The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III

Tonight I just understood why I always had so many SP during my childhood and my all life. :eek:

It seems that some food elements like this one : … ing6es.jpg

" made from the natural extract of pure vegetable proteins. Made in China, this sauce features a distinctive flavor and aroma, which adds zest and depth to soups, salads, and vegetables with just a few dashes. An excellent sauce for marinating, stir-frying, and dipping, M****® Seasoning is made naturally without any food preservatives."

…contains a lot of monosodic glutamate, which has a major influence on the melatonine regulation during sleep, and ergo can induce SP. :happy:

I use a lot of that in my food, so that could explain it.

Links : … t=Abstract

I don’t have much trouble inducing SP, but I have trouble maintaining it. Any advice on staying in a state of SP for more than ten seconds or so?

Shoyu induces SP? :shock:

/me goes buy some sauce

I am quite interested in LDing but this has really but me off. Also, my mum was reading about LD when she had these really vivid nightmares. I’m worried this could happen to me. I find it hard enough to get to sleep already without the fear of the Old Hag. Does anyone have any advice for me ?

Um. Don’t let it hold you back. Seriously, I haven’t experienced SP much, and when I do, it’s not scary (except the first time, and that’s if you don’t know what it is…). Plus, old hag isn’t always scary. It’s only scary if you let it be.

And if you’re scared, don’t open your eyes, and remember it’s all in your head. :wink:

I got SP for the first time in the morning when I woke up. I was completely paralized. I didn’t see the old hag or anything. My vision just kept fading until I couldn’t see anything and I heard a lot of voices. Demonic whispers. And I felt this horrible electical sensation down my spine that I sometimes get during WILD. (This usually discourages me to use WILD because I can’t stand the feeling.)

Oh well. Nothing scary.

There have been times when SP happened quite regularly for me. I now believe a big factor in this is heat. When the weather’s hot or I’m sleeping under too warm blankets; then I’ve got a bigger chance to get SP.
After experimenting somewhat I have found out that trying to move my feet and especially my toes works best for waking up. Somehow the fact that my head is awake and sending signals to the other extreme end of my body helps tremendously.

I feel so bad and ashamed of myself.
You know how you mock small kids in movies that are facing this scary creature (but since your not the one experiencing it so you mock them), you mock them yelling out “JUST FACE YOUR DARN FEARS FOR GOSHS SAKES!.” Now I’m sitting on my chair fearing the old hag.

I remembered a dream where I was once alone getting chased by Samara (from the Ring?) and I was so scared about that. I ran away from her but she had super human speed and could walk on wires . . . I don’t remember what happened in the end.

But could any of you who experienced the old hag post down what you did to confront the old hag? . . . After watching the Ring from before I keep imagining Samara everywhere in my nightmares. I didn’t like her chasing me and I most likely won’t want her staring at me an eyelid away for 20 seconds.

I don’t think I’ve ever had SP. Reading other peoples experiences, it sounds scary. It might just be me though because I’ve never experienced it.

Does it help for LDing?

Is it scary? Not really. It’s strange the first time, and if you don’t know what SP is, I suppose it would be much scarier. After that, people tend to get used to it, and some people enjoy being in SP.

As for if it helps in LD’ing, definitely for WILD.

I’ve learned that SP can be extremely subtle and I’m sure you’ve experienced it without knowing. Just getting a floaty feeling (knowing you’re about to enter a dream) is SP.

Am I right? I’ve been having so many subtle SPs where I jerk myself out of it because I just can’t seem to let myself go, if you know what I mean, like the SP is slightly scary. I just couldn’t help it the past few times :cry:

Hmm. I’ve never had SP light that. Usually, you’ll know it like you’ll know if a train hits ya. But I guess everyone’s different.

Anyway, you’ve had the SP a few times. You know what it feels like, and you know that nothing can harm you (even explosions going off near your left ear nearly making you deaf), even if it seems real (my hearing was fine when I got downstairs this morning). Proof? Nothing has harmed you thus far while in SP for the years you’ve been alive, or even while you’ve experienced it awake, for that matter. Just relax and don’t worry about it. :wink:

Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that whenever I experience SP. :cool:

I’ve never had it though. Why do some people experience SP and some people don’t in their entire lives? :confused:

I don’t really know what a WILD is, but I had a dream just like the one you said: a strange woman leaning over my head and doing something to my brain, and all the while, my body was paralyzed. I woke up and screamed of fear =$

Bodomaster, that’s cool. I think the first few times with SP is always the freakiest. But once you know what SP is, you’ll grow out of having the scariest SP experiences. That’s what happened in my case.

I’m having old hag dreams like almost every day now sometimes several in one night, I guess I sleep on my back more, cause I’m allways on my back when it happens. I did the pinch the nose reality check often and I am in fact dreaming/in my dreambody when it happens. There’s usually someone beside my bed now, and what’s worse they started touching me, sometimes choking, sometimes hurting. Sometimes it’s a cat. I’m getting worked up about this. It keeps happening. Any ideas how to get rid of them, or wake up earlier? The fact that I know I’m dreaming doesn’t really make it less unpleasant.

I wish I had some advice on that but sadly I have no experience but I do want to learn how to induce it. So far I have no memory of SP ever happening to me or anyone in my family, so what can someone with no history of SP or much knowledge on how it happens other than being still and usually on you back do?

Did you recently change something in your sleep schedule, SouljahdeShiva?

I had woken up, and felt the sensation of something kissing me. Upon opening my eyes, it stayed, and I saw the very faint outline of a person directly on top of me (mostly its eyes which were more or less dark grey spots), along with the usual pressure on my body and whatnot. Lasted for maybe 30 seconds. I believe that’s the only time it happened.

Hmm… I had a similar experience, I was really freaked out for a while and that’s all I can recall from it.