The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XVIII

:welcome: welcome to LD4all madm
I hope you have a great lucid dream soon :thumbs:
you may want to read and post in the How old are you? Part IV we have a wide range of ages represented at LD4all :grin:

Hey, I have visited this site and read this forum many times. I got interested in lucid dreaming about three years ago and have had a lot of sucess with it. What works for me the best is to set my alarm clock for six in the morning and remain consciouse as I fall back asleep. Flying is one of my favorite things to do while in an LD. Some trouble I have had in the past is that I always end up in my room in an LD. I will fly out the window into my neighborhood but wake up as soon as I get down the street. It is frustrating to be in the same enviorment in all my lds. Especially since it is just my room. I want to explore some dream enviorments. Well anyway I am excited to meet all you fellow lucid dreamers.

I’m excited to meet some fellow lucid dreamers and I hope to use this forum as a tool to enhance my lucid dreamin experience. I have had many good experiences with lucid dreaming and I would love to share my future experiences with all of you

Hey whats up Matt. I haven’t yet had a lucid dream, but I am in the process. It is good to have you aboard. I’m sure you can share valuable info with us if you accomplished lucid dreaming on your own.

:wave: Hi Matt-20! nice to meet you :smile:
Well at first I used to face the same problem. Maybe you should try walking outside your house instead of flying, maybe you’re just still not used to flying. For questions about lucidity, post at Lucid Intro, or Quest for Lucidity. Good Luck! :smile:

:welcome: hello Matt-20
welcome to LD4all. I merged your two posts into the official introduction topic. (I was going to move your longer post to lucidity intro but I noticed you posted an identical post in Quest for lucidity :grin: )

Well since you are experiencing success with WILD, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn ways of changing the environment and stabilising the LD :happy: You will be able to explore a wide range of environments eventually, it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice :content:

Hey I’m knew to this place and I hope that i fit in and maybe help you guys. I really like your forum and I think I’ll be staying for awhile.

Welcome Everybody

:partying_face: :welcome: :cheer: :hyper: :hurray:

Glad to welcome you both: Matt-20 and Wolflion

:wave: hello Wolflion

There’s a place for everyone at LD4all Wolflion :grin: … all new members are accepted as if they have been here for years :content:
I hope you enjoy your time at the forum. :wiske:

hello everyone im new here, and hope to become a lucid dreamer. Well im off to get “help” and tips on how to become lucid

welcome :welcome: to LD4all sir sleeps alot
It’s always great to see new members introducing themselves here :grin:
I look forward to reading your future posts and when you get your first lucid dream don’t forget to post it in the big “my first LD” topic in the dream diary forum :wink:

Welcome sir sleeps alot

You came to the right forum to learn how to induce lucid dreams. There are a lot of great people here so, feel free to ask any questions.

Hello all.

My name is Sebastian, but most people call me Seb or Sebby. Sebastian is too formal for me. :smile:

I’m a 19 year old male from australia, studying bachelor of science/medicinal chemistry. My hobbies include gardening, mycology, home brewing, DJing/composing/listening to dance music, cryptography and pattern studies, human movement, and naturally of course, lucid dreaming.

I came here in hopes things i say can aid others, and that things others say can aid me. I will try to be as objective as possible, as nothing is definite.

I have so far had two lucid dreams, one of which I will post at some stage (my first lucid dream). I hope that i will be able to gain the same frequency of LD’s as some of the lucky ones here, simply by behavior modification. I wrote a piece of software to turn my monitor on, and blink red at intervals to try to send myself cues. This did not work dispite heaps of trials and I discovered it was actually ruining my sleep pattern. Thus i have turned to more natural alternatives until I can build proper LD glasses that sense REM movement rather than run on a timer.

Anyhow, I’m not entirely sure how big the boards are, but if anyone is from Brisbane in Australia, I am looking for friends. :smile:

Welcome N00dle/Seb! Hope you have some fun here!

I’m not sure if anyone else here’s from Brisbane, Australia, but I can guarantee there are other Australians here. You’re going to have to find him yourself though, I can’t remember his name.

But yes, :welcome:

:wave: hello again Seb :grin: I’m glad you found your way to this intro topic :wink:
As for meeting fellow LDers/dreamers in Brisbane, Australia: you could post in lucid announcements… that is for arranging small meet-ups in RL with local members. :thumbs: you should find someone local or within traveling distance.
I’m looking forward to your future posts :boogie:

Greebings n00dle. I’m also from Australia, as you may be able to read. Strangely I also once considered getting onto the field that you are into. Anyway… good stuff and tropical fruits :smile:

:handshake: Welcome Sir Sleeps Alot and n00dle :hug:

There’s certainly lots to learn here for everyone. It’s great to have you aboard. :welcome:

hi all … im new here… im 35 old years from singapore… im so glad to know that many ppl here have ld … all along i tot i was the odd one having this ld…
well just let me start my story… in my younger days… i discovered that i could control my dream… pretty funny … when i tok abt to it my friends , they say im crazy… and i really tot i was the odd one… i dare to jump down from a building…my super power is to ‘fly’ when there danger…
wheh i have ld… i will always go look babe… keke… you know wat i mean. the experince is much much better than the real thing … kekeke… if i woke up half way in my dream… i can still go back to sleep and cont it… when i saw night mare in elm street i really felt that the movie is for me. and is more convinced that there are ppl who can ld too… i so glad to know that you ppl here can ld and even practice it…
but now i don have ld anymore… don know why… i now have sleep paralysis… i really hope i can learn from you guys and have ld back… cheers!

Hang tough Bacchus. We are all always learning.