The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

Ah, this is VERY common for people to this. Also, if you keep a DJ for a while, youll start dreaming about it.

Remember - you dream about what your mind thinks is important. So if you constantly think about Lucid Dreaming you will naturally dream about it. This does NOT mean it is an LD

But yes, the more you think about the techniques and dream about lucid dreaming, you will get one.

Just like an olympic athlete who thinks about his event constantly, he will naturally do better.

I always forget to do reality checks, and I try to write in my diary when I can clearly remember the dream. A lot of the times I got things to do so I sort of put it off. Haven’t written in my dream diary for awhile now

I tricked myself too last night…I remember at one point looking at my hands and saying “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming :happy: I can do whatever I want”…But I didn’t actually believe that, I think I was trying to prove that I was doing my RCs in RL to whoever I was with… I’m mad for not grasping it. I can’t wait to have another LD…

I THINK i had 2-3 Lucid Dreams my first night’s attempt. I would like to get these validated and if so, sweet awesome website. Technically, this story is going to follow rule #1 but then proceed to LD levels if syntax doesn’t throw you off! I’d just like to know what happened. :smile:

I went the method of motivating myself before sleep (but not wanting it too bad right away) and trying to realize when I went into a dream. All 3 times, I went into multiple dreams (they’re tricky to realize! I was fooled so many times!) but when I realized it was a dream, I seemed to “re-awake” into another ‘dream’ from my room in my bed each time, then was able to explore for a bit before actually waking up or losing focus. By the 2nd time, I was able to easily telepathically open doors, fly a bit while carrying someone, etc.

The first time, I was waiting for me to dream (takes SO long when you’re waiting!) and my phone started going off. Then lights above my bed started going off and I was trying to shut them all down 'cuz I was preparing to LD. At one point, I was shutting off multiple lights when it hit me: I don’t have all these damn lights in my room lol. From that moment it seemed to spark a “2nd dimension” of awakenning and my brother came in the room in the beginning of all my cycles.

The 2nd time (same night), my LD machine was malfunctioning. I then realized, “dude wtf, I dont’ have an LD machine. I was only laying in bed by myself” and that seemed to spark the same thing (brother came in room, I tested ‘powers,’ they worked, and i dreamed).

Wish I could describe these better, or if you need other parts, let me know. Being my first night and experience, none of my LDs felt to pass with a full hour or anything, and there were definitely blurry parts. It wasn’t as ‘free roam’ as real life either (maybe this is a wrong assumption, but something clearer and longer could be very fun). I can’t remember the last dream I had where I flew so to have 2+ in the same night (in fact, I think i flew in my 3rd dream too), must’ve mean something. Also, me ‘awakenning’ in my bed at the begenning of each one might be a clue to validate what happened.

I will continue to try, though, and try not to get discouraged when something happens. LD sounds very cool and fun. I didn’t know your mind can do that.

EDIT: btw another intersitng note. In my 2nd dream, I met/was transported to some redheaded lady in a white dress that ‘told me’ to hang in there/keep my lucid fluidity. The first time what she said really worked. Kinda interesting my mind at least created this lady. At the very least, the idea of LD entered a normal dream…?

it’s hard to say since you had been focusing on lucid dreaming before sleep. They are at least pre-lucid dreams.
So when

this realisation happened in the dreams were you fully aware that it was a dream in your mind or was it an automatic realisation that it was a dream with no true awareness? if you were fully aware if even for seconds then you were lucid


huH? not quite sure what you’re asking. Thanks for the quick response!

Before I went to bed, I went in with the focus of Lucid dreaming via realizing/being aware when I’m in a dream (that’s what you’re supposed to do, no?).

So when I realized how unrealistic things were (at this time I was dreaming), that’s when it caught on to me - “ah! dude you’re in a dream now! This stuff isn’t real!”

It seemed I clearly mentally told myself this via observation/reasoning.

First of all, I’m very sorry for my bad english. But I hope you can understand me anyway.

My friend had this dream, I don’t think it’s a LD but he wants to know, and since I’m very new to this I don’t know. As I said, I don’t think it’s a LD but he said that “it felt like one”. I don’t know how it can feel like one since he isn’t sure that he had a lucid dream yet.
But enough of that, here’s what he told me:

He was in a strange house in the middle of the night when it was dark and there were only one lamp on the second floor, and he was on the first floor. So he walked up some stairs to the second floor and looked through a window, there was an old man there looking at him and shaking. Then he (my friend) got afraid and he thaught “lucid dream” and then everything started to blink in different colors, and then he woke up.

From that piece of your post, it does sound like you were fully aware of what being lucid meant. If the dream felt hazy it could be because it’s a lower level lucid dream and the ‘awakening into another dream’ sounds like a False Awakening

It’s possible that the term Lucid Dream can appear in dreams without you actually being lucid. What matters is that you are aware you are dreaming. Without knowing if your friend understood the implications behind saying lucid dream (By that I mean he thoughts were something like “I’m Lucid Dreaming” along with an awareness, during the dream, of what that means.) it’s hard to say.

Right, until this morning, i always questioned my LD one time, and though other than that, i hadnt had one. This morning i was led in bed, letting last nights dream come back to me, because it was kinda wierd and as if i was falling, a huge weight on my body, and i remembered it, and i had looked at a oven clock, which had rune symbols on it, and thought “Thats not right” and i was lucid for about… well, i managed to write 3 a4 pages about it this morning, and 1 with just rough thoughts of it, and then i was reading about LD on another site and it said why have them if you dont remember it ? i i thought well what if i have been but cant remember i was, even though i do remeber my dreams. It wass then i remembered a reacuring nightmare i used to have when i as ill, i would be walking down a corridor it was very dark dungeon like, there where rats and bats, spiders and other bugs and every 10-12 ft was a small tourch on the wall, and i would be walking and all i oculd see at the other end was me floating there dead and there was a gaint hand holding me with a light around it and as i got closer it stays the same distance away (Kind of like the dreams where you run down the hallway and the door moves away). The another hand comes down over it and a evil looking fuigre come out of my body and goes into the hand and forms a painting and the frame and hangs it on the wall (The painting are hung all down te corridor, as far as i run, under every torch). when the painting is hung a beam hits the body i see (me) and as it joults i feel myself joult to, and i fall to my knees and them it gets up and looks at me and i start to hear voices saying dont look at the walls faces and then i would realise the paintings killed me, and then i know i realise its a nightmare, I THINK, coz i remember telling myself to not look, but when i told myself, i could fell it in my physical body to, but then i would make myself look at it, at that time i would wake up and puke, and i knew in my dream i would do that if i did, as if my concious mind was telling me in my dream… What do you all think ?

thanx for help in advance

That doesn’t sound like a fun dream. :bored: As for if it is lucid, you might have thought that thought the instant you woke up or as you were semi-awake. If you had this thought whilst dreaming it sounds low-level lucid. Personally I think it’s more likely to be a thought as you were waking up, it’s a good sign though. :grin: You just need to realize earlier. :wink:

I think I had my first LD last night, but I’m not sure.

I was in some sort of building, a really big one. Suddenly I made a RC (the one when you try to push your finger through the palm of your hand), and it worked! I tried another RC just to be sure, this time I tried to breathe while holding my nose. I could still breathe and I got this strange feeling in my body.

I got excited and ran to the first DC I saw, it was a young woman. I did the finger RC and told her “Look! I’m dreaming!” She got a bit angry and didn’t say anything, she just walked away from me. I didn’t care so much about that so I found the exit and got out. I ran really fast and tried to fly, so I jumped up really high and then flew in high speed towards the clouds. I don’t remember much from the flying part, but I think I fell on the ground.

I got so excited that I didn’t know what to do next. Suddenly I saw a book with things to do in my dream. I started reading and decided to teleport myself to New York.

I can’t remember what happened next, probably woke up.

The thing is, it felt almost like a normal dream, except the part when I did a RC and got that strange feeling. I don’t remember smelling or feeling anything. Maybe I dreamed that i dreamed of having a LD?

It seemed to me that all my lucid dreams have felt different to my normal dreams. Describing exactly how they felt different is quite difficult. When you say you had a “strange feeling” that could have been because you were lucid. It felt pretty unique to me too. You need to remember what you were thinking during the dream. If you knew you were dreaming and what that meant, you were probably lucid. From what you have said, I think this was a lucid dream that faded into an ND.

ok, so i only heard about lucid dreams yesterday. i think i had 2 lucid dreams last night, but not sure. the first one i remember thinking, better not write that one down lol. my second one:
(not sure if its lucid though)
I was in a steel cage and said, “I want to be above the ocean.”
I went above the ocean and tried diving in but as soon as i touched it, i was in an icy tundra. then i woke up.
is this weak lucidity?

I wouldn’t say that this was a Lucid dream, since you didn’t realize you were dreaming, it’s possible to not know you are dreaming but still affect the dream with conscious thoughts. I believe it is a good thing that this is happening, it’s not a huge leap from affecting your dreams without knowing you are dreaming to suddenly realizing, “How come I can change things?” Closely followed by “I must be dreaming.” :grin:

a few days ago, while I was dreaming, I accidentally saw my reflection and I looked so strange, I don’t know, just like I a ghost. I said to myself `Hey! This can’t be real’ and I tried to do a RC (the nose one) but I couldn’t move my hands. I tried again and again, but I woke up.

Do you think that was a LD? Or maybe I was dreaming about lucid dreaming? And why couldn’t I do the RC? :\

Haha on the first page of this forum a guy says he had the problem of not really remembering. I feel like I became lucid for a while (specifically remembering that I told myself I would remember this when I woke up), but when I did wake up I was like… was that normal dream that I had control over? Or was I lucid.

It sounds like you’re well on the way to being lucid there. I’m not sure you can say this particular dream was lucid, you would need to have actually realized that you were dreaming for it to be lucid. It does sound like you were questioning it though. Only you can say how much you felt it was a dream, or whether you just thought it was strange.

You have to ask if you realized you were dreaming during the dream. It’s possible for lucidity to play a part in a dream, without you realizing that you really are lucid at that moment in the dream.

Yeah I’m pretty sure I was, but I didn’t know if it’s way too early in my practicing to think I had one already… That’s the other thing, my dream recall is much too poor to remember clearly, but like I said, I specifically remember telling my self “I am going to remember this when I wake up” after I got the tfeeling I was lucid

There is no requirement that you have practiced to achieve lucidity, many people have lucid dreams without even knowing what they are. It’s possible you could have told yourself you wanted to remember this reflexively. Only you know whether you told yourself to remember because you liked the dream, or because you realized you were dreaming and wanted to ensure you’d not forget it.

Yeah I realized and I told myself “remember this when I wake up” Like I did know I was dreaming. It was cool =D