The power of dreams to predict future

rather lucid or not, you think dreams can posses over great mystical powers, like predicting the future and such?

I dont believe that dreams can actually predict the future, but they certainly do hold powers!!! i believe that most dreams and predicting the future is normally a coincidence or a trick of the sub-consious. There is good disscusion on dreams and predicting the future here if you wanna check it out.


No. The future is unpredictable. I can change the whole future just by making one choice, but there’s no way for you to know in advance what I will choose to do, and what the consequences of my actions will be. That’s the beauty of life. There’s always something new and unexpected to experience.

Of course, when billions of people have billions of dreams every night, some of them are bound to have dreams that are eerily similar to events which do in fact unfold. In fact, it would be rather strange if such coincidences didn’t happen.

but maybe this so called “sub-c’s trick” like you mantioned is actually a predicting of the future.

right, you can change your future by only one choice, but maybe something within you already know whats you gonna choose, and by that predicting the future?

i dont say i believe this, only bringing up a point.

what’s you think?

Well maybe because that choice is already part of the “future”; the only way to change what’s gonna happen is to know what’s gonna happen it before it happens.

But for you skeptics; you should’ve watched last night Criss Angel episode, it was about predicting the future. Criss had a dream about a number and something that was going to happen. He recorded on a tape and sealed and locked it with some high security guards. The next day what he predicted has happened. He predicted lottery number AND that bush(the president) was going to be thrown with an explosive.
How do you explain that? coincidence? i do believe firmly that either by divine or spiritual ways you can obtain a higher perspective of view.

no its not possible. Ones actions in the future can not be predicted by dreaming only because there are billions of possible circumstances of what one can do in the future

Yeah, you’re right… billions of possibilities… the future cannot be predicted … etc.
But, it is still does not opposing to what i’m saying: maybe its a power, somthing big, beyond our grip of understanding.

anyway, i brought up this whole topic because of a dream i had. today in the morning i wake up and was searching for myself something to eat. i looked in the kitchen, and after a while i saw a doughnut and immediately rememberd (like when you have bad recall then see something in RL and suddenly remember the dream) i had a dream about me eating one, and it tasted soooo bad. so i laughed bacause i remember the exact bad taste from the dream, and i realized the a doughnut cant taste like this and i assure myself that those are going to be delicious. I took a bite and almost throw up. it was exactly like in the dream. strange. so yes, you can say my subconscious playing tricks on me, but if so - it’s doing that too often lately. :eh:

Coincidence? Perhaps. Maybe they faked it for the show? Rather more likely. Anyhow, unless they win the lottery and predict tomorrow’s news with consistency, I’m going to remain skeptical and so will the scientific community. If you believe the future is pre-determined so that anyone can predict it, you have to throw out the idea of free will. How can I affect the goings-on of the world if future events are already sewn into the fabric of the universe and accessible to anybody who reaches this “higher perspective”? If someone can know with certainty what I’m going to choose to do, are all my choices predetermined? Am I at this moment powerless to change the course of my life? I don’t think so.

maybe “free will”'s only existance is in the grasp of illusion. i mean, right, your life lets you choose, and make it seem to be all like free will, and maybe it is only pure free will, but you can never know, it unproofable. at least yet.

Perhaps, but €®@nß3rr¥Dµdè clearly specified knowing the future by “divine or spiritual ways”. If you’re going to believe in God (which I personally don’t but that’s beside the point), that includes the idea that God granted us free will, at least from what I understand of the concept. If there is an omnipotent being in this universe, and it is the only thing really capable of making any choices of its own, then we are all just its playthings. All our thoughts and actions, even those which are evil, are really the thoughts and actions of God. I’ve never met anyone who believes in both a personal God and an absence of free will. That would mean that God, this supposedly all-loving being, was the one behind the Holocaust and 9/11, which is understandably very hard to believe.

also though if you think about it, with billions of ppl, as one dreams, others are awake, imagine its not so much predicting the future but some people dreaming other peoples reality, so even if you think your in control somebody on the other side of the planet who is dreaming is in control or feels like you is what makes your decisions, so the act of prediction isn’t there its just that other people are controlling you or your sub-counciouss

“If someone can know with certainty what I’m going to choose to do, are all my choices predetermined? Am I at this moment powerless to change the course of my life? I don’t think so.”
I still dont know what to think, but I see a little problem with this.
If someone can predict your future, that doesn’t mean they control it. You might choose to do something, and someone 500 miles away can PREDICT it without you knowing it, so you would not be influenced in any way. Predicting something and causing something are two different things…IMO…

The point is, if they can know what I’m going to do in the first place, that means my decision has already been made. It is already stored in the fabric of the universe somewhere. He could easily send me an e-mail telling me what I’m going to do, and I’d be powerless to do anything else, if the prediction was accurate. Or, alternatively, if this sort of thing were only possible when I could not be affected by the prediction, there would have to be something preventing him from being able to contact me, and it’s difficult to imagine what that could be, unless he were suddenly sucked up by a black hole or something. He would have to be beyond an event horizon somehow.

As soon as it is knowable what I am going to choose, my fate is sealed.

First of all i have to clear that Criss’ show is not about faking, not because there have been many frauds previously that doesn’t mean that his show’s gonna be another fraud. He’s not about tricks or illusions merely, he’s about connecting with people on a emotional level. Everyone is gonna say the same,“the show is fake” without even seeing the show like you. Im sure he doesn’t care if people believe it’s fake but he does care if they believe. I respect people’s skepticism, that’s their way of expressing but what i hate the most is people having doubts in their minds without opening their minds a little bit that there’s something greater than us.

About “free will”; first we do have free will BUT limited to a certain level. If you watched “Waking life”, there’s a scene with this guy talking about quantum physics and stuff and there’s a part when he talks about Free Will. He says that we don’t have complete free will since physics and other laws don’t allow us free will at all. In my oppinion, what’s gonna happen is gonna happen BUT it can be changed if there’s a concious change on people. If you have a dream of something that was going to happen that means that whatever source let you have it; wanted you to warn you about the situation letting you choose at last moment. But the future isn’t pre-determined at all, you choose what to do but there are main things that have to happen in order to other things continue working properly.Something God or whatever you call your divine source, let you have a high perspective of things that are about to happen to prevent them of happening but that doesn’t mean the future is completely pre-determined. Your course of life isn’t gonna change unless you decide it to change.

I haven’t seen the show because I do not watch television. But it seems very simple to fake something like that for a television show, and there are monetary reasons they might do so. I myself have no way to verify that this isn’t the case. Indeed I have considered the possibility that the future can be determined in the present, and that there is a “power greater than us”. In fact, at one point I whole-heartedly believed these to be true. But the experiences of my life have provided me with the much simpler and (to me) more plausible explanation that this is just not the case. If, for example, lottery numbers can be reliably predicted, how is it that nobody has seized upon this to make themselves millions? And if you knew for a fact that an assassination was going to be attempted, why not contact the appropriate authorities instead of using it for some television stunt? It would be a crime not to. And quite a heavy weight on your conscience if it was successful and you knew you could have prevented it.

I am familiar with that scene, and I do not pretend to know the full story behind free will. Perhaps it is just an illusion. Perhaps our brains are nothing more than deterministic computers which factor in our experiences, knowledge, emotions, etc. to churn out decisions. Or perhaps there’s something deeper here that we haven’t discovered. Much more research into cognitive processes is required to solve this mystery once and for all. But I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence that the future can be found through some “divine source” (by the way, I don’t call my “divine source” anything because I don’t have one).

If the future is not completely pre-determined, as you claim, then how can your God be omniscient? How can there be things which he doesn’t know and which he thus can’t communicate to the people he sends messages of the future to? On the other hand, if the universe is completely pre-determined, and we are all slaves to some divine plan for the universe, how can your God be omnipotent? If he already knows what he’s going to do, then he is powerless to change his plan, and thus has limitations to his abilities.

I think your brain might be able to logiccally deduce what might happen. For instance I had a dream about going into a gas station and buying a soda that I’d never had before, the next day I bought that soda (it was an orange flavored mountain dew) and it tasted the same as in the dream, my brain might’ve mixed the taste I’d had of regular mountain dew with the taste from an orange soda.

(I’d seen this soda before in stores and had wanted to taste it so that might be why I dreamed about it)

well, i think my dreams often know when i’m going to wake up, or at least with the first dream it knew(read my DJ)

Sorry, Element, predicting the future isn’t really for dreams; it’s more for AP.

Dreams just don’t hold that kind of potential. For that you’ll nneed to research AP…

And what about precog dreams, Chilla? You have bunches of examples in the BIG Precog Dreams topic. They have nothing to do with astral projection.

Dreams imo hold a lot of power. Counting something as not possible b/c it hasn’t been scientifically proven is just bleh! to me.

The future is predictable. You may not be able to say/dream every single detail but it certainly is possible.