The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VIII

This is Part VIII of The BIG “Was this a LD?” topic.
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One night (some month ago), I had a dream where I was wearing white clothes. Suddendly, I said without any reality check: “It’s a dream :woo: !” But I hadn’t any selfcontrol. I could not think by myself like in a normal dream. Then I said “Stay calm, stay calm.” but I could not remenber what I should do to stay lucid (I should say “More lucidity!”). And I left my lucidity…
It’s strange cause I did exactly what I’d do in a LD, but, even if I knew I said I was dreaming, I didn’t know it…
Was it a LD? :smile:

I’d say yes, but a very low level one.

Self control can be a little weird sometimes. I’ve had some LDs where I’ve had very little self control as well, but I did know for a fact that I was dreaming.

I suppose in time, with practice, you’ll learn to stop for a moment and become fully aware. The fact that you tried to stay calm and tried to think of a way to stay lucid tells me that you were, indeed, having a lucid dream. Keep it up and you’ll get better!

Svenshinhan: Thank you :woo: ! So now, I can say I had 3 LD!

Hi Friends,
Yest had pretty long and vivid dreams. In one of the dreams, I had two scenarios, one after the other. In the first scenario, i saw myself praying in a temple. in the next scenario, saw myself near cottage from which an old man came out. He looked like a priest. I saw myself narrating him that i had a dream in which i was praying in a temple. soon after the dream ended and i realised even the previous one was a dream :smile:
Was i lucid?

i don’t understand what you mean. you realised when you woke up?

it’s only a lucid dream if you know it’s a dream WHEN you’re dreaming it.

No, i did not wake up. I had two dreams. One dream it was a ND where i saw myself praying in a temple. The next dream was also a ND (I think) but i recognised in that dream that the previous one was a dream.

Technically it wasn’t a “real” lucid dream, but you are definitely incredibly close.

You have a lucid dream when you realize that the dream you’re having at that moment is a dream - just keep it up a little longer.

If you know that you are dreaming when you are in that dream, than yes you are. :thumbs:

In the situation you describe you don’t realise you are actually dreaming, you instead realise another dream you have had, was a dream. You had a dream about a dream; not a lucid dream. Although it’s an interesting event, and does tend to indicate you are thinking in a way more conducive to having a lucid dream. It doesn’t seem to meet the definition of lucid dream.

Last night, I fell asleep after being completely exhausted, having been at a soccer game a few hours before.

The dream I entered went like this:

I was walking through my school hallways, with people all around. I made my way to the cafeteria and suddenly became aware I was dreaming. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. I just knew I was in a dream. I looked up at the exit sign and tried to change it into something else–to will it into turning into a different color and thing–to test if I was actually asleep.

Boom. It changed into a multicolored graffiti-like box and I heard a loud noise echo through my ears (as if to signal the success of the product of my concentration. I get a similar effect by closing my eyes hard down towards my nose, a kind of “whoosh” noise). My dream immediately became unstable. My eyes started vibrating wildly and I couldn’t focus. Knowing that this was the effect of lucidity, I told myself to calm down. I closed my eyes and began to focus on breathing, and slowly the dream settled.

I walked around a bit. At this point, I wasn’t exercising any control; I didn’t even feel lucid. The dream went on its given path until I once again grabbed control. I decided to try and change the place I was in.

I closed my eyes and focused and opened them at my girlfriend’s house.

I’ll omit the rest for you.

Then, I woke up this morning to my father complaining about me taking my medicine. I told him I’d take it in five minutes and fell asleep. I woke up again (seemingly) to take it, and my medicine was oddly shaped and I wasn’t able to take it.

I woke up a third time and looked at my medicine again and realized that I hadn’t taken it or even tried to yet.

False awakening?

My question is, did I dream that I was lucid, or was I lucid?

While I still haven’t had a lucid dream yet, those quotes seem to indicate that you were lucid. I guess the question is whether you had the “click” that made you aware that you were dreaming, but you said so in the first quote. So I’m guessing yes?

I was pretty sure I was awake. But I wasn’t sure if I was DREAMING that I had control, or if I actually did.

I guess you mean aware rather than awake here. I’m not sure why you refer to dreaming you had control, having a lucid dream is about being aware you are dreaming whilst you are in the dream. It doesn’t have to do with control, you can be lucid and not exercise control over the dream. It also seems common when people first lucid dream that they believe at some level they can’t control it, or that doing so is hard, or has consequences; like dream destabilising for example.

From reading your dream, you seem to have become lucid from what you say.

Last night I dreamt one of the strangest dreams I had. It seemed like a LD, but it felt like a ND. I remember that I all of a sudden thought that I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and the were weird. I thought “Well, this is a lucid dream.” But I wasn’t thrilled or excited at all. Then I looked at the mirror in my bathroom and put my hands on it. They were really weird and the image on the mirror seemed blurry.
Next thing I know I woke up and wrote this in my DJ. But when I really woke up, my DJ was empty. Was this a false awakening? And was this dream a LD?
I think it wasn’t, but I’m pretty close.
Edit: Oh yeah, the dream was pretty vivid and that was the first thing I noticed about it. Shame I can’t recall more of that dream…

If you knew that you were dreaming while in a dream and you said it:

I looked at my hands and the were weird. I thought “Well, this is a lucid dream.”

then it was a lucid dream. And yes later on that was a FA! To prevent those you need to make a RC when you wake up just to be sure that you are actually awoken!

Thanks for the answer.
I am suspicious because it felt like a ND. Could it be that I dreamt about a LD?

Could be, but still if you realized inside the dream that you are dreaming that it was LD. False LD would be if you dreamt about doing things you would usually do when you are lucid like flying, shape shifting and such things but without realization that it’s actually a dream. At the end it goes to what you think and if you think that was NLD then it was but by the definition it was lucid!

Last night I tried to WILD and im not sure if I did because I knew I was dreaming, but when I tried to make something appear, I couldnt get it to stay in the dream…it would disappear after a second…

This was, in fact, a lucid dream. The definition of a lucid dream is that you know you’re dreaming. However, what you experienced sounds like it was a low-level lucid dream, where you don’t have much control. I believe there’s an article in the article space about increasing dream control (too lazy to go link it). Congratulations on your dream, however! I have yet to have one that lasts more than a few seconds.

Thanks I think I understand now. Ive actually had a lot of practice lucid dreaming so ive gotten to the point where I can control my dreams, wake up from them, and revisit them. This was dream was different so I didnt know what to think :smile: