The Insta-WILD guide

There’s probably a ton out there, but I decided to put this in a separate topic, since the guide seemed to help some people. :grin:


  1. Look at hands 5 minutes (take the time, don’t cheat yourself)
    ~Since people requested it~

1a. The FFT (freeze frame technique) Look at your hands in full light, then close your eyes, and take a “screenshot” of that picture. Keep your eyes closed, and then virtually put your fake imaginary hands down by your side. After enough repetition this will become relevant in your dreams.

  1. Lie on back/side/stomach

2a. try to not stay on your stomach, lying prone can lead to TMS which can be the cause of prostate cancer. :help:

3.(hardest step) keep your mind on a leash. There has to be balance between letting your mind produce HI, and staying aware. If you start to drift, tell yourslef aloud “No! I will not fall asleep now!” (Remember, your willpower is stronger then counting numbers will ever be if trained over time.) Takes a couple times to get right. Don’t worry, I failed multiple times. :tempted:

  1. Wait -around 12 minutes seems to be the average dependeing on the hour you sleep.

5.step 4. Lather.Rinse. Repeat

  1. When you see HI (a kid for example) shake his hand. If he says something without YOU controlling what he says, then BAM Congrats you’ve done it. If he is still just YOU creating him, and you control what he says, then your in a FLD or false lucid dream. If this is the case, back to step three bucko! :cry:

  2. repeat steps 4-5 while part 3 is in play

  3. by now your in WILD and should see a great lots of HI and should get the “black getting blacker” as I call it. This is when your eyelids are closed, and you see the blackness closing in. Imagine a drawstring bag closing slowly. walk in and have fun :astral:

If you keep failing at this, and keep falling asleep, think about this. When your swimming in a pool underwater and you run out of breathe, think about keeping yourself down even though your body goes up


Thank you for the guide.
It is helpful enough for a separate topic in my opinion.
I have been steering away from WILD because of my perceived difficulty of it.
I started to get some advanced HI just this weekend, and I figured it would take me a little bit to work through SP, but I can do it.
I wasn’t intentionally WILDing, but when I saw it and recognized it, I think I tried to get into the dream world too hard.

Second time’s a charm.

I believe its “third times a charm, fourth time- you just suck-” :content: Good Luck!

–Sarcasm-- :woo:

Everyone does WILD differently, and every technique can be defined by the formula WHAT I DO > WHAT YOU DO

Ha ha, just kidding. Remember, everyone does everything a little different. What works for him might not work for you.

Might I ask,what does looking at the hands do anyway?

And whre did you come up with the hand shaking?

Ok, I’ll think about how what I DIsembodied Observer say on this forum, thx.

Lawl, couldn’t resist! :content:

BIGMAC, I think I was updating as you posted :eek: so I think I covered it, if I didn’t just post your questions, cuz I got pretty good at Instant wilds

Those Disembodied observers, they get me every time :shy:

I might try this tonight. hopefully I can remember the steps.

I will have a lucid dream tonight!

ok I just fell asleep that night

I’ll just do it tonite

lol if you read both posts you made its like DOH!