The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

:wave: Heya AB!

You’ll find everyone very nice here, very helpful. I’m sure you’ll love it. :grin:

Happy lucids! :boogie:

hey Angelbox…

everyone is nice here… just watch out for wolf he’ll agree with you and then when your not looking eat you >.> in wolfgame atleast :wink:

In [i]WOLFGAME,[/i] riiight… :devil:

/me howls.

ok… Riiight was enough for that other topic don’t put it here to >.> …oh so i don’t get in trouble for getting off topic…

Hey to everyone i’ve never said hey to :cool:


Also hello to everyone. :smile:


My name is Magnus and I am 18 years old. I live in Onsala in Sweden, Onsala is about 30 kilometers from Gothenburg. I found this site because I’m member in a Tolkien forum and one of the members created a thread about lucid dreaming and mentioned this site.
I like to read books, I mostly read fantasy, my favorite subject in school is math. I´m interested in dreaming and I have many times thougt that I should write a dreamjournal but I never did until I found this site and read about lucid dreaming.
I think I have had 6 LD:s this summer but they have only lasted a couple of seconds because I have awaken.

hi magnus :welcome:

i hope you enoy being a member of this great forum :smile:

;welcome: hello Angel Box and Magnus, welcome to the LD4all forum :smile:

After you choose your avatar and sig, remember to post in the ‘Avatars, what does yours mean Part III’ topic telling us all about your choice :wiske:
I hope you experience your firs tlucid dream soon Angel Box.

:wow: 6 short LDs already Magnus, they will start to last longer as you get used to the excitement of realising you are dreaming and start using stabilising techniques :thumbs:

I hope you both enjoy being a part of the LD4all community. :happy:

hi there, Im new here!
bit shy, b-but welcome me anyway? :peek: :grin:

:wave: welcome intheartroom :happy:

we have a special smiley for shy people -> :hide:


thats me allright :smile: :content:

hello im also new here… :eh:

:wave: hello intheartroom and Shake
there is no reason to be shy at LD4all, we are a very friendly forum and new members soon make bonds with other members and find themselves relaxing and feel able to be themselves. :happy:
I suppose I will have to wait for other posts from you both before I find out a little more about you :wink:

see you around the forum :wiske:

Oh fine, I’ll say hello too. Hallo. I’ve actually lurked around here for a long time, but finally got around to registering because I’ve gotten more serious about lucid dreaming. for now. :smile:

i’ve noticed that there are no flame wars ( fights ) on this forum. It’s like an Utopia :content:

hi Patren :wink:

:welcome: hello Patren, it’s always great everytime a lurker finally decides to take the small leap and register :boogie:
plus now you are a member more forum sections can be read by you :smile:
have fun browsing all the new places :happy:

lol i remember my lurker days… :cry: i miss them…not really :razz:. Joining is much better welcome to the forum

Hey all, I’ve been a memeber for a long time, mostly just a lurker reading up on post, etc. Also I have like interest ADD, where my interests in things continually change, lol.

Though my interest in dreams have been with me for a very long time. Probably because my interest in things paranormal, like pyshich ablitles(More Precgontion,Clarivoyance), astral projection, etc. Also because I wound’t say I remember my dreams well, but I would remember atleast 10 dreams per month, usually just small amounts of them.

I first learned about lucding dream through a Dream sings book (The secret language of dreams) where you learn what your dreams can mean, when I first read it I realized I had a short lucid dream before, where I realized I was dreaming and say “Im dreaming?!” and woke up. From then I had interest in lucid dreaming! Well hope to stay active, bye!

hello Dahamu :wave:
I looked up your posts and found your dream journal … ght=#47481
I even ended up reading the dreams :smile:
I hope you decide to add a few more to them :grin:

Hey everyone! I’m new here. You may call me Drakenza, and nothing else, unless I give you the authority to. No exceptions. (Cheerful guy, aren’t I? :smile: ).
Of course, I’m just kidding. My name’s Anshu, and I hope to have fun learning to explore dreamworld here.
I’ll post often, as I always do on forums, and probably be around the chatroom now and then.