The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part IV

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RCs don’t necessarily have to work. Your dream is made up by your mind and, like you said, if you don’t really believe in it, your mind does some mean tricks. But it kind of worked. You’ve had a hand of rubber, that isn’t usual in real life, is it? So, with a little more training (like I said above, which totally isn’t everything, but I’m not an expert) you should recognize that you’re in a dream and become lucid.

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One thing about RC’s that is not mentioned much is that you may have to “expect” something to be different in a dream. Like you may have to say to yourself “If I am dreaming when I look at my hands, I will have too many fingers”. Your SC is makeing up everything, so it can make all your RS’s fail in a dream. You have to convince your SC to help you do RC’s that work.
I would say that it was an LD, otherwise all the 10-30sec. LD’s that I have had were not LD’s. It is normal that the first ones are very short and you don’t have much time to do anything or change anything in the dream. The good news is that you are getting there, so keep up the goo work. :grin:

^ Good tip.

I’ve had another experience…

I noticed my dead cat again. And I immidiately thought “this is a dream”. But then, the same phenomenon from my first LD happened. But it was a little different. I don’t know if it was real (I think so) or just my dreaming trying to fool me. I saw the forum for some time in my imagination (I see or hear those crazy things often when I wake up, I used to talk crazy dialogues when my mother woke me for school) and then there was no dream anymore. I realized that this happened before and thought “oh, this wasn’t part of the dream, I’m always waking up at that point”. When I said “I’m dreaming”, I wasn’t able to form a dream. It was like I was “too conscious” (yet still not conscious enough to satisfy me :tongue:). I hope I’ll get a LD soon.

I’d really appreciate some feedback on this! :smile:

I was lying on my side this morning just dozing when, for some reason, I decided to perform a RC. I plugged my nose, and to my surprise I could breathe through it. I tried to keep calm and do another RC. I looked at my hands, but when I looked at where they were supposed to be I just couldn’t see them. All this time, my body felt so heavy, most noticably my eyelids (I had closed them at one point, but forced them open again).

I then decided to rub my hands together, and when I did this they felt really weird - heavy and half-numb, like when you have pins and needles. I was going to shout ‘increase lucidity’, but I remember being worried my mum would hear.

I have a poster on my wall right where my head was facing, so I decide to look at the text on it (this again was a real struggle). The word didn’t change. My next idea was looking at the clock, but I just couldn’t make my heavy body move.

(I don’t remember this bit so well) I think I then decided to just lay and breathe with my nose blocked for a while. The next thing I know, I’m awake.

Hi starsailing!
It was of course a LD. You realized you were dreaming or else you wouldn’t have tried to shout “increase lucidity!”
Unfortunately, your lucidity level was rather low. :sad: You can shout anything you want in a LD, you mum will not hear it. :wink:

Robin, this was a LD but you didn’t manage to stabilize it. Try the rubbing hands or the spinning technique next time.

I wish you both better luck on your next attempt. :smile:

Last night I had an amazing dream. At some point, I was in an elevator and I had to reach the last floor, the 194th. While I was reaching it, I noticed the elevator won’t stop (and so I will die). Then I thought: Well, that’s not a problem, I’m just dreaming. So I crashed and got out of the elevator like nothing had happened. The dream went on and I wasn’t lucid at any point.

In some sense I knew I was dreaming but I couldn’t take control of anything. It’s like, I knew I was watching a movie, I knew it wasn’t real, but I couldn’t act in that movie at any time.
What does that mean? Could that be considered as a low-level lucidity?

(By the way I dreamt I was in a very tall building watching airplanes throwing missiles, one of them threw a chemical bomb and everyone started to run, it was very scary. There was green poison expanding in all directions, I had to hide from breathing it. I remember it very well, and when this kind of dream happens, it means something. Some time ago I dreamt of two towers: it didn’t mean nothing to me but it was important in some sense. A few days ago was 11-S… :eek: )

I’d say you were lucid in the elevator at least but later on not so much. Sounds more like prelucid than lucid. I said it somewhere else that I don’t count it as lucid unless I am acting in it. But that’s me.
Wait, did you mean you dreamt about ttwo towers before or after 9-11? If it was before then that’s interesting.

Just so you know, there is already a thread about whether or not you had a LD here

Before posting, use the search button, it will make things easier for the mods and you. See everyone, i have what it takes to be a mod :tongue: hints to Q :grin: Anyway, basically, yes you had a LD, however you did not control it. a LD is a dream in which you know you are dreaming, however when we mean LD we mean controlling the dream. What you need to have is an objective. Something to do when you get a LD, so that when you are Lucid, you don’t just continue your dream but try to pursue your objective. Good luck :content:

I don’t know if this was a LD. If it was then it would be my first LD. I dreamt of being at my school.In the hallway there were tables and chairs. I was sitting in one of those chairs talking to other people.then i looked at one of the pictures on the wall(which shouldn’t be in there) and understood that I was dreaming.I didn’t get that excited although I did feel very happy.The weird thing is that i didn’t feel like the dream was very clear.It felt like a normal dream.So I started spinning around and rubbing hands at the same time just in case. Then i tried to summon a gun by closing my eyes and thinking it would be there, but i guess i opened my real eyes after that, not dream eyes. I wasn’t even thinking anything about LD-ing when i went to sleep before I saw this dream. So, was this a LD or not?:slight_smile:

I think this was a LD, Taavi :smile: Congrats :smile:

Advice for future: you shouldn’t close your eyes in a dream, because almost always you will wake up after that.

Every time when you realize that you are dreaming you have a lucid dream ^^.

Yeah, to increase vividness and stabilize dream spinning and rubbing hands are best methods.

I also recommend using voice command “Increase Lucidicy !” - that makes your dream more lucid :smile:

Yeah, that happens. Better say “Behind me is a ”, turn around, and -wow- there is thing you requested ^^. Closing eyes in dream is not a good idea. You might have false akwening (You are dreaming about waking up), or wake up in real.

Well, this isnt nessesary, LDs sometimes happens without any tries to let it happen. But techniqes helps a lot.

Yes, it was a LD. Congrats :mrgreen_hat:

Thanks, I’ll remember not to close my eyes in a dream anymore.

Copied from my DJ:

"I was at the dinner table. I went to get something from the fridge, and I thought, I’ll look at my hands. Normal. WAIT A MINUTE. 1,2,3,4,5… 6 fingers on my right hand! “I’m dreaming!” I looked back at my hand and it had started growing weird, like tree branches. I shook it until it looked normal again.

I tried sneaking up to my room, but twice, my dad got in the way by asking me to listen to him. So I did. I don’t know why I didn’t ignore him, or maybe make him disappear. When I finally got to my room, the light wasn’t working. (Predictable) :smile: So I said “more light!” It took me 3 times before it came on. Then I thought, I want to transform into Jake (my lizard character). So first I shrunk myself to about half my height. Then my computer popped up a video of something, it was like a giant emoticon on a water ride. Then an IM box popped up, it was from someone on DeviantArt who I never chatted with before, but who I recognized. I was just about to ask her if she had heard of lucid dreaming. But then my watch made 1 solid beep, and everything went black and my body felt heavy. Nooooo! I’m awake!!!

I woke up with drool on my pillow. :tongue: "

So… I seemed to have partial control… I’m pretty sure that was lucid. Now I just need to figure out how to take total control and not get distracted by things in the dream.

first post, first LD possibly
last night’s dream

I was standing in a big circle of people that I didn’t know but I thought I did since I was dreaming. I couldn’t tell if I was inside or outside because there was this blue fog that killed my depth perception. Everyone was talking about Don Juan and what a great guy he is and stuff. Then my car, which was parked not too far away from me started by itself. It drove up to me and I opened the door to get in. I sat down and put on my seat belt and I can’t really accurately describe the feeling I had when sitting there. It felt like I was occupying the same physical space as someone else at the same time, like there was someone inside me or I was inside them. It was wierd. Shortly thereafter the car drove into the center of the people and it ROSE OFF THE GROUND!! As soon as I realized what was happening I shot up into the sky so far so fast that I’d say within 4-5 seconds I was in orbit. I could literally look out the windows and see Earth below me. And as fast as it happened I dropped back down to Earth. That happened 3 times. On the third time I leaned forward to look out the window and the car started to flip the way I was turning and I tumbled to the ground and landed in a forest. Then I woke up in my dream (false awakening) and told one of my fellow Geek Squad Agents that I had this awesome dream where I was in a flying car and he said he’d had the same dream and that it was important to never tell anyone about it.

Whaddaya think?


Hey guys I’ve been browsing these forums on and off for awhile now but I finally signed up! :content:

Now, I’ve been consistently having dreams where I realize that I’m dreaming, but I’m unable to do anything in it. Like, just yesterday, I had a dream where I found myself walking in a house that, although different, felt like it really was my home. As I continued walking I began to realize that this wasn’t my real home. Now, I don’t really remember if I willingly did this or not (I think it was instinctive) but I looked at my hands. They were severely distorted so at that point I said to myself that I was dreaming. I then ran into my parents’ bedroom and told my mother that I was dreaming (this wasn’t done willingly). After that my memory gets kind of fuzzy (I think this was when I was woken up by my doorbell.)

Was this a fully lucid dream? I wasn’t really able to forcefully do anything that I willingly wanted to do. This has been occurring in many of my questionably lucid dreams. It’s as if even though I know I’m dreaming all I can do is just watch what happens.

Is there some way where I can fully control my dreams?

Oh yeah and another thing, before the dream I just mentioned, I was having another dream where some person with a bright radiance (aura?) held my hand and told me he’d show me the universe…so we basically flew through the cosmos. It was an amazing feeling (hehe just thought I’d tell you guys)…I tend to have several different nonrealated dreams when I go to sleep…

Welcome to LD4all Dave,

It was a nice dream and there happened some strange things, but you never say in the dream you know you’re dreaming. So I wouldn’t say it’s a Lucid Dream when I read that.

Keep on trying and you might get a Lucid Dream soon. I wish you good luck.

Welcome wickedchild,
I merged your tread in the big was this a LD topic :content:

That’s a lucid dream. In a Lucid Dream you know you’re dreaming and that’s what you’re doing. You don’t need to have control in a lucid dream for it being a Lucid Dream. It’s only a thing that you can use. There are however different levels in lucidity. You have low lucidity and you have higher lucidity. If you are more aware you have a higher state of lucidity.

The way to fully control your dreams is just really believe you are able to do it. Try to search for shortcuts if something doesn’t work the way you want it. Don’t doubt for a bit that you won’t be able to do it, just believe that you can. If only a bit of you thinks you can’t make it you might not be able to make it.

Over the past 2 nights I think I’ve had a couple lucid dreams, but am not sure. The night before tonight I had what I think was my first lucid dream in along time. (I just started reading about this stuff a month ago.) It started out as a normal dream (well, normal as dreams go) and I was walking outside and I heard a mumbled voice from all around and thought I heard it say “wake up” in the dream so I figured I must be dreaming and someone is trying to wake me up. I now realize my dream was tricking me, it was 1:00 in the morning. But that did not sink in anyway, later on I heard a mumbled voice from all around, and knew my mother was inside so I thought I must be dreaming, I looked at my hands, was missing my pinkies, and thought I’m lucid. I remembered I should not get too excited or I might wake up. I started to fly and the world started to darken. I think I may have become less conscious at this point, I did not think of any of the methods for recovering the Dream World. Instead I got scared and told myself to wake up. I did, it was 1:00 am.

I went back to bed at 1:3# am and had another dream (it was a nightmare actually), I don’t think I was lucid till the end when I was running out side, looked back at my brother, and wondered why I was running. Thought I must be dreaming and walked up to him. I tried to ask him what he represented and could not talk. He started to eat me, so I kissed him on the cheek and then woke up.

Tonight I think I had a lucid dream. I don’t remember what happened before I realized I was dreaming but I did, looked at my hands and saw I had six fingers. So I tried to see the sky but I was inside and the window was blocked. I looked at my couch and tried to tell it to disappear, but could not speak. Everything started to warp and I had a false awakening. I woke up on the couch and thought what a weird dream. I stepped into the kitchen and saw my father. I don’t know why but I realized I was dreaming again and picked up an eraser and threw it at him. He asked me why I did that and I told him it was a dream. He told me sometimes we wish life was a dream but it isn’t. He got mad, I looked at my hands and saw they were normal, I thought I was awake. I walked outside, saw a second father (a dream sign for me, two fathers, two cats, two lamps, two of everything, depending on the dream) I looked at my hands harder this time. They sort of faded between six fingers and the what I thought was the normal amount, five fingers (and one thumb) I still released I was dreaming looked at the sky, It was mostly normal. I sat down on the road, and started hopping; I think this is when I lost my lucidity. I slowly turned into a frog, in my mind, in my dream being my physical form was quite human. My toes kept getting caught in the pavement, then I woke up.

Basically, how do I know if I’m dreaming about being lucid or if I am, and what is your opinion on the preceding dreams.

Hi trevorlsciact, welcome to LD4all! :wave:

No doubt, it was LD’s. :happy: Now if you didn’t see a clear difference between your previous ND and your LD, it was perhaps because your lucidity was low.

Try to perform a more “physical” reality check when supposing you’re lucid or after realizing you’re dreaming, for instance stretching a finger, putting a finger through your palm or a wall, etc.

Too bad you had difficulties to talk. :sad: When talking to a DC, you can still use telepathy. When trying to say verbal commands, try to shout them loud. You can use this too to enhance your lucidity level, by shouting “More lucidity!” or something like that. You’ll perhaps have a strange voice, but it’s rather efficient. :smile:

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I think that I had my first LD today but it may not have been. It wasn’t through reality checks or WILD/MILD etc. Throughout the dreams there were a number of slightly abnormal occurrences (a radio news reader swearing and somehow I could see visual images even though I was listening to the radio). Then, I heard my sister calling me as if she was in pain. But it was from the wrong bedroom and then I realised that she wasn’t home that night and I realised I must be dreaming. However, out of excitement, I woke up slightly and it seemed as if I was between conscious and dream state. For a few seconds I could move my dream character a bit but it was not as if I was that person (i.e. 3rd person view) I may have been lucid but it must have been extremely low lucidity. What do you think, was I lucid in your opinion? I know I should have used the spinning method to reenter the dream but I forgot it (probably out of excitement) I also have a feeling that it may have been me dreaming that I had an LD.

As long as you are aware that you are dreaming you are Lucid dreaming.