The BIG WILD Topic - Part XII

Btw, do sleeping drugs or herbs help or hinder WILDing? All I’m using at the moment is tylenol pm(well basically, its generic).

I’ve done something on my own that is maybe similar to the falling method. I imagine myself sinking into lower consciousness with each breath. It seems to help, but only to a point. Is the falling method essentially any different? Is the key the falling feeling?

Yes that is a good idea too. In fact “letting go of your consciousness” is exactly what you want to do(Most of it anyway). You only want to hold on to a tinny bit of your consciousness to crossover. Other people have also tried walking down stairs it is all the same. The goal here is to help you deepen your relaxation and bring yourself down into a trance then, to a dream. It is kind of hard to explain, you just sort of have to feel your way through it. You keep letting go of your thoughts until you are just slightly aware of your point of focus. From there things will just happen. You just go with the flow.

Yes the imagery can be anything a candle is good and I like the lucid light idea but, any simple object will do.

I never liked counting either. Like you I found it caused me to stay too awake. I have only had sporadic success with counting. More times than not, counting always caused me to fail.

Oh yes. According to most reports I have herd they just pop right into a dream fully lucid. In my own experience though, I only had that happen to me a few times. When I do WILD I almost always feel or experience something strange something. For example, last night I had violent seizures (don’t worry they were painless) that lasted for a few seconds then they stopped and I felt a pulling sensation on my body through my head then I blacked out for about a second and I was standing in my dream room fully lucid.

I know that all might sound scary but, it actually feels very cool and all of it is harmless. Now the seizures of course were not real. If someone was watching me at that point they would just see me sleeping peacefully in my bed. At that point I am already in my dream body.

Anyway, sorry I did not get a chance to answer your questions earlier.(long story)I hope this helps you and does not confuse you more.

Happy Dreaming :smile:

How do you stay conscious long enough to slip into the dream while you’re concentrating on my breathing, it seems I start to let go of my thoughts but I end up letting go of too much or something and will go to sleep.

thnx milod, no im not confused. i’ve heard enuf about this stuff that it doesn’t really scare me, but i dunno maybe it will when it happens. neways, i tried WILDing last night and it was horrible. i just don’t think i can do it. i can get pretty relaxed and all, but i just can’t go beyond that. i even tried the falling tech and just letting go of things but i just couldn’t do it. you’ll prob say im trying to hard, but i dunno i just can’t do it. im shure this isn’t the only reason, but who knows it might be, but im having problems with my eyes. on their own or when i’m trying to visualize sumthing(which i can’t seem to do effectively, i just can’t “see” it, guess i don’t have enuf imagination) they squinch up, which keeps me unrelaxed and i have to force my face to relax and not to be tense, but even when i do get my face to relax completely, i have the terrible feeling(and it even happens a bit so im not really imagining it) that my eyes are going to slide open slightly(and a bit with my jaw, but not as bad), so they’re to relaxed. i don’t noe wut to do, im desperate, i really want to WILD. partn of the prob might be that i don’t fall asleep really easily. u’ve already helped me out a lot milod(with this and in the past), so if u don’t want to reply to this i understand, but sum1 plz help me, this is so frustrating.

Before you do any WILD technique it is important that you relax your body. I posted a good progressive relaxation technique in the meditationthread. You can record that routine to tape so you don’t have to think too much about what you are doing. However, if you do find that you become tense again simply tighten then relax that muscle. Keep doing that until it feels relaxed. Also you can imagine a ray of sunlight shining down on the muscle. Feel the sunlight soothing and relaxing the muscle.

As for visualization:

if you can not visualize an object simply focus your attention in the center of your fore head between your eyebrows. Try to imagine a white dot there but if you can not see it don’t worry about it. Keep your attention there anyway.

Here’s my frustration. Up until today, I didn’t even now what WILD was. However, I read a book by Castaneda in which the character is told to become conscious of his dreaming by recording the exact moment he falls asleep and staying conscious. Basically WILD - right?

So, I tried it out, was annoyed when it didn’t work, excited when it did. Now, thank you Carlos - I can’t sleep. I’m not exactly good at it, but oh, I’m definately WILDing.

All the time. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep for about 2 weeks now. Not even when I’m falling asleep at night, and impossible when I get woken up 4 hours later by my boyfriend’s alarm. So I’m getting about 15 minutes per hour.

To boot I’m bad at staying in my dream, and due to my method (I just sorta…get up and I’m in my house) I ain’t exactly jumping over buildings and talking to dead relatives. And although I appreciate the realism (and everything to my dismay will actually look exactly the same. Things are so real in fact, that when something’s different it’ll be scary different. There will always be that one minor detail. Like a 7 foot tall girl in a blue dress randomly standing on top of my bed, or my cat’s laying on the floor with a broken neck. Things, you know? Things that make one go “AGGH” and wake up.

Sometimes I just really want to be unconscious…So, any tips on either making my experience a little better or falling asleep without feeling those damn vibrations coming on?

Ok. Um, I tried to use WILD method. I woke at 8:00, waited an hour, and after that went to bad again. At first there was some feeling in my hands and legs, can’t really desribe it. but they didnt become paralized. then i had something that really looked like movement, that is, first i was feeling like i’m falling, then spinning around my body, and then like moving my head closer and further. No halucinations, sounds or anything. Then i felt a pain, it was weak and i actually knew i was just imagining it, so it didnt bother me. After i began to feel reallly hard to braeth, it lasted long time. Adfer that there was a pain in heels. It was getting more and more painful, i lied on my heels, so it was something like they were under pressure. In the end i wasnt able to endure it, so i changed my position. It was nearly 1.5 hours after beginning. Next 2 hours there was almost nothing. For last hour there was a feeling like the one i had when i went to dentist - freezing, it was similar, but too weak, and only outer part of my body was frozen, not the inner. So i counld move, i felt all my body. and it’s after 3.5 hours. So um, it looks like i did something wrong. need help.

For some reason, now I fall asleep too easily, used to be a lot like Dream Reacher. I think I have just been really tired lately. Maybe that is that better, no?

Hi thesleepinginsomniac ! Welcome to LD4all ! :wave:

It’s generally easier to be unconscious that conscious ! Don’t practise at all for a month, and you’ll see the results. :content: Perhaps you can also change your sleeping position.

About making your experience better, it would have been a good start if you haven’t read Castaneda. Great books indeed ! But all the Castaneda’s readers I know have had their best nightmares due to them.
I think that we have to doubt about some of their assertions. Do you remember the shared dream Castaneda had with La Gorda? They faced a tiger : Castaneda was afraid because he believed his dream to be “real”, since La Gorda told him “It’s just a dream”. Probably, Castaneda and La Gorda didn’t receive the same teachings about “dreaming”, though they were both teached by Don Juan… :confused: or Castaneda misunderstood something ! :lol:

What you believe about dreams is what builds the “physical laws” of your dreams. So, if you believe you’re perceiving the waking reality through them, of course, you’ll be unable to modify your dreams. And of course, if you believe the 7 foot tall girl in a blue dress to be an “inorganic being”, it will be frightening.
I’ve met a lot of such “allies” in the time (in DILD’s). Now I changed my mind about what they are : just DC’s. A lot of WILDers meet such characters, they’re common during “sleep paralysis” too. You just have to realize you’re in a dream, that nothing can harm you and say to them “Hi ! How do you do ?” or asks them why they are here, etc.

Castaneda said : “Fear is the first natural enemy a man must overcome on his path to knowledge”. I feel it finds its obvious explanation when we try to dream lucidly. :grin:

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