse these forums endlessly when I was a young teenager, but eventually life gave me other distractions. It’s been so long, it seems like my old account is inactive now. Anyway, it’s good to see the community is still here after all these years.

I haven’t had a proper LD in years, but I’ve decided to get more serious about it lately. Lucid dreaming is way too awesome of a skill to let life get in the way.

Welcome back Orbitaldonkey. Were you mainly a reader or poster too when you used to visit?

And lucid dreaming or even knowing the possibility of becoming lucid IS awesome :spinning:

Hey y’all! I just created an account today.

I have been lucid dreaming for about 2 years now, and I figured it’s time to join a forum to increase my knowledge and discuss with fellow LD’ers! I’m kind of getting back into lucid dreaming after not doing much to further my experiences for a while, so my general LD excitement is making a comeback :hyper:

Hello lerpulon, welcome to the ld4all community :content:

I’m sure you will find lots of knowledge and inspiration on the forum.

So uh, hi.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an old-fashioned forum, but other places “closer” to me on the topic of lucid dreaming were dead.

I’ve first learned about lucid dreaming from a friend I’ve met on the internet (on one of the “old-fashioned forums” nonetheless!) when I was 16. We’ve stayed in contact for a few years, but over time I lost it, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe he’s hiding around here, somewhere.
Anyways, I’m off writing a lengthy blogpost on the Quest for Lucidity section, hopefully I won’t get suspended right away for posting in the wrong section or something, my “internet forum skills” are rusty.

hello Dream_Chaser :wave: welcome to the forum.

And to put your mind at rest, the other post is in the correct forum … and even if it wasn’t, a mod can easily move it to the correct area. :grin:

Good luck with the LDs :content:

Wheey heyho everyone~
Ghosting through this forum now for a couple of days, have to say, great work folks haha.

Welp here something about me, I am 18 years old, live in Germany and go to a university.
I do graffiti, from pen’s to spray can’s, well art in general.
Saw some dream art here from Lady Yomi, really nice!
Besides that I play e-guitar, a pac212VFM and a bit keyboard.
Listen at the time to Elliot Smith, mother mother … do not let me list em all … :grin:
~All about classic rock~

Gaming of course haha, from SNES to Steam if this makes sense. Nothing against beeing added on steam >Ferdonald Duck<
Series: Rick and morty; super natural; animes;

I am dealing with lucid dreaming now for some time, a month or more?
Everything with it included. Dream journal, different RC’s like critical mindset. At the moment I work with mediation > auto suggestion > WBTB > MILD for inducing a LD.
Never had a LD, or just simply can’t remember one …
Gets on my nerves that I’m not one of these people, who have no difficulties with LD :happy:
Well I’ll get along with it ^^’

~Spend definitely to much time writing this crap~
See ya

Welcome to the forum Ferdo-179
You should make a comment on Lady Yomi’s art topic so she’ll know you like her work. :peek:

Good combination. It should get you a LD in the near future :thumbs:

Welcome Ferdo! :wave:

I’d love to see some of your art. :smile:

I should introduce myself since I only just started posting, although I made an account a few years ago…

I’m hoping LD4all can be my new online dream home. I’m trying to get back into journaling, remembering my dreams, trying new things in and with my dreams, and getting inspired by the things others are doing and trying. Going better than I thought so far in the past week with my recall!

Here’s a dream I had in 2008 which I’ve been thinking about ever since seeing moogle’s name:

[spoiler]I decided to go to this little island that I sometimes used to go to in my dreams. It’s within swimming distance of a bay with some nice beaches. I can see most of the island when I stand on the cliff on the North side of the mainland bay. The island itself is mostly wilderness: low growing grasses with trails. There are also some houses that may be abandoned. And the side of the island facing the mainland has a bunch of really wide waterfalls. The first time I went there I was an android leading some kind of android exodus, but every time since I’ve been lucid.

I’d brought someone with me. I guess she must have just been some DC I’d met along the journey to get there. I do remember thinking that I was doing her some big favor by letting her hang around me.

The island looks a little different every time and I was surprised by how small it was this time. We soon made our way through the area with the waterfalls and into the water of the bay. For some reason I was looking for underwater caves and found some. We swam in and everything inside looked like a 2D video game. We found a boss of sorts and started firing missiles at it. It was this giant, evil baby thing, and as it got damaged it would grow up a bit. I had to charge up to do some slightly complex button combination, and was able to use some better missiles. We had defeated the thing and escaped as it was exploding (It was one of those load-bearing bosses) but somehow we both got moogled in the process. As in, turned into moogles.

I probably wasn’t lucid for the rest of the dream. I don’t know at what point exactly that changed, although it may have been the explosion. The DC and I went our separate moogle ways.

I went to serve a family on a farm (that’s what moogles do, right?) until one day the lady of the house asked me to go find my moogle friend. She needed her because my moogle friend was apparently also Dr. Who.

I searched for her for a while, using my small size to access special areas.[/spoiler]

Selkie, I love that dream :spinning:
I was under the impression you had already introduced yourself because we had talked on some topics. :peek:

Yes, we already “met”. :mrgreen:

I missed this thread though, which I would hope others look at from time to time. Creating a DJ was a better first step for me anyway.

Hello. My name is Vadim. I am Russian. You can call me RoHS. I see a lucid dreams since 2011. I’ll share my lucid dreams with you :smile:.
PS: Sorry for my English. I do not know him well.