The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIII

Oh, sorry, I’ll post the link next time :wink:

There you are! :happy:

:wave: LadyBa!

Hey, I’m Alex.
This is my first post, but you seem like a nice crowd that I’d like to get to know better. I’m not too great at lucid dreaming right now, I’ve been trying for about 6 months and only had 6 LDs. so what up yo?

Hey Alex :wave:

:welcome: to the forum–it’s awesome here! :happy:

Of course we’re a nice crowd :grouphug: 6 months and 6 LDs? That’s an LD a month–you’re doing better than some :ok: Me? I can have a few LDs a week now…I’m helping someone else, too–I could probably help you out, there’s so many threads here, though–you could find anything here :content:

Go to the Playground or Lounge when ya wanna take a break :beer:


:wave: hello Alex :grin:
I agree with Huey an average of one a month is good. Quality is more important than quantity :content:
If you remember your very first LD, we have a sticky “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream diary forum :yay:

:thumbs: I only added the link because the dream diary forum is a very busy forum and topics disappear down the page very fast. :eh:

/me waves to Alex. :wave:

Of course we’re a nice crowd!

As for improving the frequency of LDs, we’ll show you how to do that, too. :wink:

Hello everybody. ^^

The name’s LAVOS5. Just call me “Lavos”, though. Everybody else does. :wink: Just to get it out there, it’s not LAVO55 or LAVOSS. Everybody calls me that, too. XP

I found the site while reading r3m0t’s Wikibook on LDing. Between the Wikibook and this site, I’ve grown quite interested about the subject. I’ve been trying to LD for a few nights now, no luck yet. I’m still working towards it, though :wink:

About me, I’m 13 years old, male, and a fan of Nintendo. I’m an aspiring video game developer. Annnnnd… I play the drums. I think I’m pretty good at it, too. ^^

I look forward to posting. :smile:


/me waves to Lavos. :wave:
You’re going to love it here. :content:

Hi Lavos! :welcome:

Hey Lavos! :wave:

Cool name :content:

:peek: Hello, i am new :smile: I thought I should post something…

Im a 23 year old male living in England, and im pretty messed up :tongue:. For 6 years ive been into metaphysical kinda things (mainly looking for ways to fix myself), only for the past 3 months have I been making a real effort to develop lucid reaming and attempt astral projection. You could say I have ‘new age’ beliefs (we create our own reality, everyone is god, we exist across multiple planes of existence, we have spirits that survive death and are part of a greater soul, etc etc).

Anyway, I registered here yesterday, and i think it gave my subconscious a poke. Last night I became aware of my dream, as I have done a few times before. But as with my other times, everything was stilll blurry and I wasn’t fully lucid… I wanted to make things clearer, but I found myself fading out of my dream :cry: . I need to work on that, and stay in there :help: But after i was aware of being in bed, I was still mostly asleep and willed myself to have one of those blurry floaty OOBE’s! :cool: I faintly saw my room, including things that aren’t physcially there! :eh: (that’s always funny :smile: )

Id love to know exactly what is going on when I dream and have these floaty OOBE’s . What plane of reality am I in, and how am I existing there? I dont believe this is all just electric signals in the brain, thats for sure. I hope to find out more from this site…

Hey HighlandCow :wave:

Metaphysics is cool :ok:

Well…that’s all I hafta say…which is…amazing…:eek:

hey, i’m new. i dnt know wut 2 post so ill tell u som info bout me. i’m gonna b an 8th grader soon and liv in cali, us. i just started to get interested with lucid dreaming about a week ago when my cousin told me about it.

I love anime and lik to watch an anime called bleach. If anyone need info on it i might know. well anywayz, hope i can make a lot of friends and share the dreams i remember and the lucid dreams im trying to see.

:welcome: Echo! Good luck LD’ing.

Im glad whenever I hear of people who LD because of their friends. :content: I wish my friends (The lamer ones not on the forum :tongue: ) would start, but they won’t. They probably think I’m half crazy :tongue:

Good luck in 8th grade :smile:

;wave: hello LAVOS5, HighlandCow and echo :grin:

:yay: r3m0t is famous

You will love the Beyond Dreaming anf philosophy cloud forums :yay:
BTW for phil cloud you need to be admitted into the user group … you can either click the group and add your name or pm Josh Redstone and he will add you :boogie:

We have an anime topic in the lounge forum. I know HebrewB is a great fan of bleach :yes:

I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all :cheer:

hola, mi nombre es michael.
i paint, beside this i mainly practice immobility - in forms of the sea, reading, music and movies. dreaming is the best.

:wave: hello lizard :happy:
we have quite a few topics on books, music and the sticky “movie thread part III” mainly in the lounge forum :smile:
/me gives lizard a warm welcome :hugs:

/me waves to lizard. :wave:

I first noticed you when you made your own thread in the Garden of Creation. Making that thread sure was fast for a new member. :content:

I can’t wait to see more of your creations, I already liked “Sheep.” :razz:

hi everyone, I’m samuarichopstick

I should be doing work right now, seeing as my boss is right behind me and all, but I’ve been researching SP all day and came across this forum.

I’m 21 years old, female, and I live in Trinidad and Tobago. For those who are wondering “what is a Trinidad and Tobago?” it’s a small island in the Caribbean. I’m a graphic/multimedia designer and I’ve been believing for a little while that my electric fan hates me. :smile:

No seriously. I’ve been having SP every single night for the past week and it’s all centered around my fan.

However, since reading a million articles on SP, I’ve come to the decision that my fan is not a demon from the bowels of hell :smile: Yet with this realisation, my nights are still interrupted by these strange events. Well, just thought I’d share my little stories with everyone, even though they are few (thankyou lord!) and read up on all the different, interesting experiences of everyonelse.

Hey, samuraichopstick. You seem like a great person, you’ll fit in perfectly here. :siiw:

What? How could you just goof off?


No, I’m just kidding. Who isn’t guilty of that?

As for your fan, I’m pretty sure that electric fans hate everybody, so don’t worry. :content: