The girl of my dreams

I woke up happy although I bit lost this morning, because I had a dream last night, of a person that I fell in love with. When we kissed, everything felt right, more so than I’ve ever felt in “real life”. I do have a girlfriend in reality, but if I had to choose between the girl in my dreams and my GF, I’d probably choose my dreamgirl…terrible to say, but that is how I feel right now. I want to go back to my dream, because I want to see her again. I hope it will pass and that I can forget my dream, but it feels like I will miss her forever… :sad:

How is it possible to feel this way, she was not real, it was just a dream… :confused:

The same thing has happened to me too. For me the feeling of love seems to be the strongest feeling im my dreams and it usually last a few hours before it goes away. But remember that it was only a dream and most of the girls you meet in your dreams seem to be you “dreamgirl”. Atleast thats how it works for me. I usually feel good for the rest of the day after one of those dreams

I had a similar dream more than once, too.

Dr Laberge in the famous mp3 interview said that the feelings are real when you dream that you are afraid of being chased by a bear…

So the feelings are real, accept them as for what they are, and move on… it’s just a dream!

I also had a very strong emotional dream with a Dream girlfriend. I woke up complitly dazed and happy. But has time passed, i realised reality is always best than fantasy :grin: .

Yes,i can relate too.Emotions can get really strong in dreams.I remember falling in love in them or having something i wish i had in real life,then waking up in a terrible mood of missing/frustration.

 " if I had to choose between the girl in my dreams and my GF, I'd probably choose my dreamgirl...terrible to say, but that is how I feel right now."

No need to feel bad about it.Love is sharable.You can love two people.You can even love milions of people.You love your brother and your sister doesnt get "less" because of that.Same thing can be applied to it all.Of course its all up to arrangments u make.Its not good to cheat...but if your partner understands love same way you do...its sharable.You cant be sad about the best feeling in the world if not the universe:)You feel what you feel:)

take care:)

i had a dream or two like that, i woke up and was so happy, and then so pissed off when i realized it was a dream

but i dunno… maybe you could talk to anna (the girl from this thread Can you bring object from your dream?) about bringing your dream girlfriend to the physical world… :sly:

ok… sorry… that was mean, i feel horrible for having said that, but i know one or two of you laughed, and that made the condemnation of my soul worth every snicker

That sounds like a very depressing story… I’d suggest telling your girlfriend about this… :smile: just kidding.

I laughed. Thank you.

it could of been your girldfriend in your dream in disguise or the girl could of been a symbol of your girl.

JaRoD: As you, I felt good for the rest of the day, and I still feel good, it will probably last for the rest of the week :smile:

Jack: Thanks for your views on love, I agree with you 100%

oneiromancer: Well, even if it did work. I don’t think I would want to do it :wink:

I don’t feel anymore that I want to go back to my dream, although I would like to know her name :neutral: But I do think that this dream had a purpose. I’ve been feeling sad and kind of depressed latley because things happening around me that I can’t control, and these things also affect my relationship with my girlfriend, so I see this dream as a break from reality, and it worked. I feel much better now :smile:

I think Jack is right
Love is good, and there isn´t any reason why you shouldn´t love more than one person. What keeps us from loving several people is jealousy.
In this situation, I think the only reason people are jealous is that they fear they might loose their partner.
However, since you can´t possibly leave your gf to be together with your DC there is no reason for your gf to fear she might loose you, therefore no reason to be jealous and so everything is ok.
Got to admit I wouldn´t talk to her about it, though…

Brings up an interesting question:
Is cheating somebody in your mind still cheating?

I think I say “no”, for the same reasons as I explained above


" I think the only reason people are jealous is that they fear they might loose their partner.
However, since you can´t possibly leave your gf to be together with your DC there is no reason for your gf to fear she might loose you"

 I`m aware that this kind of fear is often present in relationships but on the other hand ,think- you cant make one love you..he/shes either in love or can come ,it can pass.But its such a wonderfull feeling that we cant let myself thinking too much about looses...just live the moment while it lasts and take into consideration that it might end or it might not....still- love isnt worse because it lasted a day,a week or a year than one that lasted 10 yrs.

Catch the moment…dont go thinking "oh its prolly just a little crush"If it feels like love,it makes you waiting to see the other person,drives you nuts when u cant touch her/him…then it is love…dont divide it into something less cuz only thing u get out of it is smaller feeling.Live those emotions like they want you too:)Dont pull yourself back,explaining it wioth reasoning like -oh shes much older/younger/smaller/bigger/ whatever…your heart and sould sees something in her if it tells you to feel this way:)

And about this cheating thing.Thats tricky but i believe its allways up to wheter theres a lie involved or not.In most of my relationships its unimaginable to be jealous about thoughts cuz hehe usually we both have milions of partners in our heads:)And we often talk about it,not in terms of making someone angry or jealous but more on a “friendship level”- as exchanging laughs and fantasies.
Im not sure if i didnt take make it off topic…
take care:)

hmm… cheating… with my most recent ex-girlfriend i recall i had a lucid dream while laying in the bed with her where i had sex with a DC, and you better believe i didn’t tell her a word of it

i remember talking to her about astral projection (which has always been a dream of mine (yes i’m one of those people who think OBEs are not just LDs) and i dunno what i was thinking but i thought how cool it would be to meet somebody in the astral plane and have sex w/ them on the surface of the sun. and then my ex-girlfriend was like “yeah, but that’d be cheating” and i go “oh right” and played it off.

here’s my take on the cheating issue: your mind is the last bastion of freedom. why would you let somebody else reach in and tell you what you can and cannot do inside your dreams? why would you let others opionions or insecurities hold you back from experiencing all there is to experience ???

But if you believe in OBEs and Astral projection and have sex on the astral plane with a real person then it would be cheating as opposed to dream sex which is all in your head.

I think I might use this as a sig next time I change it :smile:

The only reason you would someone allow to “enter your last bastion” is that you trust her so much that you know she´ll understand and accept what is going on inside you.
I think you show different people some parts of yourself, but I don´t know if it ever happens that you FULLY trust in someone… perhaps yes, but I haven´t experienced it so far.

And Jack, don´t worry, sometimes there are things more important than staying on-topic :wink:
I agree, on shouldn´t seperate feelings like “I love her a bit” or “not really” and stuff. Better to simply enjoy it. Easier said than done :roll:


so i guess you’re making the distinction that sexual contact with another sentient being apart from yourself (assuming that masturbation and dream sex is okay) qualifies as cheating… maybe you’re right but i can say with relative confidence that i wouldn’t cheat on the physical plane, but if my significant other isn’t into astral stuff… why should i let that hold me back from experiencing that ??? i guess you could say loyalty, but i think i’d take that moral gamble for the chance to experience all there is to experience. i’ve read astral sex owns.

but back to the LD businesss. if you’re relatively skilled at LDing and can invent any sexual fantasy you desire. why is that okay? if i may play devil’s advocate, didn’t jesus or the buddha or both say that to do evil in your mind is the same as doing evil ???

does this mean, you and i can’t get married moogle :eh::???:

tapir, every now and then i say something quotable and don’t even realize it, it would be an honor to be your signature :yinyang:

" i guess you could say loyalty, but i think i’d take that moral gamble for the chance to experience all there is to experience."

Thats something i can relate very much to:)

I allways have big moral issues when it comes to experiencing,especially all thats sex connected(and i guess that means everything).
On one hand i believe its my life and i should be doing my thing and dont let “other people insecurities” to influence that or even make it stop.
On the other hand there are trust,honour and loyality:(I like people that are honorable and loyal but i have learned that if it comes to some things im not like them.Heres the moral crack.I dont like people like myself…hehe…really…
If my partner told me she wants to experience all theres to experience and will take a moral risk id be seriously upset.

i think i’d be upset too jack… i’ve thought about why that is. if that just makes me a hypocrite or if something else is going on

now i’ll be the first person to admit that i’m full of it, so if you’re not buying my argument or think it’s just a cop out, then i’ll concede, but here’s the possibility that i’m entertaining:

men tend to be more logical, and women emotional. so when a guy cheats he’s thinking “damn that girl is hot… i’ve got a girl at home, but you know she’s at home, and not here” a woman on the other hand will tend to stray because of a newly developed emotional attachment toward someone else

so in my thinking cheating out of convenience < cheating out of emotion

but yeah, maybe i’m just trying to justify my hypocrisy, but i don’t think many of you will disagree with the statement that men and women do think differently

Let me add…
Males are orientated to spread their semen in purpose to recreate life.By nature.Women used to be opopsite way…they were meant to find warm ,stable,safe male.(“were” cuz now they seem to be copying males in their natural mission:)
Thats where this differency in thinking may come from too.
Im sorry if im bit technicall about that but that helps to express clearly:)

oneiromancer wrote
does this mean, you and i can’t get married moogle

I believe bigamy is illegal and my husband would have something to say about it. :tongue:
I was wondering how you would all feel if your girlfriends wanted to do the same and it’s the old double standard again. :eh: