the BIG riddle topic [part IX]

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Part VIII of this topic can be found HERE enjoy the old riddles too

I love riddles, so I thought I’d start a thread just for your favorite riddles. You can post any riddle you want, just make sure that it’s not too hard. You just have to solve the previous one to post your own.

Here’s the first one:

65536, 256, 16, ? (This one’s pretty simple, just to start things off :smile:)

Remember, you can post any kind of riddle!

Guys, remember to put all the solutions in spoiler tags, we don’t want to ruin the fun of someone who wants to solve them themselves. :wink:

Solution:[spoiler]It’s 4, since each number is the square root of the one before.[/spoiler]

What crime can you be persecuted for if you attempted it, but not if you actually committed it?

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The only thing I could think of would be suicide, although I guess it isn’t treated as a felony in most countries (like mine)

A flower seller was selling roses. His roses were popular, that’s why he only had a few left at 2 PM. First, a woman bought half of the roses and and a half one. After that, a man bought half of the roses and a half one. The flower seller decided to go home and give the last rose to his wife after a boy had bought half of the roses and a half one. How many roses did he have at 2 PM?

tosxyChor (on the crime riddle),

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I was thinking the same as luciddreamer1337. Suicide. Perhaps an act of suicide in which you kill others along with yourself (terrorism…)

luciddreamer1337 (on the roses riddle),

[spoiler] Okay in the end he has one.
The boy must have bought 2 roses (half of the roses of 3 would be 1.5 + .5 = 2 roses.)
So before the boy he had 3 roses.
The man therefore bought 4 roses (half of 7 plus an extra half rose is 4)
So before that there were 7 roses.
Thus, the woman before must have bought 8. Leaving a total of 15 flowers.

15 is my answer :content:[/spoiler]
New riddle:
How can you get by removing one thing get one more?

[spoiler]The miracle of modern science?
Particle decay?
Do it in a dream?
I don’t know[/spoiler]

I have a two:

From what can you remove the whole, and still have some, and remove some, and still have the whole?

A man was frozen alive but was able to keep on fighting after being unfrozen. How can this be?

I’ll give a hint later if you still don’t know :content:

Probably not the right answer but to your first one about the whole/some:

[spoiler]A dictionary =p (don’t know how you would really remove the whole or some from it though.

Real answer is wholesome. [/spoiler]

A man goes to a store and asks, how much do 8 cost? 25 cent. And how much for 25? 50 cents the shop-owner. So how much for 138? that would be 0.75. What about 1250? That is 1 euro. What product are they talking about?

Good job on the wholesome one.


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I’m thinking a unit of currency?

I have a joke-ish kind of one:

I do not observe Hanukkah. Even if I looked up the date it started on, I still would not be able to know when it started on. Why is this?

You won’t get this one unless you know your quantum physics.

Sandra:[spoiler]He’s buying candles for a cake, so each digit is 25c.[/spoiler]
Mew:[spoiler]I can’t figure out the exact joke, but maybe by looking up the date, you would change it?[/spoiler]

The mother is 21 years older than the child. In 6 years from now, the mother will be 5 times as old as the child. Question: Where’s the father?

Hint:[spoiler]When you get the solution right, you will laugh. :wink:[/spoiler]

I get a negative number as solution, so the child must not be born yet? The father is hopefully with the mother! :cool_raz:

Yeah, but the exact solution tells a lot more :rofl:

The mother, the father, and their child.

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Like Siiw said, the father is indeed with the mother, inside the mother to be precise, cause you will end up with the age of -0.75 which is - 9 months :wink:

A hint for this one How can you get by removing one thing get one more?

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Think in paper


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I think I saw this pun on XKDC. If you’re a physicist, then it can’t have a definite location if you can’t observe it? :tongue:


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But Siiw did get it right, right? The father is most definitely with the mother… in a fun way.

Three backpackers arrive at an inn with only one vacant room. The room is $30 a night, but only has two single beds. They’ll have to put an extra cot in, and it’ll be cramped. The backpackers pay, anyway.
The manager, hearing of this situation, graciously gives them a $5 discount. He gives it to an intern to pass on to the backpackers. But who wants to split $5 three ways? The intern gives each of the backpackers $1 and keeps the $2 for now.

The backpackers paid $27, the intern has their $2. That makes $29 when the original price of the room was $30. Where did the $1 go?

Another variation, with the same answer:
Abe wants to buy a $7 shirt, but she’s spent all her allowance already. Her two shopping buddies generously lend her $5 because the shirt looks cute on her. The cashier gives Abe $3. Abe gives $1 to each of her two friends and keeps $1 for herself because she doesn’t have any smaller change.
“Wait,” says one of her buddies, “You owe us both $8 in total, right? But we have $3 between us… that, plus $8 makes $11. Where did that extra dollar come from?”

Oooh that’s an old one. About the hotel room.

[spoiler]It basically comes down to the fact you make a wrong calculation.
I am usually not good at explaining this but I think this works…

When you say: The backpackers paid $27, the intern has their $2. That makes $29 when the original price of the room was $30. Where did the $1 go?

It should be. The backpackers paid $27, the intern has their $2. So this 2 dollars are included in the price the backpackers pay, so rather than + 2, you should have done -2. That makes $25 (and if you then wonder but now 5 dollars disappeared, no they all got one dollar back plus two dollars to the intern)
Abe borrows money for a T-shirt.

[spoiler]Here again, wrong calculation of course.
The 3 dollar includes two dollars that are not borrowed anymore and one dollar that she still needs to return. So one of the three dollars is already in the 8 dollar because she needs to return it to her friends. [/spoiler]

My answer’s the same as Sandra’s.

A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays only three days, and rides out on Friday. How is this possible?

Easy, but its all I can think of XD

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The horse’s name is Friday.

This one is also easy. What always ends everything?

P.S: I’ve typed this for 3 times now, I guess because of the Internet Explorer. Now I’m smart enough to Copy and Paste if anything happens again.


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Incorrect calculations!


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You’re right! An object has no definite location unless it has been observed.

No one has still answered my other riddle about the man being frozen alive.
Here’s another one:
A man comes home and sees his friend Henry dead on the ground, along with broken glass and water everywhere. What happened?

@ Sandra, Splinter, Mew

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Yup! Though, as my angry economist friend said, it’s apparently not an old enough riddle that bankers would’ve known how not to add to their coffers by buying debt. ((0_o)) A kinder friend calls it creative accounting.


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The letter “g”?


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He rented room 1408? Tsunami? His friend tried to drink out of a shotglass?

Aah, I already remembered an old Riddle topic, this explains it :content:

No need to repeat the already good answers given that I thought of too =p

Mew151, (We used to have what happened? in the playground too. Was always nice)

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Henry is a fish.

I was just thinking and perhaps I have an answer to this one too. A man was frozen alive but was able to keep on fighting after being unfrozen. How can this be?

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Frozen = put the dvd/video/whatever on hold! So after being unfrozen, hit play again, the man can continue to fight.

New riddle…

Which grasshopper can jump higher than the Eiffel tower?

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Really any grasshopper can jump higher than the Eiffel Tower, that can’t.

(True story) Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct, positive correlation between foot size and performance in spelling bees / spelling tests. how can you explain this correlation?

Hint:[spoiler]It’s for the most obvious reason.[/spoiler]


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Clever, but there’s a better answer than that!

What’s the sound of one hand clapping?

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The sound that occurs when one hand claps… I didn’t ask for specifics! :puh: