The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XVIII

:wave: hello bacchus
welcome to the forum. we have a Sticky: The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic which you can find here
I believe there is a method to make sleep paralysis induce lucid dreams, so you may find it in there or be able to ask others who experience sleep paralysis.
you may also like to read and make a post in “30 years or older?? (was 35)” because it is good to know that there are members around the forum who are a similar age :grin:
With all the information at LD4all you should be able to get your lucidity back again :thumbs:

hey am new even though i’ve already spent the past hour posting on this site, just thought i’d introduce myself-am from yorkshire am female 18 and very opinionated! :smile: talk to you all later!

I’ve already welcome you via PM, but hey - I may as well do it again :tongue:.

Welcome :grin:.

Greetings danu112. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Being very oppinionated is good - everything is just an obersvation and thus an oppinion anyhow. :smile:

Hey everyone. I found this site while doing an assignment for psychology class, and have been reading the forums since then. I also read some of the books that were recomended (EWLD and Concious Dreaming).

I had my first lucid dream November last year. I had several LDs in January, most of which where induced by Autosuggestion, but after that I became tired of trying and stopped having LDs (except sporadic unplanned lucidity, where I would immediatly wake up).

Last week I was having an interesting conversation with a friend about reality and existence, and I decided to try for lucid dreams again. Im pretty lazy when it comes to doing reality checks and waking up in the middle of the night to record deams, so I figured posting on this forum would help me stay on track with my goal of being able to induce lucid dreams any night I want.

My main reason for becoming lucid in dreams is so I can transfer this enlightened state of mind into waking life.
Its great to find a community of enthusiasts who enjoy the exploration of the unlimitted consciousness.

:welcome: Hello danu112 and PsychedelicDream :happy:
I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all.

Ahh, so that’s why you are enjoying the discussions in the Philosopher’s Cloud forum :tongue: Some of the topics get very active and the exchange of views and opinions is always interesting. :content:

Did you know about lucid dreams before your first experience? Or did you search the web etc to see if others had had the same type of dream awakening.

Just wanted to give a warm welcome to the new guys… welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay here! :smile:

Hey, all. I’m not really new to lucid dreaming- I’ve always gotten them from time to time, but I always wake up almost as soon as I become aware I’m dreaming! I am working on having more of theml, and to better control and stay in the dream, which I’m finding very hard to do!Since I’ve been practicing my LD exercises, I’ve been having more lucid dreams and even have started to stay in the dream longer. So far the biggest problem for me is dream recall.

welcome to the forum Aodnait :welcome:
There’s lots of dream information and ideas to try out here.

:wave: hello Aodnait, welcome to LD4all. :grin:

Are you keeping a dream journal for all your dreams? This is a good way of improving recall, plus give yourself time to just lie in bed for a short while when first waking and attempt to recapture your dreams. :content:

sorry so late with the reply but i was out of town. I hope to become a master of my dreams a.k.a lucid dreams lol, and also i hope to become a long time member of this website.
(Nice to meet you all!!)

Hi, another new member. I joined because I read about LDs, I thought they were worth trying, I started practicing them and here I am. I previously visited the chat under the name of “TheLastGuest”, but I thought that joining the forum would be of great help. I started last night, where I reached low lucidity twice for about 2 seconds. Tonight: PHAIL. I’ ll train more…Now don’ t tell me how bad my sig is and stuff cause I have yet to do a little tweaking :wink: See you around.

Hi, The Nameless One :welcome: Don’t worry I’m a frequent sig changer…But your kin symbol is guided by death? :eh: Geez, to think I was complaining about mine! :tongue:

Why? Is there anything wrong with it?

No, no, Not at all :peek: …Just not something I would want but I am very “picky”

Thanks for the welcome, btw. The Death thing is kind of true, but that would be off-topic…

:wiske: danu112, PsychedelicDream, Aodnait and The Nameless One.

Welcome :welcome:

You’ll enjoy everyone here. :grouphug:

:wave: hello The Nameless One
:lol: I just looked up all your posts and the last one was in the topic “Death… why are we afraid? - part II”
As for the death in your kin statement … death can also be seen as a new beginning and change :wink:
I look forward to reading about your first high level lucid dream since you have had a few lucid moments so far :grin:

Hi im a little new here to but i have alot of knowledge about ld’s and about the whole death thing not to be in your buisness and stuff but find god please (not to be mean). and welcome

Jackpot. You got the point of my idea of death. That’s what I mean. And what a change and new beginning it will be! :cool_laugh:
About lucidity, well…, it’s 2 nights that I fail completely. But at least I can remember my dreams. Like everyone says, I won’t give up. I look forward to that moment too. Would I like to achieve high lucidity!
Thanks for all the good talkin’, that gives me more courage. :good: