The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

Hello, I am new to this and I’ve been on this message board for 30 minutes looking for what I’m talking about, so I thought I would post in here.

I took a nap after staying up late the night before a few days ago, and instantly after laying down began to feel fuzzy, I knew I was going in and out of sleep. Soon after this (a few minutes I’d guess) I was dreaming. I was in the passenger seat of a car with my friend, and we were parked in a grocery store parking lot with the windows down. A lady came up to the window and started talking to my friend but she was making absolutely no sense, but my roommate could understand. I knew something was up, and, after reading about lucid dreaming a few days before, said in my head, “Waaaait. This is a dream.” Instantly everything froze in my surroundings and I began very slowly zooming towards the driver window. I felt like I was being held tight for some reason. I noticed that everything around me was so vivid and everything was so quiet. Then I began to worry about my body sleeping in my bed, that I would stop breathing (because I was laying on my stomach), but just said “oh well” and continued. Right as I thought “Ok, now let’s try something!”, somebody in the hall outside my room (I’m in a dorm) slammed their door, and I woke up.

Was this an LD? I really think it is because I was conscious in my dream, not just realizing I was. I was worried about my physical body. But I think the reason I felt like I was being held was because of my body laying on my stomach. Anyways, I know this is a long post and you guys get a lot of these, but any help would really be appreaciated. Thanks a lot!

This has happened to me a lot, and it happened twice last night. I think it is beetween WILD and DILD. It happens when I wake up too early (Usually at 5 or 6 am, the “juicy dream period”, as I call it) I then fall asleep again (or try to) and shortly after loosing consiousness I find myself in a dream. I then may or may not notice I am dreaming, but this state is a very light sleep and it is very easy to wake up, I feel I can do it instantly if I want, as if I really weren’t asleep. But in tonights’s sleep, It happened twice, once while I was falling asleep, the other as usual. In the first I was playing ping-pong (something I am learning in real life) I didn’t know it was a dream until noticed that there was no longer a ball but instead a wine bottle, then I inmediatly woke up. Then I had a normal dream (really cool I tried and did use four assault riffles at the same time) then I woke up because of allergy then I felt asleep again and in the next dream I got a bit lucid and some control. After I tried controling to much I woke up.

I think I had my first LD a few nights ago.

I was riding on a bike with a friend trough the treets of GTA: san andreas. Suddenly we stopted. I looked at my bike and realised their was a vital part missing. It was then that I realised I couldn’t have ride that bike since it should be impossible. I must be dreaming! I had a strange feeling that I have never had in my life. Everything became very clear. But I was too enthousiastic and woke up after a few seconds.

Thats the typical 1st LD. Don’t get disencouraged. :smile:

Congrats on your first LD! :clap:

Next time, try to keep yourself as calm as possible. If things start to get fuzzy, try spinning around in circles – I’ve heard that helps.

Tonight I had a strange dream… I dreamt that I was on a bus with my family, we were all alone.
My mother drove the bus, but suddenly my mother and my sister went off.
Then my father started driving the bus, and then we came to a traincross (?) and my dad became crazy and started to drive the bus like a wild monkey :razz: so I jumped off the bus, and my father just drove away. When he drove, he almost got hit by a train.
And then, when I woke up, I was so dizzy… I almost fell… like three times! It was like the dream was real! As if I really did jump off the buss.

And I had another dream right after the first one! I was sitting on MSN, talking to a friend of mine… suddenly I realised I was dreaming, and decided to ask him a question, but I coulden’t think of a proper question… and then I woke up! :eek: :confused:
Can somebody tell me, did I have a lucid dream? :wiske:

From what you describe I don’t think the first dream was an LD. The second is more likely. It does sound like it could be, when you say you realised you were dreaming did you really realise?

For instance did you decide to ask your friend a question, or did it just sort of happen? If it sort of happened then it is possibly a false lucid dream, where you dreamed you were lucid dreaming. A false lucid dream is almost like your mind playing out a dream of what being lucid might be like without you actually realising you are dreaming, it can be tricky to tell the difference at times, but an LD often has a different feel about it to other dreams. The feeling is difficult to describe though.

Well, it might have been a lucid dream. She got lucid for the first time and ‘freaked’ a bit (like I think all of us have done in our first lucid dream), so she wanted to ask her friend a question since she knew it wasn’t real and wanted to see the response :wink: Sometimes we make bad calls when dreaming :razz: When we get lucid we often take advantage of the things already infront of us.

But I might be completely wrong :wink:

Thank you for answering :content: after reading what you told me, i think i just had a false LD :neutral:
Thanks again, guys!! :wiske:

I think I may have had another somewhat accidental LD last night. I wish I could remember it all clearly but I can’t. I just recall that I had been having a rather long dream, and I was outside, and after having had the dream for a while I just randomly realized I was dreaming. As always, the dreamscape began to fade (it was more dramatic than usual this time… the scenery outside was beautiful, and I could watch it fading to black; it was actually really cool) but I quickly remembered to look at my hands and rub them together.

This brought it back into focus for a few seconds, but then it started to fade again, so I think I was just going to scream or yell, and I remembered that you’re supposed to yell something like “Increase Lucidty!”, so I yelled “Lucidity times 1000!” and it was strangely quiet, and hard to get out, and didn’t really sound like me. It did indeed make the scenery come back, even brighter than before I believe, but then it quickly faded and I woke … into what I think may have been an FA. It really sucks that I can’t remember.

I remember either waking or dreaming of waking and being excited about having an LD and thinking I should write it down right away… but then it’s like I got distracted or something and didn’t end up doing it… So when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t remember for sure if I had awoken in the night and just fallen right back asleep, or if I had an FA. I wish I could remember. :sad:

I’m also not sure, now, if I was really lucid or if it was an FLD. It seems like I could’ve just been dreaming about doing those techniques and about the scenery fading. The idea that I may have had an FA leads me to believe this further … like the FA was just a continuation of my FLD or ND.

Well it’s fairly common to have an FA after an LD, so that doesn’t really indicate if it was an LD or not. It’s not really possible for me to say if you had an LD or not. Really it’s up to you to try to remember how you felt during your dream. Did it feel like you were really there or was it more like you were in a daze. If it felt like you were in a daze it might be a low-level lucid dream. If it felt like you were just doing things totally automatically, then it could be a FLD. Either way dreaming about lucidity indicates the idea of it has penetrated your subconscious, which bodes well for getting lucid in the future. :smile:

Ok while i was going to sleep I had sorta a dream i was in some orange room and every thing wasnt exactly clear but but i could tell i was in some wierd room but then i just woke up from the dream would that b concidered an LD :content:

:’( no sorry that is just you remembering your dream

Mac00: it depends what you were thinking and if you were aware it was a dream… from what you wrote it sounds just like a normal dream.

If you realized you were in a strange room, you were not far from realizing you were in a dream, but it seems you were not lucid.

In my last dream I was so weak that I could hardly move, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I went to bed and fell asleep in a few seconds; then I did the nose RC and realised it’s a dream! I can control everything, I told myself and I started thinking what to do. I decided to create a boat and set sail, but my vision was dim and blurred and I woke up (from the false dream) and still very weak, I met my mother. She said ‘I told you th–’ and then I woke up actually.

It was a strange experience. Was I lucid for a while or was I dreaming about becoming lucid? What do you think?

From what you said I’m inclined to believe you may well have been lucid. Just because it was hazy doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t. By the sounds of it you also had a false awakening after the dream, this is not unusual either. It does depend on if you realised properly. Ultimately it’s down to you to decide if you really decided to do the things you did, or if it was an automatic reaction. :wink:

First off what I’m talking about happened roughly ten years ago when I was in first grade so it has nothing to do with me learning to have LD’s right now. Basically there were two times where I had very vivid dreams about me going to school that described the entire school day, in detail and in what felt like real time. For years in fact I thought it was something that really happened until I realized that for somewhat obvious reasons (I don’t feel like specifying, kinda embarrassing) it was just a dream. These were dreams so realistic that I didn’t realize they were dreams even when I woke up so obviously they weren’t really lucid. However in the dreams I was fully conscious, making decisions just like normal. It didn’t feel like most of my ND’s where it’s almost like watching a movie with me as the main character.
Does anyone know what to classify this as?

Sanome: the main description would be a False Awakening ( FA )
Dreams can vary in the amount of conscious thought in them from just action dreams with no thinking to ones in which you think and make some decisions.
Some would call your dream a Vivid Conscious Dream.

Last night I had a dream, at first I’m pretty sure it was a at first ND but perhaps halfway through the dream I was in a shop and shoplifted a few things, as I was leaving the store the manager told me to stop but I just ran. As usual in my dreams I couldn’t run very fast and I actually thought to myself “Damnit! Why do I always have to run so slowly in dreams? I might just as well fly…” Then I just stopped and lifted myself up into the air :happy: I think I was lucid at that point but I’m not sure if I actually stayed lucid :neutral:

At another point in the dream I was in a swimming hall with a really weird swimming pool, just below the surface there was like platforms that you could step on but you couldn’t see them so you couldn’t know if you were going to fall or not. I saw someone try but fail and I though to myself “This is a dream, I don’t have to bother with those things, I can walk on water if I want to.” and then I did just that :happy: Though now I’m really wondering if this was a real semi lucid dream or a false LD :confused: