The BIG WILD topic - Part XIV

I’ve had some semi success with WILD which almost seemed like an OBE but since I’m not yet sure if these two are really just the same things under different names, I’ll repost the success I’ve had recently in this topic as well (especially since it seems so much more active than the OBE topic):

The characteristics of the OBE were there but it could have easily been a WILD. Also, the night before while doing this I really seemed to get somewhere. I tried to some simple visualization excercises and I started with trying to visualize some fruits (apples, oranges, easy stuff) and just rotate them around their axis first slower, then faster, then slower again, etc. I managed to get some pretty good control over them without too much trouble (getting them to rotate at the speed I wanted them to was kind of difficult though, they’d always spin out of control) and then I moved on to seeing myself. I did a pretty good job on my first try, pretending to first see my face as it probably looked from a third-person perspective and then moving down to the rest of my body. By the time I got to ym feet I felt like something just pushed my torso up from my bed, but then I woke up.

Last night I tried WILD again with no success. I fell asleep at 10:00 and told myself to wake up in 4 hours. Instead I woke in 3, 1:00, and got out of bed, got some water, went to the restroom, wrote down any dreams, and went back to bed telling myself I would enter a dream conciously. I was awake for about 15 minutes.
I laid down on my back and try to relax, and since I was very tired, this came quickly. I could feel my whole body start to become paralyzed. At this point I started to count to 100(adding “I’m Dreaming”) and I felt my body become more and more sleepy. I got to 100 and imagined doing a reality check but I couldnt concentrate. No matter what I did to relax, I could not relax my breathing. I could, but I still had concious control of it and I thought I wasnt supposed to. I then decided to just try to observe any images I saw. I did see a few sparse images, but this wasn’t doing anything. I started counting again and got to 100 3 times without falling asleep. I dont seem to have trouble with the relax and fall asleep part, except for breathing, but I was up for two hours before I gave up! I know this since my watch beeps every hour. I don’t know what to do next (As far as what to do to enter a dream)!

Also, whenever I gave up to move, my body was really hard to move from SP, and before I had given up I heard HH. One time it was a loud knocking three times, like someone banging their shoes together hard. The other was a noise inside my house three times, but all I remember is it is not a normal sound I have ever heard.

Sorry this is so long

Bikbau: as for me, I’ve still not understood the difference between LD and OBE. :wink: WILD methods are quite the same than methods for OBE’s.

Fwump38: if you have had HH, it means that you were not so far from a WILD. But IMO, waiting for two hours, it’s long too much! You should change your method: don’t perform a mental exercice like counting cause it seems to keep you awake. Perhaps you should watch phosphenes or try to induce a falling feeling while you fall asleep.

When you have strong HH, it means that you are dreaming. If you have visual HH, you can try to sort of zoom into them. If you don’t and have strong dream body sensations or auditory HI, try to spin around your axis (not your real body, your dream body). It may make you enter a LD.

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