The "body" remembers

If you ever get to achieve a level or high lucidity and command in dreaming you can later on tell yourself to percieve in the same way you did at that time by intending or saying something within the lines of…


Your attention will tend to go in that direction, unless something burdens it.

Im pretty sure that;s called DILD

I meant like in another dreaming session. In the same one it’s simply changing dreams.

We already discovered a similar technique, that works more in general, using the felling of being lucid before bed. This one seems more focused, and I’m sure I could find some use for it in my meditation sessions.
I like your autosuggestion attitude :smile: if that doesn’t bother you to answer, what’s your average number of LD’s a week?

Unless something scares me, I pretty much can get one every night. Fear/Anxiety/Doubt is the killer of all personal endevous (even before they start).

My problem is that sometimes I want to dream something scary. :tongue:

My other problem is that even if I’m lucid, I’m still my everyday asshole self. :content:

The autosuggestion is a good place to start. Ideally one should be able to intend silently… but that’s not easy at first.

That technique is very similar but slightly more general. The idea is reaching the same perceptual place that was achieved in a previous lucid session.

It’s a feeling of course.