The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all The White Lie, Scream, ian1 and possom :boogie: :cheer: :cheer: :boogie:

I’m already following your dream journal The White Lie :grin:

Scream, you should read the sticky WILD topic in Quest for lucidity … the latest part can be found here :content:

:bored: you may have wanted to wake up because of the fear of experiencing something new? :confused:
I wouldn’t know why anyone would want to wake from a LD when you can experiment with changing things in the dream. But if you ever want to wake up… try shutting your eyes or spinning. Even if you don’t wake up they should change the dream for you. :wiske:

Well that will keep you busy for a while. We have so many topics full of information and personal exeriences :grin:

I hope you all enjoy being members of LD4all.

That dream was a long time ago when I was elementary school. I didn’t know much about lucid dreams back then. Besides, you think differently in dreams than in real life, even if they are lucid. Next time I have a lucid dream, I won’t try to wake up. :smile:

Um…hi. My name’s Minarai, it’s Japanese, and means “learn from observation” as well as “apprentice”.

I came here from DreamViews, as you may have heard or seen, it’s been in the throes of chaos since yesterday, it may or may not come back up, and I decided to give the infamous sibling forum a shot. So far, it’s really nice here…I’m loving the layout, the graphics…

I hope to make friends here, and continue my path to LD mastery. :smile:

Thanks for having me.

:welcome: hello Minarai
welcome to LD4all, I hope you enjoy yourself here and find fellow dreamviews people. It’s horrible when something makes a forum go down, but at least you all have somewhere to assemble while you wait for Dreamviews to return.
I hope you even occasionally visit when Dv is back :smile:
btw that avatar is crying out to take part in our wolfgame :smile: it would make a great character :grin:

Heh, that’s Lina Inverse from Slayers. I probably wouldn’t use her as a character, but the RP sounds cool, I’ll look into it for sure.

Um…how do I go about changing my custom title? I can’t seem to find the text box in my profile anymore… :help:

you can only do it when you first join or after 10 posts. it won’t take you long to get to 10 posts :smile:
but 123 testing, helpdesk and playground posts don’t count :wink:

OK thanks. Well, it’s not so bad…I guess I can stick with it for another six posts or so. :wink:

I really like this forum, I mean REALLY like… :grin:

Hi, all. I’ve been looking around and this site is just lovely.

I’m pretty inexperienced at lucid dreaming, but the ones I’ve had make me want more. It’s really encouraging to see so many people have such success.

I’m off to bed now, but first I’ll take a Vitamin B and load my ipod with the LD Induction mp3… wish me luck and I’ll see you all in the dream world.

Welcome bink! (I love your name) Luck on your LD!

Hey, New here, but Ive always been fascinated by dreams.
I heard about LD a few weeks ago and decided Id look into it, and quickly found out that Id seen the idea in all kinds of literature (most recently “The circular ruins” by Borges- anyone else read it?). Seemed silly at first, but when something comes up all that often, there’s always at least a little behind. Started a DJ, but have only been able to remeber 6 or 7 dreams so far. Seems like most nights I dont remember any, but then Ill remeber more than one on the same night. So far most Ive been able to remember is 4. Anyways, hope to have an LD before too long.

:welcome: hello bink and NotGuest. I hope you both enjoy being part of the LD4all community. LD4all is a friendly forum with a lot of information about LDing and first hand experience in 100s of topics.
I wish you both luck with your lucid dreaming :thumbs:

PS Minarai, you seem to like your original ranking “Forever Learning” you still have it after 22 posts :wink:

hello all … I’m the new kid

hello again scorche :smile: (scorche’s first LD can be found here … ht=#164503 :happy: )
since you appear to be a ‘natural LDer’ you should improve your LDing frequency and stability quite fast after reading up on some techniques.

Hi everyone! :smile:

I’ve never had a lucid dream, but I recently started a dream journal to write down my dreams in. I think it’s helping little by little. I’m remembering a lot more than when I started, even if I’m only remembering fragments. Great website!

Welcome, summersun! :welcome:

You’re right, keeping a journal is a great step toward getting LD’s. And don’t worry. Soon, those fragments will turn into small dream scenes, until you can remember full-length dreams. Feel free to start a dream journal on the Dream Diary board. We’re looking forward to reading it!

:wave: welcome to LD4all summersun
dream journals really improve dream recall no matter what level of recall you start at…
plus it allows you to re-read older dreams :smile:

btw you can start your LD4all dream journal with just fragments, they can be interesting too :smile:

Hello all,

My name is … well you can probably figure that out.

I’m from the USA, and have been lurking around these here forums for a couple of days reading as much as I can. About three months back I had a semi-lucid dream, I sorta knew I was in a dream, but not really, kind of hard to explain. I also don’t remember dreams that often, maybe once a month, so I have to work on that definately, I already have a notebook set up next to my bed. It looks like such a supporting community and I look forward to being a part of it :smile:


:welcome: hello Daniel :grin:
I would guess that you have already read the sticky “remembering dreams” topic in the first steps to lucidity forum. ( [The BIG Remembering Dreams topic - Part III) ) There is a lot of advice about recalling dreams in that topic.
With time your recall will improve :boogie:
I’ll be waiting for your post in our “my first LD” topic in the Dream Diary forum :wink:

Hopefully it will be soon :smile:

Thanks a lot!

:wow: I just saw your first lucid dream in the "my first LD topic! :boogie: :cheer: congratulations summersun!