The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic VII

welcome newbie :happy:

I bet you’ll stay on the forum, get 1000 posts and all other really new people will wonder about your name

very cool :grin:

I’m Daniel from stockholm sweden.

I haven’t really gotten far at all in my dreaming (exept for my daydreams).
was browsing the net on LD instinctly, not really knowing what i was looking for, and i found this site…

i’ve always sort of known on the intellectual plane, but not too long ago i wholeheartedly realized my whole life and the whole physical universe is an illusion, which must mean the REAL life is when we are free from our physical bodies.

this means of course, i have to WAKE UP in order to make the best out of my illusion, while i’m still in it.
does this make any sense?
it does for me anyways.

i already love this site (specially all the little pictures and the warm welcoming colors).
pleasure to meet you all!

take it easy!

Welcome to the forum, tjockis! :smile: This site will help you a great deal in your quest to become a better dreamer.

Welcome to the forum tjockis, I was daydreaming about lucid dreaming when I first started out hehe :eh:

And er, Hi. Newbie (cough loser cough) . :grin:

Welcome tjockis! Have fun in LD4all, I hope all of your dreaming wishes come true!

thanks all of you.

of course my dreams are about to come true… otherwise i wouldn’t have “acidentally” come here, would i!!! :content:



Welcome Daniel!
Yep, it makes sense to me too… and the Tibetan Buddhists I believe…
And I believe that LD’ing can help bring that sense into RL (“real” life) in a beneficial way.

it’s nice to see someone understands me… finally :content:

i’ve been trying to explain to a lot of my friends, but most of them only think i’m funny or making some sort of joke.

naaaah. it ain’t all that bad, some of them understands, but many of them don’t however.
since i started my search for new things in life, i’ve met a lot of people who think like me. i guess we attract what we are in some way.

doesn’t seem like i even have to explain things at all here on this forum, but can instead concentrate on listening to other people’s views of the world.
now THAT’S what i’ve wanted to do for a long time!


Hi all. Just wanted to greet the forums.

I’ve been working with my dreams on and off for a few years now, but have only broken a few minor barriers. I just started really concentrating hard on LD and have a great energy now to break through more barriers. The forum looks great, and I hope it helps us all get where we’re going.



Hello Metajake, wellcome to the forum. You will find we are all friendly. Have a good look around the topics and ENJOY!

Thanks meng.

I’m a huge old Final Fantasy fan. :content:

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