The BIG WILD topic, part XVI

I’ve never had much success in WILD, so I have a big question:

When WILDing, after you close your eyes, where do you look at? Into your mind? Or at your eyelids? With the former, I fall asleep fast and lose consciousness just as fast. With the latter, I can’t sleep.
You know, when u sleep, u tend to roll your eyes up a bit? That’s what I mean looking into your mind. It’s pretty comfortable, rather than looking at your eyelids.

Anyways, :help:

That’s open for personal choice. The Suneye Method (Click Here) would have you looking up towards your third-eye chakra.

I personally experience excellent HI, so I look comfortably at my eyelids, trying to make patterns. When HI occurs, I try to mold/interact with the images. I’ve been having growing success with this, getting a good number of WILD’s.

Don’t stop your other techniques, since a good DILD is excellent, kinda like a second chance if the WILD fails.

Either way, WBTB is excellent, greatly increasing your chances of all LD’s.

I doubt this belongs here, but does falling asleep into a nap follow the same sleep cycle as falling asleep and sleeping for 8 or so hours? I mean, of course, it isn’t quite as deep of a sleep, but do you still follow the same basic cycle?

I suck at explaining.

I believe during an afternoon nap you go into REM quicker, and there is less deep sleep. I’m not 100% sure though, but it is something like that.

Personally I get the best HI and also some light HH already on afternoons when I’m just a bit sleepy after lunch or so.
Bad thing is, I can’t focus, because of people rushing through the house (those damn humans :wink: ).

Hmm, I gave a shot at WILD last night and had more success than previous attempts… The only thing that made me give up was the feeling that I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt some weird tingly feelings at times, but nothing enormous… Eventually I had to swallow, and I started focusing on that. It seems like when you think about stuff when you are WILD’ing then you notice it 10 times more than usual.

Are you supposed to swallow when you WILD?

Well it’s been awhile since I posted in here. When I first started trying WILD I seemed to, slowly but surely, make good progress. Then I got really busy, with school and stuff, but now that school is over, I’m trying to try again.

My biggest problem right now is staying awake. I wake up after 4.5 or 6 hours of sleep and I only stay up for a minute or so. I do this because, before, staying up much longer made it too hard to fall back asleep. It would seem to take hours!

Now, I am wondering if, since I fall asleep so quickly, how I can change things? Would staying up (for the WBTB part) for 15min-1hour help me? Or should I try to concentrate really hard to stay awake before I quickly fall asleep? :help:

Any suggestions, tips, or help is greatly appreciated!!

I’ve been toying with this myself. I’ve found that if I go back too soon, I get nothing, falling quickly asleep. 30 minutes seems to work really good, but I’m getting tired the next day and if I’m too tired the next night, I can’t get awake for my next WBTB! I think I need to talk to my boss and let him let me come in later in the morning…

I agree with the being too tired won’t easily get a WBTB, but again, it will vary. I personally like to fall RIGHT BACK to sleep. No getting up. No looking around. No nothing. This is because it takes me a while to get to sleep normally, and if I got up, I’d probably not be able to fall back to sleep for the rest of the night…

Lucid Mike, explain your predicament to your boss, plain and simple, and I’m sure he’d let you come in later, all for the sake of a “lucid dream”. :tongue: :wink:

Matrixman, Staying up any longer than a minute or so used to be my problem…but now, I fall asleep really quick. I think I’ll try to stay up 15 or 30 min, seeing as I don’t have a boss right now, and I’ve been as tired as stated below.

To prove how tired I’ve been, the other day I set three alarms for WBTB, When I woke up and they were all going off, I turned them off and supposedly went right to bed. Unfortunetly, when I woke for the day my alarm clock had been turned upside down, my phone had been thrown across the room, and my pillow was at the other end of the bed. That was weird.

Hi Stiffy! :smile:
It’s a common beginners problem. It generally ruins your WILD because when you notice it, you swallow more and more, etc. :sad: So, in the first times, just continue to focus on your practice and if you begin to swallow, then you swallow. :neutral: With experience, this problem disappear, or if it happens sometimes, you don’t worry and just keep up focusing on your practice and try to forget your swallowing.

I haven’t had a WILD yet but sometimes when I try using the WILD technique, I get this cracking sound and feeling in my ear. When I lose concentration, it just disappears. Does that mean that I’m getting closer or is there any other exlanation?

When I tried WILD tonight I got to the point where my body got numb and felt as if I could float. I then tried to get into my dream but concentrated too much on RL and failed again. Is when your body gets numb a good time to start trying to get into a LD or am I just doing this wrong?

So, the other day, I had woken up around 9, and I was going back to sleep, and I wasn’t trying to wild, but I started getting HI like I am wont to do, and then, all of a sudden, I heard this demonic voice whispering “q…q…q…q” in my ear, and I freaked out and sat up. So, then I was falling asleep again, and I was starting to see HI again, and then I felt like I was going down a vortex, or a maelstrom, and I saw a face at the bottom, and then I went into the face, and then I had SP. So, of course, I freaked out, tried to yell, and then I relaxed and it went away. Unfortunatly, I decided to get up then. Ah well. So, I am on the right track?

I almost had a WILD last night. I used a technique I believe I read about on the BIG WILD topic part XII, but I’m not sure.

For reference, I had a cup of hot cocoa, a cup of warm milk and honey, and a B-complex pill before I went to bed. I counted to 100 repeatedly until I lost count three times. I then visualized a flame in my throat, and focused only on that. SP set in pretty quickly, and I got through the feelings of suffocation without breaking my concentration. I experienced mild vibrations, in waves through my body. I didn’t notice any HI or AH. I thought that I had started dreaming, so I unsuccessfully tried to sink through my bed. I think that I became too excited after I felt the waves through my body and woke up entirely. I gave up after that and went to sleep.

This is definitely better than my previous WILD attempts, as I actually managed to maintain SP for a while, but I don’t think I was able to let go of enough of my consciousness. Any tips on staying paralyzed, and when to try to enter a dream? As well, are there any suggestions on keeping from being too conscious to enter a dream? Any help would be appreciated.

I have only had a few successful WILD’s, but I tried agian last night…unsuccessfully…and noticed something interesting. I have it all explained out in as best detail as I could remember the morning after in my Dream Archive.

One thing I noticed is in several of my attempts, I get to a point where my hands feel backwords. It feels like they were chopped off at the wrists and reatached the wrong way. Has anyone else felt this, or atleast something similar? Is it common or am I one of Wolby’s freaks? :tongue:

I have been trying WILD for the past 4 months and have only had two DILD’s. I don’t exactly feel as if I am making progress either.

Whenever I do WBTB and start WILD, I go straight to sleep, most often still too much asleep to succeed with WILD. Except, whenever I wake myself up enough to seriously try WILD, I end up staying awake for an hour or more, before I quit and go to sleep.

My questions are:

  1. How can I tell if I’m progressing in WILD?
  2. If I were to stick with WILD even for 2+ hours, would it eventually succeed?


hey all, havnt really posted alot before, but i love to read around.

anyways, in relation to WILD i feel that sleeping for 6 hrs then staying awake for 1hr and going back to sleep, is a very good technique. i have only tried this twice, with astounding multiple part lucid dreams, one with atleast 8 lucid scenarios.

so for those of you who havnt try this method, i suggest that you do and if u can, pick up some B-complex. this has definatly increased my dream vividness and recall, even allowing me to become lucid from a normal dream for the first time.

well, i have now been up for 55mins, so im goin back to bed… i hope to post my results in afew hours… whenever i get up.

catchyas soon

Well… i spent over an hour tryin to get to sleep with no results . for one, i think that my timing was a bit off… being 8:30am when i went back to bed. in both previouse attempts i have awoken at 5, and back to bed at 6. i feel that the earlier it is, the more chance you have at getting back to sleep.

if you are able to follow that kind of timeline then your primary objective once back in bed should be to go to sleep, not to enter SP or get caught up with HI, because it is wakefullness/alertness that allows you to become conciouse of your dream state. but by all means… if SP is ur thing then go for it. lately i’ve had a bit of trouble getting to sleep on my back.

hopefully i’ll be going to bed around 11pm tonight so i can get an early start on my WILD.

i wish i had some inspiring results to speak of, but untill tomorrow… may the light of darkness guide you to the land beyond sleep.

I think it’s an interesting auditory HI and you’re really close to a LD. I believe cracking sounds are often heard before OBE-like LD’s. Now I can’t give you advices cause I haven’t had anything like this.

As for me, I don’t think having his body getting numb is enough. You have to get HH’s. Enhancing your floating feelings by inducing mentally a rocking or a rolling movement could be a good trick.

You had a real SP? That is, you couldn’t move or yell? If so, you were quite already in a LD. You just have to move mentally, for instance spinning on your axis or trying to roll out of your bed. Just keep up. :smile:

I think you should try to reach the stage when you have HH. HH may be visual, auditory yet also somesthetic, that is strong vibrations, falling feeling and all sort of dream body feelings, etc. If you don’t have one of them, it means that you’re not in the hypnagogic state.

Yes indeed, it’s common. I’ve had it too. It’s a good beginning for somesthetic hallucinations.

As for me, I think you’re not gifted with WILD and you’ll spoil your time in trying it. You should try DILD methods, it’s far easier (unless you absolutely want to have WILD’s). Now I’ll answer your questions: you know you’re progressing in WILD if you can reach easily the hypnagogic state. If you try WILD for more than 2 hours, you will probably just have insomnia.