The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

:wave: Welcome Drakenza!

Hmmm… I shall call you Ducky! What do you think about that? :devil:

Hehe, hope you have fun around here. See ya around! :grin:

Thank you. Call me what you like, I really don’t care. I just have an odd sens of humor, and it kicks in suddenly from time to time.

hello Drakenza :wave: welcome to LD4all
I have split your chat and put it in the playground, so feel free to carry on chatting away in there :smile:

Thank you, it’s nice to be here.

You “split my chat”? And put it in a playground? Am I dreaming? (Sorry, just starting to teach myself to do Reality Checks…)
What exactly does that mean?

it means the convo was moved here
and you two can talk forever in the playground :content:

Welcome to the forum again Drakenza i’m sure your enjoy it here

Thank you, you people are too kind.

hello, i’m Ali G

i am hoping to reach full lucidity one day, maybe i will one day, i think i wil

lately i’ve been remembering and getting more dreams (as my visions have been telling me)

and it’s cool i can’t wait to observe the progress

Hey hey hey

My name is Richard, but please, call me Moto, thats how my friends call me, and in this community thats what I’m looking foward to, making more friends.

I’m 16 years old and from a lil island called Puerto Rico.

My interest for this subject came not to far ago, as I didn’t knew what lucid dreaming was, I didn’t even knew it existed. Not until i saw this movie called Waking Life. Great movie, no doubt. Loved it. But what I liked the most was its philosophy scenes, well the whole movie was philosophycal. Lucid dreams is one of the main subjects of the movies, so I started my research on that. What finally happened is that now I want to try all of this.

I never been lucid, not that I remember. I do dream a lot. Luckily I can remember most of my dreams without the need of a dream journal, though, I’m planning on starting one. After reading about LD, mainly from Wikipedia and Wikibooks, I decided to give it a shot. It’s been 3 nights and still nothing, but I’m not planning on quiting this soon, I’m pretty sure this isn’t something that happens overnight.

Oh well, I guess I’ll stick around here to talk about this with all of you and hopefully get my questions answered and learn more about all this.

Moto +_+

:wave: hello wizzle3 and Moto
:wow: both your avatars are eyes, moogle is tempted to burst into song “Eyes on me” from final fantasy VII but doesn’t :tongue:
I have to admit I haven’t seen “Waking Life” yet, I’ll have to get around to it one day.

:thumbs: It varies, some people experience a lucid dream on the very first night, with others it may take a few months. But no matter how long it takes, it is worth the effort :boogie:
The best way to get to know people here is to post and/or visit the chatroom :content: : I hope to get to know you both through your future posts :wiske:
Have fun with your dreams :grin:

my name is bassam, i was encouraged to join here by my friend nadim who is already a member, although i didn’t have many lds… i hope to be a good guest in the forum… thank you for having me among you.

:wave: Heya!

You should put something up in The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic. (also in the Gathering)

Hope you like it here! :grin:

EDIT: Moog switched the posts over. :cool:

hey im a 18 year old student from canada,
I’ve been frequenting the website for probaly about half a year now and just decided to actually “join” and become a member.
I’ve had a couple lucid dreams only, but i look forward to increasing that number and meeting lots of new dreamers.
peace and love :yinyang:

:welcome: hello isildur, welcome to LD4all.

you are not a guest, you belong here now. I hope it will become an “home from home” for you :grin:
BTW is nadim known as Darksider here? or is it another nadim?

:wave: Wolf. moogle does her merge magic again :tongue:

/me bows down to the mighty Moogle. :bow:

ID did recently have my first LD! :happy:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all MorMor and congratulations on your first LD :cheer:
are you going to post it in the sticky “my first LD” topic in the dream diary forum? :smile:

:wow: I missed a post!
:wave: hello superperfundo
I don’t know how people manage to lurk for so long without getting the temptation to post :user: I’m glad you have finally decided to take the leap and register at the forum :smile:
Now you have joined, are you going to keep a dream journal in our dream diary forum? :happy:

Hello everyone:

I recently came across this site after finding out about LDing. I just turned 18, and will be a freshman in college starting this year. Although I haven’t had an LD yet, I’ve recently started keeping a Dream Journal to try and remember my dreams better, and look foward to my first real LD :smile:. I hope I can be a valuable member to this forum, and look foward to getting to know everyone!

Hi, i’m new here. (bet you wouldn’t have guessed :razz:)

I spose i should start with introducing my goal - to gain full control of my dreamworld and to meet my spirit guide, or even talk to my own subconcious.

I find Lucid dreaming to be one of the most interesting things the human mind is capable of, and i intend to explore to the fullest degree of what my mind is capable of. :cool:

There are many questions i have unanswered, and i turn to Lucid Dreaming for answers. :eek:

i hope to one day master Lucidity, as one thing i am learning fast is, the real world can be a kick in the ass sometimes. But i believe that through Lucid dreaming i can improve aspects of my waking life.

peace out :happy:

:welcome: hello hotchy and McLaNkY, welcome to the LD4all forum.

:smile: all our members are valuable :boogie: :grouphug:
good luck with your LD quest hotchy :thumbs: I hope you experience your first LD really soon.

/me thinks the 2 posts and the “Joined: 02 Aug 2005” gives it away just a little :tongue:
There is a spirit guide topic in beyond dreaming Sticky: The Big Spirit Guide Topic - Part II

I look forward to reading your future posts and getting to know you both better. :grin: