The BIG WBTB Topic - Part II

Getting back to sleep is one of the biggest problems with the WBTB technique. That is why when I do it, I do not stay up long at all. 5 minutes at the most. Lots of other people have used WBTB this way and found that it does work.

Good luck

i was up maybe 10 minutes tops. i got up used the bathroom and read a little on this forum (which i’ve dreamt of btw) and went back to bed. im not complaining im just sharing an experience. btw has anyone here tried sleeping pills and how did that affect your dreams? I’ve thought about trying that next wbtb but i get uneasy about using supplements.

Im not sure about sleeping pills (well, they work obviously, but I’d rather not depend on any), but there’s a lot of “more natural” supplements, like warm milk and valerian that can help you fall asleep. Do a search on it :smile:.

Some of them (barbiturates, benzodiazepines) suppress or decrease REM sleep. Less REM sleep, less dreams.

Last night I ended up doing WBTB. (I didn’t plan it though, I was woken up by other means.) Didn’t get up, didn’t even move, spare my eyes to look at the clock. Ended up with my longest LD so far. :grin:

That’s great Wolf :smile:

Tonight I did WBTB after I dreamed about the wolfgame (I never played it, but already dreamed about it :tongue:) I didn’t planned it either, just woke up and thought I could use it as WBTB. I did have a LD but it wasn’t very long and I didn’t have much control.

Alright, I just literally woke up for a WBTB and I made some cereal(special K with 2% milk)

This won’t damper my chances to WILD in about 15 mintues… will it?

You tell us, did you succeed? :smile:

Nope I didn’t succeed. I had a dream thought but I forgot to record it, I forgot it completely.

When I laid down I didn’t expect to fall asleep as fast as I did.

I use autosuggestion for waking upat 4 am.

But when i wake up i doesn`t remember that I have gone to sleep and thinks that its time to sleep :sad:
Then i move and wakes me up more

Any thoughts of what to do ?

When I wake up at night in total darkness in the bed in my room and don’t know what just happened, I usually assume that I woke from sleep. I don’t really see your problem.
Also the point of WBTB is to wake you up. Get out of bed, do something, then get back and sleep. I wake up every night to recall dreams but I don’t use every chance for a complete WBTB. I just take a leak and use MILD.

If you wanna use wild its the best to just stay , and in some variations you should not even move .
And sometimes I just doesn`t remember waking up , just that im in my bed .
And I have even gone back to sleep …

Maybe you need some more time and practice? I don’t know. Whenever I wake up, I’m fully aware.
To recall my dream, I usually have my eyes closed for a minute or two and don’t fall asleep.

Maybe you could practice it by doing WBTB for a short time and get used to it. That way you have to be aware when you wake up. Then, when you want to try WILD and you wake up from a dream, you will automatically be aware, but that time, just stay in bed and try WILD. Or just open your eyes when you wake up. Get some external input and check out reality.

Or maybe I misunderstood your problem…?

autosuggestion worked for mr the first couple of times to get up at 3, but its hasnt worked in over 2 weeks…
And can you say “i will wake up in 3 hours” or does it have to be a specific time, like “i will wake up at 3:00”

Steve both may work or may not, experiment and find out what works for you (try to wake up after a full sleep cycle, let’s say 3 or 4.5 or 6 hours, should work best).

Ok thanks
And when you say “full sleep cycle” do you have to add on the time it takes for you to fall asleep? so if i take 30 min. to fall asleep i add it to 3 or 4.5 hours?
Thx again

Yes but it’s not extremely important I think to know exactly when you fall asleep. You could also try “after 3 hours of sleep, I’ll wake up”, this way it doesnt matter when you fall asleep.

:hmmm: good idea

I used WBTB last but I used a WILD before I went to bed in the first place and concentrated on have a lucid and those were the two things I concentrated on when I woke up I ate some chocolate(helps induce dreams somehow) read forums on her for about 30 mins to have lucidness on my mind and did another WILD with 1 I’m dreaming 2 I’m dreaming Etc. Then when I couldn’t here myself counting ne more I remebered I’m dreaming and said it and then was like Dude I’m dreaming awesome results.

Do people think the following approach to WBTB will work, if I am consistent with it and do it every night:

I normally get up at 6am.

Wake up at 3am. Switch on computer, and spend 30 minutes reading peoples Dream Diaries on LD4all, and then just go back to bed and drift off to sleep. Just that, no other methods, no WILD or MILD.

It’s just I’ve never really been any good at the whole “falling asleep conciously” approach, or anything related to that, because if I try too hard to stay awake then I just never go back to sleep, but if I don’t try hard enough, I just fall asleep.

I’m thinking, if consistency is the key, if I kept this up night after night, exact same time every night, and exactly the same routine, this could really work. I’d be keeping up a routine, and filling my head with the topic of LDs before going back to sleep each time.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this