The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part IV

From what you describe, with the zooming stuff, etc. it could have been the beginning of a WILD. It was perhaps just hypnagogic hallucinations. Difficult to decide… :confused:

Hm, maybe. I hope I get another eventually! I’ll just fade into it.

I also have issues with believing that my lucid dreams were really lucid. For instance last night I had a dream where I knew I was dreaming, but I’m not sure if I actually conciously aware I was dreaming or if I was just coincidentally having a dream about I knowing I’m dreaming. It gets quite confusing very quickly. It’s tough because you can’t just be shown what a lucid dream is like by someone and go ‘aha!’ I guess it’s one of those self discovery things, but it gets kind of frustrating if you are an eternal skeptic.

Last night, I dreamt I was getting ready for school and then deciding to go on a forum. I then realised I was going to be late for school, so Iwas going to turn the light off and go out the bedroom.
However, I noticed there were 2 light switches instead of just the one. I switch the both on and off and nothing happened. I then tried a reality check- I held my nose and was able to breathe through it.
“This is a dream!”, I said to myself,“Time to fly!”
I opened my arms to fly, but the room started spinning and then I woke up :grrr:

Shame it ended prematurely, but at least I was lucid.

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hey i just joined up and i really like this site

iv only been trying to become a lucid dreamer for 3 days an on the 2nd night im pretty sure i achieved it…but it didnt like feel like i had control

all i remember is i was dancing lol then all of a sudden i stopped an said to myself wait a minute i cant dance like this, this has to be a dream so i looked at my hands an done a RC and realised it was a dream then i felt like this tingling sensation and i woke up :sad:

anyways just thought i should share this lol

Yup. That was being lucid :happy:

Congrats. Being lucid doesn’t mean you automatically have control through, but once you get used to catching yourself dreaming and not waking up, which can happen just from realising you’re dreaming, you should be able to start working on taking control.

My first Lucid Dream I could control, because I know how it works, and I have faith in myself that I can control it.

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Hi, I just made this account, even though I’ve been into LDing for years now.

For some reason, I’ve been really heavy into trying to LD for the last few days, and I have a strange feeling of “Im getting closer to LDing than ever”. So I go to bed just ready for a LD.

But I digress :tongue:

So, yesterday, I had an odd dream. I woke up a bit early, (on my own, not by alarm clock) and decided to try WILD.
So I go back to bed, and try and do the WILD. And after that, Im not really sure if it worked or not.
Just keep in mind, the whole time this all happened, I ‘knew’ I was dreaming. From this point on, it’s knda fuzzy, since Im trying to figure out if my WILD worked

All I remember is seeing some colorful ‘globs’, then my dream started. Yet, I dont know if the globs were HI or if they were dreamed up. (Although, the “HI” looked exactly like I’ve always imagined they looked like, so they may have been fake?)

When my dream started, it was lke I started up a PC game or something, because there was a ‘pop up’ menu with some text and two option boxes under it, like a windows warning. Then an option was chosen (not by me) and the box dissapeared and another one popped up, and the same thing happened. Then I entered my dream.
Knowing I was dreaming, I tried out a couple things. What stands out amongst everything was 1) trying to make a rope appear (unsuccesfuly, might I add :cry: ), 2) trying to fly (I managed to get a few inches above the ground), 3) looking into a mirror (I saw how my reflection was blurry and wanting to touch it, but for some reason I didn’t) and 4) creating mirrors everywhere by tracing the outlines of them

Then I woke up, and was confused. I wasnt sure If that was me controlling the dream. The whole time I was fully aware I was dreaming, but when I woke up, I was wondering why I didnt do some things, and why I did others.

And so, my question is, was this a lucid dream? It was like having a different mindset when I woke up, I guess. My dream and life werent completely connected, so to speak. Is this how lucid dreams are supposed to be? Or do you wake up and completely know what happened during your dream?

I hope my question is clear…

If you Know that you are dreaming, it’s a lucid dream. So congratulations! Why you didn’t do some things and did others, it could be maybe low lucidity, you just didn’t think about it. Happens all the time in waking life too.

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Hey these days wild things are happening.
Like i said,i never lucid dream ever.
So some days ago i was having a normal dream,and i was talking to hot girl.
I said something weird and she got angry.
So i thought man,i hope she wont do this in real life.
And the dream continued.
I mean…nothing happened …i realisied without actually realising that this was a dream.
When i woke up,i was like wow man,was this lucid?

Great, even if you never lucid dream ever, now you have at least your foot in the door. :grin: From now on things can only get better. Next thing you know, you will be flying around like a profi.
good luck

As long as you -knew- you were dreaming, then you had a Lucid Dream, :cheer: Congratulations! :cheer:
:partying_face: Just keep working on it, and in will come more LD’s ^^

Unlike me where I think I should stop thinking about LD’s for a while, since I’m in a dry spell. :sad:

I don’t think you fully realize it was a dream. You just had something like a doubt. By the way, this is called a prelucid dream and it’s a good sign. Next time you’ve such a doubt in dream, perform a RC! :smile:

I’ll move your topic in the BIG “Was this a LD?” topic.

A week ago I had this strange experience of feeling myself vibrating and hearing weird sounds, just before I went to sleep. Now this happened to me a lot and I enjoy it : ) But this time I think I triggered it. I don’t know exactly how, but I think by breathing or some other way, my awareness just managed to stay while sleeping, without any effort. It felt like an OBE although I never really succeeded in doing it.

Interestingly, a few days after that, I had the same experience, only this time I was sure I triggered it. I tried to hold on to it but it got away. I went in front of the computer to chat with my friend. I told him what happened to me, but I was kind of disappointed because he put it down. It was expected though. And then he began asking questions… some important questions and when I asked him what that meant, I awoke. Yeah, this was pretty frustrating. The interesting part was that I almost had a WILD inside an ND. Strange : )

Problem 1: When I woke up I realized that my computer was off. Obviously it was supposed to be off. Maybe I should have noticed that but unfortunately forget about almost everything in real life, when I’m in a dream. Besides, my dreams are so real. I mean, I’m occasionally a different guy in different places but nothing really bizarre happens to any of my surroundings, including me. It’s perfectly like another human life. It’s very hard to know it as a dream.

Problem 2: I forget dreams alot, but most of all I forget the questions they ask me, especially when they seem important. Yesterday I had a dream where my teacher told me that the longer the equation ‘π=3.14…’, the more accurate the formula. He asked me another question that I couldn’t answer, he told me to find it out for myself. Problem is, I forgot the question. Have I remembered it I could have known something new.

Anyway, is this an LD? I mean the WILD part inside my ND. That was interesting, but I’m not sure whether I can use that to help my progress.

Ha! i am terribly excited. I fell into my first lucid dream last night quite by accident. What an earth shattering experience. I have been researching LDing all day which brought me to you good people. What a fascinating side of life. Bring on the night!

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I have noticed that if you want to recall your dream clearly you must drink milk and dairy products after going to bed,and telling your self that you are gonna remeber your dream is a pretty cool technique,i woke up tioday for school and dreamed that i was trying to recall a dream then i recalled it totally and clearly it was in my club its like a supernatural dream,i was going from place to another in too high speed and making super jumps,then i woked up and i remembered all that dream,was that lucid it was so real and i was knowing that im recalling it?

I’ve had “WILD’s” inside my ND’s too. From my experience, you believe you are doing WILD and it succeeds, thus you know while “WILD’ing” that it’s a dream. Hence it’s a LD. Congrats! :clap:

Now in such a case you obviously don’t fully realize what is your real situation. This is just due to your lucidity level, which is not to its best. :neutral:

Ok so last night I was dreaming (duh :grin:) and well I was walking and I suddenly changed my mind and thought “Yep Im going to go there!” So I turn around and everything goes black for a split second and then Im mid air flying…then Im back down on the ground and Im like “im dreaming!” After that I look into the sky and see a really grey sky with a huge rainbow. Then everything starts going really distorted and black and I begin to feel my bed, I try to hold on but then I just lapse into another dream. In that dream I recall being lucid before but I do nothing about it.

I know I said to myself “Im dreaming!” but I have a feeling it was all a dream…the realism and realisation you get in a normal LD just werent elements in this dream. Basically, it was just like a ND but only with me saying “Im dreaming!” in it. :neutral:

Now my question about this is: Did I really LD or did I dream of LDing? Im soo confused. The lucidity level was pathetic and the surroundings were hardly as vibrant as the other LD’s I’ve had.


Hi MissEvil! :smile:

Now you’re no more a complete beginner and you know what is a lucid dream, (that is, a dream in which you’re aware you’re dreaming), I think you should be able to answer yourself to your question. :content:

If you dream of LD’ing, it means that you dream that you said to yourself: “I’m dreaming!” then it means that you’ve realized you were dreaming and it’s a LD.

Now I see some problems which can make you wonder about that. First, as you said, you lucidity level was “pathetic”. Second, you lapsed into a ND, so that your recall of your LD was not good when you woke up.

There are some characteristics in LD’s which, IMO, are not correlated: lucidity, vividness and control. You can be high lucid in a poorly vivid dream, you can have a great control in a poorly lucid dream or vice-versa, etc.

And you can become lucid and still be stuck to your dream and sort of obliged to follow the flow of the dream. This is particularly annoying. This only happens, in my knowledge, at the beginning of a LD. When you realize that you’re still stuck to your dream then you have to enhance your lucidity. My own technique is shouting “Lucid! Lucid! Lucid!” until I feel I suddenly unstuck. But there are certainly many techniques, like performing a RC until it works, etc. Good luck!

I can’t tell what this is…
I didn’t try to LD at all, but I have been reading about it a lot.
I was with my friends and I was able to fly, do crazy things like triple backflips onto cars, and weird stuff. I knew it was a dream the whole time. Any idea what this is?

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