The BIG "Was this a LD?" Topic

Actually, I’ve had two, the oone I did not tell you about was weird… it was an LD inside an LD inside a ND :wink:.

Hi Basilus West,
It took me some time to give you an answer, I have been away for 2 days. But I also wanted to dream again, and see what exactly happens. So that I can explain myself better here. It did not work though, maybe because I had some stressfull days. I will try the reality check methods to see what happens. :smile:

A lot of people noticed that they are unlikely to have LD’s, or even remember dreams, when they’re stressed. Try autosuggestion before getting to sleep (repeating 20 times “This night, I’ll realize I’m dreaming” when relaxed, for instance) together with some well performed RC’s during day time (ask yourself if you’re really awake or dreaming, and imagine your RC will work before you perform it). It will give you better chances of having a LD.

Good luck! :smile:

Basilus West, thanks again :smile:
My dream memory has returned last night, so that`s progress.
Yesterday I renewed my motivation with meditation and breathing exercises, and I think that is what helped me.
Autosuggestion is something that I am deffinitly going to try.
And today I really had the time to set up my RC plans,
So that is what I am going to do the coming time :content:

Thanks :smile:

Let me get this straight… there’s low-level lucidity and high level lucidity?

Just how real does high level lucidity seem?

Hey Defiance :smile:

The level of lucidity depends on how clear your awareness is while in the dream. For instance if you’re low-level lucid, you might think in the back of your head “well this is it. I’m dreaming”, but you still act as if the dream is real to some extent. If you’d suddenly see a monster, you probably start running from it, because your mind is still too clouded to understand it’s all illusionary. There’s still too much emotional entanglement with the dream contents.
If you’re highly lucid, you’re truly aware of the nature of the dream, and if a monster is on your path, you’ll recognize its true nature and probably won’t be as afraid of it anymore as when you’re low-level lucid.
From my own experience, a LD hardly ever consists on one specific lucidity level. It’s more like a continuum: some moments are nonlucid, others are prelucid, low-lucid and there are some peak moments of high-level lucidity.

The realness of high level lucidity depends not only of your awareness, but also on the stability of the dream. Usually, high level LDs look more stable than low-level LDs, because you’re more emotionally detached from the dream events while highly lucid, thus there’s less emotional interference between your dream mind and the dream environment. In nonlucid dreams, the profound attachment and entwining between your thoughts, emotional reactions and other mental projections, and the dream contents give it a chaotic outlook. High-level lucidity gives you the opportunity to look upon the dream from a more detached perspective, thus stabilizing it and making it more real, less chaotic. But that’s all in general, and ofcourse the extent to which you perceive the dream as real, highly depends on your own mental blueprint. But yeah… it can become more real than real life :smile:

In low levels, you react stupidly, for instance believing that something will hurt you, running away instead of trying to change the dream, believing that DC’s are dreaming too, etc.
In high levels, your mind is clear, you have access to your waking life memories, recall your dream objectives, you’re clear about your personal choices and thus have many possible courses of action available to you.

I think i had my first lucid dream in yrs. this morning. I can’t recollect the dream sequence up until the part where i became lucid. i crossed train tracks and began climbing a fence. as i climbed the fence became higher and higher. at some point i was between 50 to 100 ft up and lost my grip. this part seemed lucid because as i was falling backwards everthing turned white and slowed down. I had a tingle all through my body. i am afraid of heights and realized i was dreaming and was giggling as i drifted like a leaf…then awoke. I realize now i should have rolled over and tried to fly. i am looking forward to attempting further lucidity. thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

Hiya, I’m the newbiest newbie on the block, so, hi.

I’ve only ever had one LD, years ago, and being the boring cow I am the first thing I thought to do was scrunch up myy eyes and wake up. :cry:

But I’ve been dream journalling and reality testing (reading text multiple times, etc). I can easily remember 1 dream a night now, after about 5 days. Only once did I just get a vague image. The rest of the time, I got 1+ dreams in detail. Usually after waking up early, and sleeping for an hour or so, but even when I don’t I can still usually remember.

Anyway, the other night I dreamt I was at my old school, and the teacher handed me some biscuits. Not being a biscuit person, I kinda accepted the gift nonchelantly and quite rudely. This struck me as out of character, but I thought “Ah, but in reality, I’d had done it like this.” I then rewound time and…

woke up. bleh. I wasn’t really concious it was a dream, but then how did my ‘dream self’ know it wasn’t real…

The other time I’m pretty sure would count as a WILD, or something. Just without the L bit… :sad: :confused:

I was excercising my imagination as I lay awake, steadily expanding a white pearl sphere in my head. I lost conciousness as I zoomed in and discovered it had pores, like an apple. While I was zoomed in, it had turned into a white apple. I went around to the bottom, where the funny ends-of-petals bits are left over from the flower stage (you know what I mean). They opened up, and I saw a baby’s lips. I then got bitten by the end of the apple.

So, your thoughts? Not exactly lucid, I know, but I’ve never had dreams like those before.


With the first one - did you actually know you were dreaming?
Or did you know it wasn’t real life, but thought if was somethign else (eg. TV show, computer game)?
Or did that thought pass through your mind, but you didn’t really pay attention to it (like it was just a stray thought).

If it was the first one, then you were lucid. If it was the second or third, you were pre-lucid (almost lucid in other words).

For that second dream, it just sounds like HI.

The thought just kinda went through my mind. As if it was accepted ll along that it was a dream and I could do whatever I want, but I hadn’t been informed. :confused:

Thanks for your help. :smile:


I had my first ludid dreams some days ago, but I have question.
Is there a possiblity that I dreamt being lucid?
I remeber taking two RC and they both was worked. And I remember that I was aware that I dreamt. I was very calm. In the dream I jumped down a little cliff and i did kind of fly down to a street.
When I woke up it all seem like a normal dream and I remebered very little of the detailes in my dream.

So my qouestion is… Did I have a lucid dream or did I dream that I had a Lucid dream?

Sorry for my english.

I would say it was a lucid dream, since you were aware that it was a dream at the time.
Working on increasing your recall of all dreams (keeping a dream journal) and the level of lucidity (by stabilising techniques) would help.

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all The_Dreamer :cheer:

I have a dream journal, but and I’m very good to remeber dreams (once I rembered 11 dreams at one night). The problem is that I’m not that good to remeber detalies.

If you’re aware that you’re dreaming, then you’re lucid :smile:.

Examples of stabilising techniques?

Rubbing hands, focussing on dream content and spinning (but this one might wake you up too) are three oldies to keep you inside the LD.

I mean techniuques to help in increasing the level of lucidity.(That was what I thought he meant)

Stabilizing often means “staying in the dream”, and its a she not a he :wink:… Anyway, you can use these techniques I mentionned for increasing lucidity too :smile: (increasing lucidity and staying in the dream are on the same sliding scale!). Some people also think it helps if they shout in the dream “INCREASE LUCIDITY NOW” or stuff like that. Kind of auto-suggestion style if you get what i mean.

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