The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic VII

Wow this is the friendliest forum i’ve ever been to. You people did a great job. Hello people of these forums. :tongue:

Hey The Golden King of Avalon! (have I welcomed you before? I think not) Glad you think the forum’s friendly :grin: That’s what LD4all’s all about… well, I guess It’s all about Lucidity, but close enough.

whispa, underjoyed, and The Golden King of Avalon~

Welcome to LD4all forum and yes as moogle said… we’re OVERJOYED to have you here! :cool_laugh: My family isn’t interested in dreaming either. Oh well. What a big surprise.
I wish you the best in your lucid jouney! :wiske:

GreetingzzzZZZ (yes I’m sleepy)

Howdy, i’m back! Left for a year… :cool:

Welcome back Hysteria!

Good to see you again! Feel free to explore around… I bet there are a lot of posts waiting for you to catch up with. :content: Good luck with your lucid dreaming!

Welcome back, Hysteria, though I never have seen you.

With all the nice people here, why would one ever leave? :smile:
anyways nice to see we’ll have the pleasure of your company for
at least the time being. :smile:

Hello. Bonjour. Salve. Guten tag. Conichiwa. Ola. Chao. Bonjourno. Haha, sorry. I love to do that. I really can’t speak any language except English and some Latin (and even the teensiest bit of French) but it’s fun to know how to say a bunch of hello’s! Anyway, I’m 13 and new to the forum. I’m really looking forward to remembering my dreams (my biggest goal right now becasue I haven’t remembered one in a LONG time) and eventually LDing. This seems like a great place to talk to people and I hope to get to know you all! (P.S. clarkkent I LOVE Smallville and Tom Welling! — so I in turn love your sn and avvie!)

hfearing, welcome to LD4all forum! Hehe, what a nice way to say hi in many languages. :content: Good luck with your goals… never give up! :smile: It’s nice to meet you and I hope to see more of you on the forum. Feel free to explore around, we won’t bite ya. :tongue:

Best journey…

4/8 of those greetings do not compute. :bored:
Welcome to the forum, and don’t forget that dream journal / affirmations / few minutes in bed before waking up! I’m glad you’ve got personality. Even if it’s just an obsession with Smallville.

:cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

Ha. Thanks! I have a very weird personality but I like it! Yay for me! Haha.

I have been lucid dreaming for some time, though I think this site must at least be as old as my first lucid dream since it was one of the first that I have encountered. I have been studdying my own dreams for awhile and have recently decided that it would be more fun and informative to do it with other people. I am just getting back at it after taking a break, so it might take a bit before I start lucid dreaming on a regular basis. Still, I just had one last night which is promising.


Welcome to LD4all forum! Please feel free to explore around, we won’t bite you. :cool: It’s really nice to meet you and congrats on your LD last night! :biggrin:

Good luck on your lucidity journey!

With many greetings,

Welcome and good luck Treader! And some of us MAY bite you.

Hi! I am new here and I’m taking up lucid dreaming after quiting after becuase of my frustrations. This forum is a god-send! I find forums to be great support groups. I hope this forum will assist me in reaching my goal of having lucid dreams.

About myself: I’m a student in high school who found out about lucid dreaming out of a dream interperetion book. I am looking forward to lucid dreaming and getting to know you guys. My other interest include piano(classical) :smile: , classical music, reading, fish-keeping, and origami. I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a dating service ad! Lol… :grin:

I’m really looking forward to lucid dreaming and being an active member of this forum!

P.S.: I’m really happy that I found this forum after much searching! :wink:

Wellcome to the forum Virtuoso. It can be frustrating not being able to LD …look at my sig (Total 3 LDs). Hope you come along in your LD ability this time. Have fun with your dreams. :wiske:

Thanks, I hope this forum will help me. I hope that I will have a lucid dream soon. :smile:

origami? koi? reading? classical music? HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT? sohphisticated-o-rama!! (gotta be japanese too… am I right am I right?)

errrr… welcome to the forum, it’s nice to have someone like you around here another nice potential regular!! woohoo! :smile:

I mean, hello. :shy:


:confused: Newbie…what kinda name is that for a newbie to have?


Welcomes to all new people! :content: