The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III

I only ever had SP once, and instead of an Old Hag it was a rabbit hopping ontop of me. It still scared me though, as I didn’t know what it was back then.

I’ve had a couple Old Hag dreams but I LOVED them! Mostly I don’t realize that I’m in SP because I don’t actually try to move. I’m so busy watching the Old Hag that I just freeze. The first couple times I just saw a dark shadowy thing, it didn’t try to strangle me, it didn’t move much. The next one or two had blue hands reaching for me, a little creepier. It was very VERY real feeling, like a ‘whoah, I’m seeing a ghost!’ kind of ‘wow’ feeling.

The most recent one was the best. I was laying on my back in bed waiting for my partner to get out of the bathroom and come to bed too. Then I realized that in the corner of the ceiling of the bedroom was a long-limbed blue monster (monsterfeets has one in her gallery that’s white but looks VERY similar), lots of spidery legs and the face was long and animalistic. A little furry but not shaggy. It started moving across the wall towards me. My partner turned off the bathroom light/walked into the room and I woke up but it was like a blink… all the scenery had been EXACTLY the same, I didn’t even feel like I was waking up it was more like the monster just disapeared than anything else.

So in SP, you eyes are acually open, right?

Thank you and goodnight.

You know…I have never ever experienced SP while I was concious, and whenever I try, it never seems to prove successful. I’ve only had it once in a dream, and I woke up, and nothing really :sad: Any ideas how I can actually experience this? :smile:

had a couple of SP’s. No old hag to be seen. First time was sort of scary, but then i read about what happens (in a book about OBE) and it doesn’t scare me anymore.

It is suggested there are evil entities out there. But i thiink its an ego of yourself doing its thing. I found this to be the best explanation and cure:

Is it possible to get a partial case of SP? I’ve never experienced real SP, but on rare occasions I wake up and find that my muscles are weak. This lasts for maybe 5-10 minutes. I was wondering if it could be related to SP. It hasn’t happened lately, but I recall that something would feel off as I got out of bed… then I would usually try to make a fist, and find that I could make only a weak fist. Usually I get up, walk into another room (dragging my feet since I feel like my legs barely have the strength to walk at all), then sit in a chair until it goes away. During this time, my body (arms and legs especially) feels heavy, but I can still move if I want to. Then it goes away after a while…

So, I was curious as to whether this could be related to SP. It doesn’t really bother me; it’s just weird when you have to put a lot of effort into opening a door. :tongue:

sound nothing like SP. When SP you realkly can not move at all until you have completely snapped back into your body.
I would suggest you go see a doctor.

I know. :wink: I was just thinking that since SP/REM atonia is caused by chemical changes, some but not all of these changes could perhaps be carried over into a waking state, thus causing weakness instead of full paralysis…? I don’t really think it could be a medical condition, it happens so rarely… I can only remember 2 specific instances in my lifetime. I haven’t had it in at least a year. Probably 2 years. :shrug: If it happened every morning or during the day, I might be concerned, but…

I got a question! :smile:

Usually, in my dream, when something really scary or bad happens, I realise that I’m dreaming (it’s the only thing that has made me lucid so far). This is always quite a relief, and I exit the nightmare automatically. Well, usually. Because sometimes, I just can’t. Then I’m unable to move or do anything, I’m literally stuck in my nightmare!

Good thing it doesn’t last too long, but it’s freaky nonetheless. Last time I didn’t know in what position I was laying for a while, and had to try really hard to figure that out before I could move appropriately.

Is this SP, or some kind of delayed return to my awake state? Is there perhaps a way to make a lucid dream out of this? It’s the only time I may the time to do something while realising I was dreaming… :meh:

hey wushan ive had almost the same thing happen to me but it was a cat with a kinda clay mask on, it jumped on my chest sat down and started talking to me, it was scary i ignored it and shut my eyes :help:

I think ive had sleep paralysis before but im not quite sure. it was in the middle of the night and it felt like a dream but this big ass biker dude was holding my neck and i couldnt breathe (which is why i think it was sleep paralysis.) if it was then sleep paralysis isnt that scary. but it was in my school so it also might have been a dream. anyone know what it was?

I think we can distinguished 2 types of SP. :

  • Hypnagogic ones ( when you’re falling asleep )
  • Hypnopompic ones ( when you’re waking up ).

It’s probably difficult to go into an LD from an hypnopompic SP cause you’re body is getting out of REM sleep. :content:

I think it is what happen in your case, you have the SP sensation through the dream and then fully wake up.

So I had a sleep paralysis sleep? :smile: Ok, I suppose that makes sense. Thanks!

Shame I can’t use it though.

Whenever I have sleep paralysis it is good. I’m not scared of some old witch to come and laugh at me, I always turn it into an LD through WILD! :cool_laugh:

might be SP and a dream its a transition point to your normal dreams ive has a couple of strange experiences with SP where a cat has appeared in my room while i had my eyes open in the real world, i can only explain that as crossing over.

during that state i felt constricted other have said its scary and feels like they are choking or being crushed, its normal and you do it every night just that your unaware.

Its hard to say for sure as you can open your eyes if your body is in SP mode but its just knowing that its going on is the hard part.

Would closing my eyes and relaxing during sleep paralysis make the old hag dissapear?(if it was there in the first place), ive only been in partial sleep paralysis due mostly to fear, but if i could sorta tune it out that would make things much easier, thanks.

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Last night it was quite interesting . after waking up from my LD and FA i came to realize thati was in SP and there she was old hag. I tried to get out of SP but i managed to only move my head. And i visualized some soldier Pushing my head back down like he was fighting me and was standing on my chest. i was pushing me head up as hard as i can like i was fighting him. then i Started to feel my arms and i punched him and he felt so real and when i got out of it turned out to be an FA and it was a great feeling beating the heck out of hag

You cant move in SP. As soon as you actually achieve movement you snap out of it and wake up. Or you have gone into another dream. So you just had a wierd dream xD

Hey if i go into sleep paralysis and i feel an “evil presence” would just laying there relaxed make it go away? and if i did that, would i just wake up normally or would i then be in a dream. sorry i know ive asked about this before but i have yet to get a straight up answer.


Being relaxed doesn’t necessarily make it go away, but if you can master yourself and not fear it, then yes it should wether disapear or turn into something not frightening.

Also it depends on what you’re intending to do. If you wanna go into an LD from SP, just staying relaxed nay not be enough.

I personally close mye eyes, and imagine myself rubing my hands together, when I start feeling them, i know i crossed the dream frontier, and then try to get up.

Generally, when I don’t do anything and stay relaxed waiting for SP to fade, i just end by waking up normally. :content: