The psychological alarm clock

I’d like at least some of you guys to try this.
Tonight, make a commitment to wake up 30 minutes before your alarm clock is set to go off (keep your alarm clock on in case this doesn’t work). Really ingrain it into your mind that you will wake up earlier than normal. I get up at 5am for seminary. I tried this, and I woke up around 4:30am. And I wasn’t even tired because I woke up naturally! Give it a go.

Did you repeat it to yourself over and over, or just think really hard? I’d really like to try this.

Repeating it to yourself probably won’t make a difference: plus it’ll make you’re head hurt. A few hours before you go to bed, start thinking about how you’re going to try this method. And get really worried that it won’t work and you’ll be late for work or school or whatever. Get paranoid. Start screaming about how you think you’re not gonna make it. Not that that won’t make your head hurt either.

Theres a topic about this.

And i do it - it always works. But it turns out you have to be specific.

For example, if you wanted to wake up at half 7…you will wake up between 7.30 to 7.39.

So maybe not the best idea to go ‘7am’ in your head. Its just mantra really. It always works though =D

Hm… I wake up naturally at 5 am every morning. Maybe this will help me get that extra hour of sleep I so desperately need.

lol I know someone exactly like you, she gets up at 4:30 NATURALLY every morning, including Saturdays. I suppose she just expects herself to get up that early with a mental alarm clock. She goes to my seminary class, and she’s never late. She’s the most cheerful person there. When you don’t wake up to a loud beeping sound, it tones up your mood a bit.

I usually wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off. I’ve never made any effort to do so it just happens naturally, probably because I hate waking up to an alarm. :content:

I set my alarm for 5 this morning (yeah, I know it’s a Saturday). I forgot about using this method, but I was expecting myself to wake up a 5. I woke up a 4:30 YEAH! :boogie:
I had better dream recall than usual this morning too. We could use this method to wake up naturally before our alarm goes off, and remember our dreams better. Ever since school started, I’ve been having to wake up to an alarm, and then my dream recall went down x200.

This often happens me, if I want to (REALLY WANT TO) then I get awake one hour before :smile: This works better when Im not at home.

Ha ha, getting up for seminary is so fun, isn’t it? :colgate: I’ve been pretty worried about waking up on time for the last week, because I have to catch a bus to college, but nearly every morning I woke up about five minutes before my alarm went off; I would guess that has something to do with this kind of thing.

I get stressed by alarmclock, but when my SC-clock is working good Ill use it instead :cool_raz:

I never put an alaram clock
I dont think getting panicked will help either.
You just have to cooly decide when to wake up. Your body has a clock in it, it will wake you up if youll tell him to, no doubt about it.
Just be sure and confident.
Before I started meditating it wasn’t that easy, but after I did, even without thinking about when to wake up, I’ll always wake up at the right moment.
Doesnt matter if its 2,5 or 8 hours after I go to bed…

Ill try it by weekend, it maybe is that way :cool_raz:

This happens to me a lot also. I hate waking up to my alarm clock so I consistently wake up ten to twenty minutes before it goes off. No matter what time I set it, I wake up at least ten minutes before it goes off.

Many of the nights I wake up before the alarm goes off :tongue:

Come on people
This is a lucid dreamers community, every person here should understand his powers, and waking up at certain hours is definitely in each and every persons ability.
If you want, try writing on a note a letter to your brain or to yourself asking nicely to wake you up at 4am (doesnt matter when), decide you shall wake up and you will…
Waking up before the alarm is exactly the same thing, you ask subconsciously to awake before your alarm goes off and there is no reason in the world your mind will refuse your request.

This alarmclock has with the sleep to do, there is a biologic clock in us, this clock is disturbed when the wintertime (dont know if its exclusive to sweden) comes, and after winter the time goes back to summertime. I always have problem when this happens :sad:

The thing is you wake up before your alarm clock simply because you wish to do so.
Because you are subconsciously saying, I shall wake up before my alarm clock as you would like that better. Your body and mind has all the powers needed to wake you up at a certain hour, it is a very simple task.
As you subconsciously ask that way, you can also consciously ask in the right way, therefore implying this on your subconscious and in that way, there is no chance at all, your mind will say no. The thing is a lot of people ask consciously to wake up but subconsciously not to, this happens by asking physically to be waked but not impressing the SC with that thought, it can happen for various reasons, one is to think you will not wake up, by that you are sending the message to the SC that you in fact will not wake up, some people just say the words but don’t put meaning , emotion , belief and intent behind them. The SC is the vast majority of our mind and therefore impressing it with the wish will grant you success.

I been saved! I forgot to turn my alarm clock on the other day but still woke up at the right time! :yay:

I’ve done this sometimes, it is fun, handy for being less sleepy and of course your recall! :happy: