The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

:yes: the excitement and ‘shock’ of finding yourself in a dream can result in you waking up :eek:

Well for my first i believe it wasn’t that bad… Only my lucidity lasted at least 5 mins, and in the same night i could remember another full dream, and fragments of ANOTHER dream!!!

I was amazed.

But the thing is, im not sure if i was 100% lucid. I was climbing the stairs of my house and suddently it just came to me…“My house is full of women… wtf, am i dreaming?” More details on my DJ.

And there i realized i was dreaming. I didn’t do any RC’s but i instinctivly knew i was dreaming, and carried on with the dream. The actions that i did i was aware of, but i didn’t try anything awesome…

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I think I had my first lucid dream the other night, but I’m not sure.

I first had a ND, but I can’t remember it at all. Then I had a FA. My room seemed elongated and my dad was babbling to me. I sat up and thought that it was all strange, so I did a quick RC by looking at my clock.

What do you know, the time changed. It clicked in my head that I was dreaming, but never that I was lucid. I was able to move water around (quite entertaining), mnake a failed attempt at flying, and attempt to shoot electrictiy out of my hand before I lost the lucid concept.

It doesn’t feel like I was lucid. Was it low-lucidity or didI have a FLD?

Since you knew that you were dreaming it was a LD, but a low-level one.

It’s sometimes hard to be 100% if you were lucid or not, from reading your Dream journal, I can’t see anything that would indicate you weren’t lucid. If you aren’t sure, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, if it isn’t an LD you will realize this when you do have one. :smile:

If you realized that you were dreaming then you were lucid. :smile: Just because you didn’t use the term lucid doesn’t change that. :grin: People have been lucid, myself included, without even having heard the term lucid, or lucid dreaming.

I’m sure I had a lucid dream once, I’ll explain:

I bought another Chucky doll in April (big collector, like), a lifesized one, and for the next few weeks I wouild dream about him almost every single night, about him coming alive and killing me.

One day, I dreamt he attacked me, in my room, but I said “wait, this is a dream”, I fell to my knees, started pounding the floo,r looked at my bed and saw myself sleeping ion it, then suddenly woke up.
This dream is right at the front of my mind right now.

Was I lucid?

and for the record, I’m practising lucid dreaming now with the reality-check dreaming, and so is my friend. My friend has has two dreams inwhich he’s been asked to reality-check but both dreams he’s replied “No, I know I’m not dreaming”! How close is he?

Thanks for the help, like.

It’s hard to say straight off if you were lucid or not, it’s possible to say “I’m dreaming” autonomously and not really give it any thought. Perhaps if you give some thought to why you fell to your knees and started pounding on the floor, that might help. You should be able to tell if you knew what “I’m dreaming” meant during the dream from your reasoning for your behavior. The other thing that might help is that LDs often have a different feel around them to normal dreams.

It sounds like your friend is getting closer to having a Lucid dream. I don’t think he was lucid in either of the examples, but they do show that the idea of LDing has penetrated his sub-conscious and it should only be a matter of time before he gets lucid. :smile:

Thanks for that Dragon!


OHMYGODOHMYGOD! I think I had a lucid dream last night, well, actually, I know I did, I just want to know your thoughts…
so, last night I was telling myself I was going to lucid dream tonight, and when I finally got to sleep I remember running, then something happened so I reality checked by looking at my hands, I only had three fingers, my ring finger had disappeared on both hands, I held my nose and could still breathe, and I just went insane. An overwhelming sense of excitement came, and I could actually feel myself waking up, like, I could feel myself lapsing back into my waking life, so I quickly remembered to spin around fastly to keep my REM sleep going, I done this for about a minute and I was fine again.

Then, after realizing I was in a lucid dream, I popped over to do what I’d always wanted to do, meet Clementine Kruzcynski (Kate Winslet), the character from Eternal Sunshine. I was standing on this hill, looked down at the frozen lake like in the film and saw her, so I shouted a quote and she quoted back and we were doing that, then I ran over to her and lay down with her and looked up at the sky, but it was a ceiling. I wanted to make it the sky so it was like the film but I couldn’t, I got my finger ready to rub it out, and started to rub out the light, but it didn’t work. I concentrated harder, telling myself my finger was a rubber/eraser and suddenly I could rub out the light.

I done other stuff aswell but I can’t remember, then I had a false awakening and then I woke up properly, went back to sleep and can’t remember what happened hten.

This dream felt so different to every other dream, it felt so much more real. Was I lucid? I definitely think I was!
Boy, after weeks of reality checking I’ve finally sussed it, hopefully!

Oh, yes! Deffinetly a LD!! Isn’t that feeling just increadible? I’ve never felt that excited IWL, lol…

And congratulations, it was a very good lucid dream! And you met Clementine! :eek: How cool is that! It was your first LD? It was great for a first one!

How did you know when to stop spinning? Did things get stable and you just felt you weren’t waking up anymore? I’m not that good at spinning… :cry:

Keep up the good work! :wink:

It was the single most amazing experience of my life.
Sounds sad really, but I really am in love with Clementine.
Aha, is it actually possible to fall in love with a DC if you become so attached to them in your dreams?

Put it this way, upon feeling me waking up, it felt like I was being pushed out the dream, like, off a cliff and when I fell I’d wake up, and when I started spinning after a while I felt safe again, sturdy.
First LD! I’m so excited, I hope for another one soon. It really is extremely exciting, worth going to bed early for, I think! :wink:

Just don’t ever forget that! Let it help you get extra motivated to practice and you’ll get better and better. :content:

Good luck!

A while ago, I had a weird experience that I think might have been an LD but I don’t know…
I went to bed and tried to perform WILD. Basically all I did was use that point relaxation technique (I learned it last summer), then just go with the flow and picture my “dream hand” rising over my real body, then falling through the bed. My dream self ended up back in bed, except it was morning, and I had pretty much full control over everything. I went through with the entire dream like that–full control, and the only two things that were hard for me were 1. keeping it in first person view and 2. making scenes appear properly. That’s kind of what makes me think it was more just “glorified imagination” than real lucid dreaming…or some sort of halfway dream. I’ve done something like it before, but this one was the closest I’ve gotten, I think.
Could it have been an LD or was it just imagination? :neutral:

It’s hard for an outsider to say that is, or is not a dream. I don’t think there is anything that jumps out at me as saying that it isn’t a real dream. Dreams can be varying vividness and just being in 3rd person doesn’t mean it isn’t a dream. Many of my dreams have been in 3rd person, some even alternated between 1st and 3rd person. Things don’t always appear ‘correct’ in dreams either. If it was a real dream, and your control was because you realized it was a dream, you were probably lucid.

Well, I went in knowing that it would be a dream, that’s the thing…but I don’t know if I actually entered a dream or not :eh:

Ok,last night I THINK I had a lucid dream. First of all, abit of background, I became interested in this a while back, but then my life got a bit more stressful so i left it alone for a while, and it’s only since today, when I woke up thinking i’d become lucid, that i’ve gotten interested in it again. So basically, I wasn’t trying to have a lucid dream last night.
Anyway, this might get a bit complicated, in my dream last night, I remember thinking that I was in a dream, I don’t know how but I just remember thinking “Am I in a Dream?” and then thinking “Ok, if I am in a dream I will be able to jump through my bedroom window”. So I tied jumping through my bedroom window (To no avail by the way :tongue:) And then there was a bunch of other stuff.
But my dilemna is, I’m not entirely sure if that was actually a dream, or whether I just dreamt I had a lucid dream :confused:

There is often a difficult to describe feeling when you realize you are lucid. In one of my earliest Lucid dreams I tried a similar thing. I said in the dream I must be dreaming, if I am, I should be able to fly. I jumped and floated slowly to the floor, losing lucidity as I hit it. Dreaming you are dreaming is a good indicator that LDing has penetrated your subconscious. If you are struggling to figure out if it is an LD or dream about an LD. I wouldn’t worry about it, you will be able to tell once you do have one.

Ok, so this morning I woke up and laid in bed still trying to remember my dreams. I was remembering one, but then i started to remember another. It was an LD! But when I began to remember it, it didn’t feel like it was an LD. I remember doing things in the dream like reality checks, and rubbing my hands together and things that I do in LD’s, but why couldn’t I remember it? And when i started to remember it… It didn’t feel like I had ever been lucid while i was sleeping. It just seemed like an ND with all the LD characteristics

So… Was this simply just an ND about LD-ing? Or was it an LD with poor recall? Or was it just a very low lever of lucidity?

This has never happened to me, where I have to work to remember my LD’s. Usually I wake up right when they’re over and remember them perfectly, and I know that they were LD’s. It’s sort of upsetting to feel that I had an LD, but i don’t remember the feeling of it. :cry:


trophycase, it’s really hard to say sometimes. :bored: All of those options are possible. I too tend to not forget my LD’s, so yeah, it’s weird when/if it happens. When you did the RC’s did they tell you you were dreaming?

FLD’s can be fun but really make you crazy! Once I actually said “man, I’ve never been this lucid!” in a dream without beeing lucid!! :grrr: (ok, even today I’m still not 100% sure it wasn’t a LD. :rofl:) Anyway…

I had something weird this morning I’d like some comments. :grin: I put it in my DJ.

So, basicly, the lack of visual vividness makes me tend to think it was HI, although that doesn’t mean a thing, I know… Any comments would be much apreciated. :wink: If this was a WILD, it was my first HI initiated WILD, I think. And any tips on how to get the visuals more vivid (or a link) would be great. I didn’t remember to try “increase vividness!” or other things…

Well, I had a freaky experience this morning with HI, SP and, I believe, LDing. IRL, I was just laying in bed after I had woken up. I was sort of halfway drifting off to sleep at one point, on and off I guess you could say. Then, without warning, my head felt like it was vibrating and becoming paralyzed. I figured that I was going through true SP for the first time, so, trying not to get too excited, I just waited. I could hear an odd laser/synth sound in my ears, and I saw some weird “energy beam” HI that looked a lot like graphics from a video game I have (the sound I was hearing resembled the sound of the beams from the game). Then a strange purple cloud appeared as HI, and it looked like there were numbers or letters etched into it and the whole thing was shifting. Then the picture of a hotel room came into my head, and this is where I believe an LD occured. My upstairs neighbor and one of his little kids were there. The kid was talking about how I have amazing powers and he doesn’t. I shook my head–noticing that my hair, waving in front of my face, was a lot shorter than it is IRL–and told him something about since it was a dream, anyone could have amazing powers. At that point I believe I flipped in the air or something to show him, but that part didn’t seem to be from my point of view, and everything faded as I started to move my RL body again. I’m pretty sure it was a low-level form of WILD done in the morning…and I’m probably going to try again later if I’m tired enough to take a nap.

Perfectly described. :smile: Probably a micro-awakening or a FA, then a SP or a dreamt SP, then a LD. The fact you had in the same time images which looked like HI, and that they remind of a video game let suppose it may be a false SP. You can find a similar experience in my DJ here; and another curious one that semt clearly to be a false SP.

And about possible confusions between micro-awakenings and FA, you can read here a case when it was quite impossible to distinguish between them (even after having woken up, I mean).

All this isn’t such obvious indeed. :content:

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