The effects of fear and Love on ESP

Just want to share something that once happened to me on another online forum.

I joined a forum a while back, and felt a confusing connection to another member, yet never divulged to him the feelings of both fear and love i felt for him. we chatted only openly online, and were both into dreaming. So, after Just basically discussing things about random topics etc, something strange occured and I want to see what you all make of it…

on the dream forum, he posted a dream he dreamt that night that included him meeting 2 men. he mentioned both their names, and where in the world he was in his dream, even down to the very town…
Now I read his post, and couldn’t believe that, both these 2 mens names where the very same names i was thinking that night that i imagined he was called in real life…
AND the town he was in was the very town i was thinking about moving to in the near future.
THEN… a few days later, he posted a dream about himself, being somewhere, and what he was wearing, and he met someone and said “Hi”.
I nearly fell off the chair when i read it, beacuse i dreamt of meeting someone in a dream that night and he said “hi” and he was wearing the vey same clothes he described, right down to the colours of them and style and hat.

I thought these where cool dreams. I never told him about my dreams or thoughts, just found it awesome! he even said he had no idea why he dreamt he was in that town as he never even liked it

My conclusion: ESP is more normal and natural and we sometimes don’t even know we are dreaming of things that, even though they make no sense, have some more deeper meaning than we could ever have imagined. after that, i stopped bothering with dream interpretation, as i realized, we pick up far more stuff from others than i cared to think. even people we don’t know well.

Wow. That’s awesome. :smile:

The above link focuses on experiments with dreams involving telepathy dreaming, that never seems to go to plan.

It seems psi dreamers pick up more on people’s more embarrassing moments

i really ought to to tell you now…just in case…

I wore my smelly socks twice in a row yesterday :peek:

Well if you let yourself speculate on the basis that dreams aren’t happening only in our head then you can come up with plenty beautiful yet mind blowing theories.

I have nothing against that, on a on contrary I like to think that way but still try to stay as much as grounded with theories as you can. Lower your expectations and you now how the story goes…

But more literally on your dream. All I can say is that I’m an optimist when it comes to this whole dream, consciousness, unified field theory, collective consciousness thing because I like to believe that we are more then just creatures that are living to procreate, to enjoy, to kill and eventually die.

So those who like to call themselves realists they will find some irregularities which could suggest that your dreams were pure coincidence or something else. They will not even suggest that this could be a shared dream or something similar.

But I will do just that but still try to stay as much as grounded with this as possible. Although believing that you had shared dream will give you much more meaning to those dreams and it will boost your confidence and general believe in the power of the mind and dreams which is always positive at least in my opinion! :content:

Thankyou for your thoughtful assessmet db_FTS.

I do know how being too far open can be unrealistic.
And i can be unrealistic at times, yet, the coincidences were far too many for my liking. I have’t had any shared dreams where by me and another were actually in the exact same reality, that i know of. (except a partial one, where one guy i knew said he dreamed of me one night and the floor was wooden, and i dreamed of him that night too and the floor was indeed wooden) but For one the guy i mentioned above, he said he was in a classroom at the time, and i was on a farm, yet the clothes he was wearing was identical as i saw them. now maybe (if it is possible) he questioned me in the dream and asked me what i saw him as wearing,
could that even be possible? if so then that could be a possibility that he just picked up my answer(telepathically) without me being aware,

and i read wakingnomads thread on dreamviews yesterday on how to tell a DC from a dreamer, and he said they are still there when you look away, which actually happened and never changed, also he mentions the fact that the clothes are more vivid…hmmm, i think he’s on to something.
anyway, i’m not trying to convince anyone, just trying to make some kind of sense out of something a bit too bizzare


Like I said nothing wrong with theories and speculations :content: . I like to do that too. It’s good in my opinion that you read a lot, try to study as much theories as possible even those that you consider farfetched.

When I started to learn about dreams in general at least the theoretical part I’ve read lots and lots about it. Some seemed possible and others didn’t. Now when I started to remember my dreams and having lucid dreams… Oh my, those theories started to intertwine. So many things were “true” as they were “on the paper” but lots of it wasn’t, like I said theories started to intertwine, those that were farfetched suddenly weren’t. Those that were logical become unreal, they couldn’t simple be…

I believe that is because of the very nature of dreams, it’s not universal. What works for me may not work for you and the other way around. So having as much information as possible and then just letting yourself to enjoy the experience without speculating too much once you are in a dream, not judging is what will show you how you perceive dreams or so to say you will get the pure experience uncorrupted by your own or someones prejudice…

Good luck! :content:

yes, thankyou. it makes much sense. well at least i don’t bother with dream dictionaries anymores. read a few and they all say different things about one object. haha.