The Positive Energy Fundraiser Thread

…For anyone who believes positive energy exists and in abundance it can move mountains of gold…

The simple plan: everyone who has a problem, come and post it on this thread and everyone who believes in this thread will send their positive energy your way. If you want to be a part of this fundraiser, take it seriously and be generous. This is meant to help everyone no matter how big or small their problem is. Or how rediculous or serious it is. No one can deal with our problems but us, but it will help if we got positive energy flowing our way :wink:

Since i started this I’ll tell my problem first. I need to be with this girl i’m in love with but there’s many complications. I am hoping all issues will resolve themselves and everything will work out in the end so i can be with her. Send away and thank you.

Post your problems on here and you are sure to get positive energy from me.

I need to quit smoking, and I need to be with a girl and learn how to tell her.

I will send positive enrgy your way, garebear.

Hey this is a cool thread - it’s a FUN raiser infact!


Good wishes to you guys!


something like the 4000 people meditate = 25%decrease of crime is washington?

I will think about both of you and wish you the best :cool:

Good idea!! I have a similiar problem with girl. On this Monday I’ll try to talk with a girl and invite her somewhere. And I don’t know what will happen. I send my positive energy to You.

and i’ll send it back:P

plus some more

And by the way…I think 99% problems will be with girls sometimes with boys (in other words with love) :happy:,:smiley:

Carlo, I agree. :roll:

cool topic. i do believe to the healing power of positive energy, at least to a certain extent.
I could use a little help with being calm. I stress waaay too much.
Garebear, I’m sendin you some love, feel it? hope everything works out.
Some for you too, Carlo, Daylight. Good luck with all the girl problems, geez.
ps, daylight, sometimes it’s easier to communicate without words if you know what I mean :wink:

Well, I have problems by the boatload. I’m having huge stress problems, I think I’m really depressed because things just seem to suck and I have no idea what I really want to do with my life, and I’m not getting along with my parents (well, mostly my mother).

Thank you for your support guys and girls, I gladly accept your love and am giving back to those who need it as well.

I’m glad this thread is picking up… the more people who join in the more the communal power between everyone in this thread will grow.

I will start meditating every night again if I can keep up on it. It will help me to channel this energy better, I suggest those of you who meditate to do the same.

I actually decided to do the same only moments before reading this! :content:

(I am almost positive there was a thread exactly like this a long time ago…)

Garebear, DayLight, Caleb, Lark, Carlo and whoever else joined, I’ll be thinking about you and sending you positive energy.

I have a problem too: I need to find an apartment in less than a month and a half (and Sweden is NOT the best place for finding apartments… it’s like 100 people applying for 1 apartment).

Daniel, for the quit smoking matter (but I’ll leave the girl issue up to you :smile:)…

Caleb, for the stress…

— edit — And Olesia for the trouble finding a new place…

I’ll be thinking about you today, and I’ll wish for the best for you guys! :smile:

I don’t have a load of problems on my back, so I’ll consider my self one of the lucky people. :content:

/me sends her positive energy to all the posters not only in this thread, but in the whole forum. :grouphug:

Olesia: I love sweden and swedish people! Really hope you and everyone else finds a place to live.

I think you guys have some skewed energy or something. I got a different girl! :lol:

It looks like I’m gonna get a good deal on somewhere to live :cool_laugh: My mom’s friend is renting out a room, and he decided that we could rent it from him. Good location, cheap rent and at least we know that her friend will not just kick us out in 2 weeks. He said he’s 99% sure that he’ll rent it to us. crosses fingers.

*Olesia keeps sending positive energy to everyone else here

hurray for positive energy!