The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVII

Evening all,

I am currently a 26 year old (2nd year) Psychology undergraduate, with a particular interest in all things pertaining to sleep, who happens to be blessed with exceptional dream-recall.

I first became fascinated by the possibilities of lucid dreaming after I first managed to compose an entire piece of music (best described as ambient drum&bass) in my sleep and retain it long enough after awakening to be able to write it down.

I have been having infrequent lucid dreams anyway for some time, but it is my intention to teach myself reliable induction techniques within the next year, with the hope of being able to write my dissertation on some aspect of the subject.

Amongst many other things, I am interested in politics, flying, martial arts and trippy electronic music (listening, writing, playing).


Hey Janelle! Welcome! Glad to see your interesting in lucid dreaming, and i hope you get a good start as there is a lot of interesting information here which you can help you get lucid dreams. :smile: Good luck!

Hey Michael. Nice to meet you :handshake: a Good introduction there. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of information around about induction techniques, I suggest you start by looking around the main homepage. I enjoy electronic music too, mainly Trance. Anyhow :welcome: to ld4all and enjoy your stay :content:

Big HELLOU to everyone I give!

I’m 20, I like psytrance, I want to meet my reality better so here is where I got interested about dreams and my english sucks :happy:

Hope WE all gone have a good time together. peace

Hey, I was reading about dreams, and came stumbling upon LD, which I thought was fascinating. Some of my old friends used to say they could control their dreams, and I thought they were crazy, but now I guess not! This truly seems amazing, and I really want to be able LD; especially shared dreaming, it just sounds so amazing. I think I’ve had a few experiences with LD before, I would say to myself “oh wait, I’m just dreaming” but then the dream would go away. Lately I haven’t been having any dreams but I can remember some vivid dreams I had when I was a kid

Hey, I stumbled upon this site while googling Lucid Dreaming. I don’t know when I first heard of it, but recently I have been getting more and more interested in dreams in general, probably prodded on by watching numerous David Lynch movies. I have started a Dream Journal and last night I had my first LD! Well, it was only for a few seconds. I did a reality check and got really excited and the dream literally dissolved and I woke up with a headache. I wasn’t sure how long it would take or if I could even do it. Now I’m positive I can and very excited at the prospects. So I guess, hello fellow dreamers!

Welcome Namahsah :content:
You could try to meet yourself in a lucid dream, that could give some englighting answers to know your reality better. I haven’t done it myself, but I can imagine it. You could also ask questions to other DCs. You might come up with answers you wouldn’t have thought in waking life.

:welcome: FreeFlowingSalt,
You could check the the BIG remembering dreams topic in first steps for tips to remember your dreams. It would be nice if you start a DJ here. It can be a help to remember your dreams better.

:wave: Welcome noabsolutes,
David Lynch movies are fabulous! I love them! At least those I’ve seen. Congratulations on your very first Lucid Dream. I hope more will follow, where you can stay in your dream. I would love to read them ^^

:wave: hello Janelle, Metacognition, Namahsah, FreeFlowingSalt and noabsolutes :happy:
I think wissam and sandra has said everything that needs saying.
So it just leaves me to say a warm welcome and I hope you really like it here :smile:

Hey I’m becky/hannah, take your pick, i got into lucid dreaming a while back but then i had an experience that scared me out of it a lil bit :confused: anyway after browsin the forum i started to think about doin it again and well the next few nights i had much better dream recall. one night last week i got kinda lucid, in that i knew i was dreaming. i kept waking up then i just dreamin the same dream again and again but it was a dream i didn’t want to have. I knew i was dreamin but was too powerless to change it i was quite relieved when i could finally wake up properly. anyway i was on a train journey at the weekend and my friend and i kept dozing off then comparing dreams hahaha it was funny, but it reminded me that that’s one of the easiest ways to ‘get lucid’, by napping, and i don’t know if it’s mentioned anywhere here. anyway it’s not proper rem because there’s not the regular cycles of sleep yknow you just kinda launch straight into the dream whilst still semi-conscious, well i’m sure you know what it’s like if you have naps (hate that word) yourself. So i don’t really know if it ‘counts’ but certainly a good place to start, for me anyway. I kinda had more to say but this is a bit of a long quick hello thing so I’ll leave it at that :smile: Anyway, hi, and i think this place is great and an inspiration

:welcome: hello DeadSkerry, welcome to LD4all :smile:

:yes: quite a few members use afternoon naps or WBTB (which gives a similar result since you have already gone through the earlier REM periods)

:content: it does, as long as you were lucid it is a lucid dream :happy:

I hope you decide to start a dream journal here … and if you remember your very first LD, it would be great if you could post it into our “Big My First LD Collection” which is a sticky topic near the top of the dream diary forum. :boogie:

Hi, my name is Lukas and I’m 16 years old. I live in Belgium and I play tennis and I like to play videogames. I never really had a lucid dream… I had an airswim experience when I was very little (it was in my old school and I just felt like escaping and I airswimmed :smile: ), but problem was… it felt totally normal, so I can’t become lucid if I don’t realize it’s a dream, right?

My weirdest dream ever was the day before my birthday, my brother had a very nice lamp on his desk and I always wanted one like that. I didn’t know what was in my present that was under the christmas tree (my birthday is 28 december and my mother lays my present under the tree as well). That night I dreamed it was my birthday and I was opening my present, I opened it and it was the same lamp as my brother’s. The day after I compared the box which my brothers lamp was in (he bought it some weeks ago and still had the original box laying in our garage) with my present… it matched :o that totally startled me. My mother still thinks I peeked through the box which I didn’t!

Other than that… I remember most of my dreams when I wake up if I try to remember them. I’ve seen that’s a requirement to become lucid. Oh! And I had some out of body experiences as well, but I wasn’t yet asleep, I always get that ‘snok’ back in your bed thing. It happens right between sleeping and being awake. So technically because I always get drawn back to my bed, I never had a full OOBE.

Does anyone has this as well? : If you’re nearly falling asleep but you suddenly ‘wake up’(not realling waking up cos you’re not sleeping yet, you become more aware of your surroundings, sounds are sharper again, that kind of thing), well then you feel like your room is more little than it is in reality and you see yourself partially from a 3rd person view. It’s hard to describe but it feels like that. When I keep my eyes closed during that fase it remains that way for some time, but when I open them it comes back to normal fairly quick. I’m not sleeping that’s for sure. But still is kinda weird

Pretty long post ^^, think it’s the longest in my forum history.
Well anyway that’s me, here a picture (middle guy)


:wave: hello chimeray, welcome to LD4all :grin:
Since you have already experienced that between sleeping and being awake feeling … you should really try the WILD technique. Using WILD you don’t even have to realise you are dreaming since you enter the dream lucid :thumbs:
I hope you get your first LD soon :happy:

Hello there, you can call me Skiff. A name that was blantanly stolen from some guy. It was hi nickname. But I love that name. So it’s now my alias.
I’m a girl though… just you know, for the sake of information.

I’ve had a handful of LDs before. That was before one night were I got sleep paralasys and something the sight described as “Old Hag”. I swear, I was never more afraid in my entire life then in that moment. I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t move, nothing. So, that freaked me out quite a bit, was scared to sleep for quite some time and from there I haven’t had any LDs since. If you ask me I am still scared of that happening, even now that I know it’s not real.

In short, my one problem with LDs is my tendancy to freak out. I tend to freak out during normal dreams too, and as soon as I realize I am dreaming I make myself wake up.

I’m going to try and remember my dreams now first before I attempt lucidy. So uhm… wish me luck?


:slight_smile: Good luck~ With practice you’ll get better and handling these things. =P

And have fun in this forum! It’s good. :content:

:welcome: hello Skiff, welcome to LD4all :yay:

Good luck with your dream recall and lucid quest :thumbs:

Haha! Yay for fast relpies too ^^. It seems like a nice forum from what I see.

By the way moogle, your avatar, from gaiaonline, no?

Howdy there people!

Nice to meet you all. My names Simon, I’m 19, and live in the UK. I first stumbled upon LD 3/4 days ago and instantly thought I had to try it. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it eventually, and it’ll be as good as everyone says it is.

:yes: it was created from the gaiaonline site … but i haven’t played it. I just wanted a good character for the first LD4all wolfgame.
I used the character but asked a friend (FiXato) to add my personal preferences to the avatar. (I am terrible for being fussy about my avatars … fortunately I don’t change them often :tongue: )

:wave: hello zilon72
/me waves the flag for the UK
You will find all the help you need at LD4all to be able to experience a lucid dream :grin:

I’m 16 and as far as I am aware, I have never had a lucid dream. I didn’t even know what one was before last week. I did find it really intriguing when I did find out about it on the internet though. I’ve had a few false awakenings in the last few days, does that have anything to do with lucidity? Iam looking forward to my first LD but also am slightly cautious.

Hiho :content:

False awakenings is a good way to get lds.

Just do a RC every time you awake and bingo :wink:

:welcome: hello giospurs
FAs do seem to become more common when trying to LD :content:
Why are you cautious? Lucid dreams are the same as the dreams you usually get but you know you are dreaming so you can exercise your freewill and also exert some control :yay: