The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

Hey peoples… :peek: Maneda here… 18 year-old gal from Alabama…

I’m a pretty big dreamer…used to have a lot of LD’s as a kid but since have lost the ability it seems…

I usually remember 1-3 dreams a night… so that’s not a problem, but every time I try any technique to become lucid, I stop dreaming altogether (or stop remembering them anyway…)

I also have a problem with dreaming that I’m lucid… which I’ll describe more fully in the Quest for Lucidity section…

Um… interest-wise, I like to write and draw… I have a bit of a bizzare imagination that scares some people… I embrace it though, at least it’s an infinite source of amusement for me…

Joining up in hopes of regaining lucidity…it’s always better to be in a community than just reading a book, I believe…

So…hello all…

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Kzaroshen and Maneda

new sensation? you mean realising you are dreaming? or the sensations associated with WILD?

:yes: there is a great variety of members at LD4all. Whatever the problem someone is experiencing with improving lucid abilities, there is always someone with first hand experience who can help. Although LD4all is getting bigger all the time, it still retains the same friendly vibe. :happy:

I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all

Well :tongue: , I mean basicly I got excited that I was so close that I lost focus and… yer :sad:

lol i think after awhile it will go away and you won’t get excited anymore or just make yourself calm down which is easier said then done

Maneda: hello fellow person from Alabama lol

Hi everyone!
My name is Rachel, I’m 23 & from England :smile:
I found this place when I was doing some research on hypnagogia…I’ve experienced hypnagogia for about 10 years now and every one that I talk to about it looks @ me like I’m on drugs :lol:
I thought it was a fairly common thing - it’s only when I start explaining it to people by saying 'well you aren’t quite asleep but you aren’t awake’ I can see that they’re blatantly lost :eek:

I don’t have a great deal of LD’s…but I find hypnagogia easier to get into than out of :lol: It used to be a scary place to be…but now that I’m aware of whats going on I’m finding ways of making sure the episode doesn’t turn from a good one into a scary one. Because when it’s scary it’s the most lifelike realisitic horrible situation to be in :sad:

Anyway - this was only supposed to be a ‘hi’ :lol: My main interests are F1 & music :smile:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Raquello :grin:
Once you have read the big WILD topic you may be able to make the hypnagogia a “gateway” into lucid dreams.
you can find the current topic here (it’s the 13th part)

I hope you enjoy being a member of LD4all and have many happy hours browsing and posting in the forum. :wiske:

hey every one I am Jacob and i am 17 years old i have been trying to LD for about 2½ weeks now and i can not even remember my dreams i am trying SOOO HARD i wake up in the middle of the night only to see that there is no trace that i was even asleep i WILL REFUSE to stop practicing or trying to LD i just want to ask all the exp. people if they have any ideas or help for me i really want to LD i am very excited that i have found out about this so ANY help will be sooooo good thank you all and -PLUR-

:welcome: welcome to LD4all EcsTasY-4-All
before trying so hard to LD, you will have to improve your recall slightly.
Just set the intention before going to sleep… tell yourself you will remember your dreams (just say it a few times)
Next a dream journal really helps … having a routine of writing any fragments down improves your dream memory
Lastly make sure you give yourself enough time when you first wake up to just lay still and think… trying to recapture any dream memories.
When your recall has improved, you will be able to start usinf MILD or WILD and especially WBTB which increases the chance of lucidity.

topics on remembering dreams, MILD and WILD can be found on the forum.

:thumbs: good luck EcsTasY-4-All

Hello I am new here and I hope to learn more from this site. I think that exploring my dreams and making them better will be a great thing for me to learn. I hope to be able to do obes also but i think i should work on lucid dreams first. I think that this is a great web site.

:wave: hello Nice Dream

It is also fun and with the real bonus of being able to make some great friends with other LD4all members :boogie:
The beyond dreaming forum should interest you, OBE and Astral topics will be in there.

:wave: Heya E4A and ND!

Yes, I also have a lot of friends here. Everyone here is very nice, a lot better than I was expecting. Most people aren’t as caring. (Ex: Ilum with her leg accident.) Hope you guys have a great time here! :thumbs:

Hi everybody!
I’m excited to get started lucid dreaming!
No avatar or anything yet…that’ll change soon, though…

I’ve allready managed to get myself remembering dreams, not really by any suggested methods on this site, but either way, I’m eager to LD, it sounds so great.

:wave: Heya AB!

You’ll find everyone very nice here, very helpful. I’m sure you’ll love it. :grin:

Happy lucids! :boogie:

hey Angelbox…

everyone is nice here… just watch out for wolf he’ll agree with you and then when your not looking eat you >.> in wolfgame atleast :wink:

In [i]WOLFGAME,[/i] riiight… :devil:

/me howls.

ok… Riiight was enough for that other topic don’t put it here to >.> …oh so i don’t get in trouble for getting off topic…

Hey to everyone i’ve never said hey to :cool:


Also hello to everyone. :smile:


My name is Magnus and I am 18 years old. I live in Onsala in Sweden, Onsala is about 30 kilometers from Gothenburg. I found this site because I’m member in a Tolkien forum and one of the members created a thread about lucid dreaming and mentioned this site.
I like to read books, I mostly read fantasy, my favorite subject in school is math. I´m interested in dreaming and I have many times thougt that I should write a dreamjournal but I never did until I found this site and read about lucid dreaming.
I think I have had 6 LD:s this summer but they have only lasted a couple of seconds because I have awaken.

hi magnus :welcome:

i hope you enoy being a member of this great forum :smile:

;welcome: hello Angel Box and Magnus, welcome to the LD4all forum :smile:

After you choose your avatar and sig, remember to post in the ‘Avatars, what does yours mean Part III’ topic telling us all about your choice :wiske:
I hope you experience your firs tlucid dream soon Angel Box.

:wow: 6 short LDs already Magnus, they will start to last longer as you get used to the excitement of realising you are dreaming and start using stabilising techniques :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy being a part of the LD4all community. :happy: