The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part IV

I think I had an LD last night, but I’m not sure. It could be false.
In my dream I saw myself, and then, like a second later, I looked through my own eyes again. The day before I read something about unstable vision and I remembered that in my dream. So I said to myself: “I’m dreaming.”
I tried things I cannot remember. Moments later, I woke up.

Was I dreaming I said: “Im dreaming.”? Or was it actually a LD?


The strangest thing can happen in dreams, when people still don’t know they’re dreaming. Only look atWhat huge dreamsign have you missed lately? like krakotoa said, as long as you are aware that you are dreaming you are Lucid dreaming. So the thing is you have to think about is; did you realise you were dreaming inside the dream? If the answer to this question yes is, you had a lucid dream.

Since you said “I’m dreaming” I would say it is a LD. Congratulations!

Thanks for the help! :smile:


I was looking over my DJ, and I realized that it might not be a FLD after all. Even so… I need to know. Is this a Lucid Dream?

I was in my bedroom, near the television. Both of my brothers were standing near me. I said to myself, “I will remember this dream!” But a second later, I tapped my head and shouted, “I’m lucid!” I felt a snapping sensation in my forehead, and immediately started to levitate. I then ran through the house messing things up. I later “noticed that I was losing lucidity” and spun around, but to no avail. I saw an image of the world spinning as I did.

Now, let me explain, I had no control over myself during this dream. Not even while I was levitating, or when I ran through my house. This left me perplexed, and if it weren’t for that detail, I wouldn’t have doubted it. That’s why I need help.

Sometimes we don’t have control in a lucid dream, and sometimes we don’t take the control we could have in a lucid dream, just because we want to go with the flow. This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re not lucid. As longs as you are aware you were dreaming you were lucid, no matter how many/less control you have.

Sometimes we also have dreams were we don’t realise we’re dreaming but do have control. These dreams aren’t Lucid Dreams.

Since you say that you shouted “I’m lucid!” in the dream, I think you were aware of the fact you were dreaming. I can’t speak for you, since I didn’t have the dream and I can’t speak for sure, but according to what I’ve read and know I would say it was a lucid dream with a low lucidity level.

It was really hard for me to tell if this was a LD. Last night, I tried the WBTB method as well as WILD. Before I fell asleep, I realized I was in sleep paralysis, which was the most interesting experience after. As soon as I began to dream, I remember telling myself that I was dreaming. However, almost immediately afterwards, I woke up.

Thanks, that clears things up. :content:

I was aware. I knew I was dreaming. But that’s what counts, right? I sort of knew that it was an LD the second I woke up, but I began to doubt that on account of the zero control thing.
Ah well, it’ll all be better next time. Thanks again, Sandra! :colgate:

Obviously, it was the beginning of a LD. Too bad you woke up immediatly. :sad:
Better luck next time! :smile:

How about meta-dreams, do they count? I dreamt that I had a lucid dream. I did hand-rubbing and all kinds of stuff, and when I woke up(still in the dream) I was happy I had such a good lucid. That seems like a bordercase to me.

It seems a bordercase as you said. If you’ve dreamt that you did lucid stuff yet without realizing it was a dream, it was a False Lucid Dream. If you realized it, it was a LD.

Anyhow, all those kinds of dreams (FLD, dreaming about dreams) are prelucid dreams and it’s a good sign, it shows that you close to a LD. :smile:

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In one dream, long ago, that I remember with reasonable clarity, I was standing in the middle of my living room. I was looking around. The light that filled the room was far too bright and far too white (that fact that the walls and furniture in the room were white in RL at the time might have had something to do with it). I looked over at the couch, and for no reason that I can determine, I just blurted out “This has to be a dream.”

No reality check, no mnenomic induction, no techniques or tricks. Usually I just accept dreams as they are, no matter how strange (even this really, really weird nightmare where my mother turned into a rat, a kid with downs syndrome was sitting in the den eating rubbery chocolate, and my house was horrendously distorted), and I never become lucid. Nothing about this particular dream seemed at all odd except for the light. Was it the light that induced it?

Anyways, after I declared that this was a dream, something popped into my head. I’ve tried to obtain lucid dreaming ever since I heard of it, and when I finally thought it happened, I was stunned. I said silently to myself “Oh my God… I did it… I did it…”

Unfortunately, my control was very limited. Even though I realized it was a dream, I still felt so detatched from it, I didn’t do much, and it hardly lasted any time at all. All that I did was walk over to the porch door and open it, nearly being blinded by the bright light. That’s all that I remember; I might have woken up by this point. I haven’t had a dream that I even thought was lucid since.

This may be why I have such a trying time in trying to understand lucid dreaming. Most of my other dreams are so odd and clearly unreal, and yet I believe them. This dream was so conventional and passive, I would have easily thought it was reality, but I didn’t. I realized it was a dream. Or did I just dream that I did…? The real problem I’m having is that I’m not even sure this lucid dream was real; perhaps it was all just part of the dream.

So confusing… if I could just achieve true lucidity, I could find some answers.

I’m not an expert, but I know what you mean. I have had two dreams like that, one where I’m sure I just dreamt that I was lucid, and one I’m not sure of(I had a lucid dream within a dream that started with me going asleep).

After having a real lucid, you feel great. You feel a differance between it and those other attempts. You feel reassured, it really works. Then after a while, as the recall of the dream fades, you get a little uncertain. Did I really decide those things? Was I really aware?

That’s how it is for me at any rate. I reckon it depends a lot on recall. If you have great recall, I think you’re usually not so unsure.

My recall could be better, I guess. I go months without anything to enter in my Dream Log. I usually remember dreams best when I’m woken up before they’re over.

Hi UberMan5000,

I merged your topic into the BIG “Was this a LD?” but I’m unsure now that it was what you meant. :eh: It seems you don’t really wonder if your dream was a LD.

You can have LD’s without induction techniques, of course - or else, nobody would never have imagined that LD’s were possible. :content: My very first LD’s were unvolontary.

It’s not necessary too to make great things in LD’s. Something, just a contemplative mind is more satisfying than doing lots of things. As for me, I think it’s good to have such a first LD cause generally, you tend to reproduce in your next LD’s what happen in the first. Feeling detached from your LD is a good beginning IMO (in a spiritual point of view).

I hope you’ll have soon other LD’s so you can compare with this one. Good luck! :smile:

I read about lucid dreaming a little while ago, but since school started again I haven’t really been trying in any way to experience a lucid dream, but last night I did have a dream that was really different from any other dream I can remember. It just felt different. :neutral:

The strange thing is that it started with me waking up in my bed. I thought I was really awake, and I don’t know if this was a false awakaning or me really waking up in my bed. It didn’t occur to me to do any reality checks because I wasn’t trying to have a lucid dream. I was still tired so I wanted to go back to sleep, and I did. While falling asleep and slowly beginning to dream I was still aware that I was in my bed.

Suddenly I thought something like; ‘Hey, I’m beginning to dream. I know so because I know I am still in my bed.’ It was really weird. The next moment I thought about controlling my dream, so I wanted try and move my arms. This was very hard for me to do, they moved very slowly and it took quite some effort. This is because I tried to move my arms in my dream and not in (what I thought was) real life, in my bed, which I was still aware of.

I think it was so hard for me to move my arms in my second dream because the part of me laying in bed was also a dream.
It was only the dream within my dream in which I was aware I was dreaming.

I tried to get a clearer image of my environment in my second dream, and forget about my bed, so I started spinning around. I noticed I was downstairs with my dad at the dinner table, and for some reason I fell down while I was spinning, of course it didn’t hurt. All my movements (except maybe for the falling) felt like they were really my choice. It didn’t feel like a normal dream at all. I tried to move some more, but every time I did so I became aware I was moving in my (fake) bed, too. (My arms reaching out, etc). I thought this was annoying and strange. I became so annoyed by this that I eventually lost concentration and lapsed into a normal dream, and woke up for real some time later.

So, was this a lucid dream? Or just something really weird. :eh:

Hi Amhil! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

Congrats on your LD! :clap: (it was a LD :content: ) What confuses you is the false awakening you had before. But you knew you were dreaming, so it was a LD, even if you believed that your dream first level was the waking state.

I suppose what I was wondering is if my dream was actually one where I was lucid, or if it was just a normal dream in which I had a lucid dream (like dreaming that you’re sleeping, or something like that). Lucid dreaming was on my mind a lot during that time, so I could have just been thinking about it, and so my dream would be about it. Considering that it was so short and that I felt like I had no control, I doubt it was lucid, but then again I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

Which is why this dream has me so confused. Wouldn’t declaring “This is a dream” in a dream make you lucid? So why didn’t it? Or did it in such a weak way that I didn’t think it did?

Sigh… :bored:

Was this an LD?

A while ago, when I was 8 or 9, I went to sleep. I just lay there for a while with my eyes shut, then this scene of a jungle floor zoomed up on a frog and a mushroom melted into my mind. I could actually hear the rain and the animal life around. I freaked and snapped out of it, thinking that it was too real and scary to be just a dream.

I don’t think your dream was a lucid dream MisterKarnage. It was probably a very vivid dream, that seemed very realistic. You even thought it was too real and scary to be a dream, so that’s actually the opposite of being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming. Lucid Dreams can be very vivid dreams, but it’s not necesairy for them to be a lucid dream. Normal Dream can be very vivid as well, as you experienced :wink:

Hm, well thanks for the clarification, Sandra. :smile:

Although, I knew I was dreaming, but the whole “This is too real to be a dream” is basically a big fat “WTF IS THIS?” Also, this only lasted for a few seconds, and I think it was maybe a bit of WILD, perhaps? I remember just focusing on colours/images a bit until that happened.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound stubborn! XD I was just making sure.

Thanks again! :content: