The Secret

This whole thing is stupid.

I actually took time to look at the whole video on

First off its so profesionally made. They got all those good looking philosophers, doctors etc…
If you go to the website there are links for everyone showing up in the movie each with books and videos and other things that they sell for enourmess prices.
If the secret worked for them why the hell are they sharing the secret that made them rich for 49.99???
They mention MONEY all the time. How to get rich, how to get lots of money, how to get lots chicks. just buy my book and i explain you in detail.

They say great figures in History used it.
Like Einstein who eventually got nuts and Kennedy who was shot in the head at rather young age. Not very lucky if you ask me.

That guy that got bills and didnt pay them. And he got warning after warning. So when i think id rather have ice cream in my mail the bills wont magically disappear. If you want them to disappear pay for them…

Well ofcourse if you dont use any of the negative emotions you will never be unhappy. And your positive attitude might affect other people aswell. But if you think money, sex, money, sex you wont get money and chicks come flying through your window.

Its just a scam like scientology

oh ye he says somewhere in the movie that only a few % of the population own like 99% of the money

maybe that is because a very high % of people live in third world countries and not of “the secret”

they sell rocks for 40$ …
link to seller removed, please don’t link to product vendors

btw Hi im Tom :razz:

uh… Yeah, I have heard of this thing before. Its called creative visualization, the laws they suggest may not work for everyone and they don’t cover the sphere of availability as far as I can tell (its basically says that a poor man cant have a Porsche on day one, but he can have new cloves). Its no “secret” its been in occult circles for decades, its just a new name for an old phenomenon. I would suggest anyone interested to get Opheils “The Art and Science of Creative visualization” for what I am sure is easier to understand text and much more likely to work as well as being much much cheeper.

Well. I believe “the secret” to some extent,I believe that you can send out positive “vibes” or whatever, but that comes from my faith, and religion. I’m Hindu and we live on the principle of karm or in the americanized term, karma. Karma is basically what goes around comes around, and in a way applies to the secret as well. Thinking negatively about others and your life in general, will result in a negative world for you. Its not only in the way that you are perciveing the world, but in the way that you leave your mark on the world. And so the way you act and believe comes back to you.

Personal example: Earlier in the year school was getting pretty stressful, what with studying for the International Bacchalaurate tests and just things going at home. It was hard and I was getting more and more upset thinking about the things going on. I started praying everyday, praying for strength. I started to notice after I would pray I would feel stronger and more able. It was as if just the act of praying for strength, gave me strength, even if my prayer “was never answered.”

I’m not trying to say that everyone should convert to some religion and pray feverntly for whatever you want. I’m just saying in the same way you have an effect upon the world, you have the same effect upon yourself.

Another thing, Karma also refers to actions, so it could be that during that time I was acting towards in a positive and good way, and so the Gods gave me what I needed and was asking for. While I believe this, you dont have to, but I think that the part about having an effect upon oneself is applicable to everyone.

So yeah. The secret. Not much of a secret to a majority of India.

Now we all just have to apply this to LD and we are set!

I dont doubt that you can change yourself to a better and more energetic person by practicing meditiation etc… Positive thinking people have good effects on themselfes and others.

However this video clearly says. If you think I want lots cash and girls (the main themes in the video). It will send out pulses that will somehow affect other people to send you money or fall in love with them.

That one guy. He paints himself with 3 girls on a painting and says a week later hes overwhelmed by girls wanting to date with him.

Ok, I forgot a part of my post. Tom’s post reminded me.

I don’t think thinking about cash and girls (or guys in my case) is really going to get you there. Like the example you gave, about the guy painting himself with three girls and the resulting increase in dates, I dont think this whole thing can be used in a material sense. I mean thinking about getting lots of money isn’t going to work. Hard work and belief in yourself gets you lots of money. I suppose if I kept telling myself I can be rich, and telling myself to work hard then yeah I would be rich and it would be because of the secret. But to sit around all day thinking about money isn’t going to get you the money any faster. Thats the problem with the videos. They are basically saying just sit and think and you’ll get it. But everything takes work and dedication, along with faith and belief.
So using the secret as motivation (in a sense) would get you girls and cash. But a lot of it depends on your actions too, and what you do with yourself. I mean sure Bill Gates is amazingly rich now, but he didn’t sit around thinking about money to get that way, he actually did something. Karm, Karma, think about it, and act on.

This is serious? I thought it was some sort of joke at first…

heh I like that email about all the horrible things wrong with that guys life: “I get bullied. I hate my job”
Didn’t spend too long thinking about that did he? - fast learner :tongue:

I think this law of attracton thing is just magical thinking.

Ok, I guess that makes sense - matter and energy are related by the equation e=mc^2

I have no idea what you mean, but sure! stuff vibrates

??? It does? Sorry but I dont find your evidence very convincing. This mysterious website sounds like its just the same sort of made up nonsense as the movie, but with sciencey words added in to make it sound smarter.

Lucid dreams are only limited by our minds, but the real world has to obey the laws of physics too. Positive thinking may have some beneficial effects because it affects ourselves, our behaviour and therefore the people around us etc. and thinking about something a lot could do the same thing - an example is looking for a job. If you need a job but try not to think about money because it scares you and just spend more and more student loan money, then you will probably not get a job. But if you think about needing a job a lot, then even if you are not actively looking for a job you might recognise an oppurtunity when it comes up… maybe? (I am so poor!) I’m sure theres a better example but my point is that if you think about what you want you will react to situations differently.

However, things aren’t just going to magically appear out of nowhere as the film seems to imply. Sitting around doing nothing and wishing really hard will probably not get you what you want in life.

i must say that ‘the secret’ is flawed :tongue: it’s not only thought that creates. It’s thought, word, and deed.

What you think, what you say, and what you do. Those 3 create your reality.

:peek: i still haven’t watched that whole movie.

It works for everything, but if you say you want to be rich, the universe will give you that - you wanting to be rich. If you say you are rich, you will create that experience. That’s also used with affirmations.

(if you want to get a LD, don’t keep saying: "I want to be lucid, say: “I am a lucid dreamer”.)

Give me experimental proof, then we’ll talk about it again.

I completely agree with that. It’s what is teached in sophrology and various techniques which use autosuggestion (Coue method and autogenic training too, if I remember well). The term “want” is totally adviced against.

Now I wouldn’t have said “the universe will give etc.” but it’s just another point of view. :wink:

Definitely an interesting philosophy. I can’t say for sure whether it’s true or not, but it has some credibility. I will try it out :slight_smile:

Haha, that would actually explain the awful lot of unluck that leads my whole life and I sometimes think god just wants to fuck with me. :smile:

I thought that was right on the mark, Q. One thing I’ve learned about creative visualization is how best to phrase your affirmations, thoughts, intentions. Speak as if it’s already happening to you. It works much better that way. :smile:

Hm…maybe I will try that out, for LDing, too :cool:

Little question.

Let’s assume you have a fight, whatever.

You concentrate on winning, saying yes, I want and will win!

But if you concentrate on “nooo, I won’t win”, you also win?

Because you concentrated on “winning”.

But you only use the word win. Your basic thought is that you are going to lose, you’ve just phrased it differently.

This whole thing seems a little farfetched but I do believe it could and is quite likely to work. It seems to have effect anyway, seeing as bizzarely I end up seeing something I’ve thought of, as if it were attracted to me and this video gives one theory of how this works.

It definately works more than concentrating on negativity! :tongue:

Heck yeah :wink:

I wonder if the phenomenon of Deja Vu could have any relationship to this whole thing. Like maybe when it seems like we’ve already experienced something before, it was really just a thought that had been incubated in the back of our minds. Anyone have any takes on that?

The “Secret” is basically another way of saying that you need to believe in yourself and think positively in order for things to go your way, which is entirely true. I do agree that this movie is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is interesting to watch.

The fault I find with this ideology is that it discourages negative emotions, most of which are quite natural and usually hard to control. The ideas of magick and astral projection are very similar, but allow a more human approach.

I’m sorry, but I’ll have to call that movie complete and utter crap. It uses the same method that Flying Spahgetti Monsterism uses to prove that the cause of global warming is the rate of decrease in the number of pirates. It’s true that the number of pirates has decreased over the last 100 years. It’s true that the average global temperature has gone up as well. The two things correlate but do not correspond. If you want something, like girls or money, then you already have a DESIRE for it. That desire may or may not be enough motivation to get you off your butt and get some (money or girls). Simply sitting on the couch day in and day out wishing will do nothing. Some of what they say is true, but for reasons other than they are stating. Hence correlation. Happy people do not often make friends with crabby people, it cramps their style. Crabby people tend to hang with crabby people, becuase they agree that everything sucks. Proof of their mythical law of attraction? No, a coincidence. Similiar symbiotic relationships occur with people who are very different in the same fasion.
This is not ‘The Secret.’ This is a good way to get you hooked, then (as previously mentioned) buy the books when it doesn’t work right away.

In the end, focusing on your desires instead of your discomforts is a good thing.  It will remind you that things you want are attainable, and you will think about ways to get them.  Having more things you want tends to make people happier (although I feel people are only happy if they want to be - possesions aside.).  This does not mean the universe is 'forming to your will,' or anything like that.  You COULD look at it that way, as the nature of reality and life itself is a mystery anyhow, but I prefer not to dilude myself so far that I believe things that are completely unreasonable.

An alternative ‘secret’:
If you were rich, what would you do? What you love, of course.

A man who loves his job never works a day in his life.

My suggestion is that if you love life, it will love you back, plain and simple. Keeping a positive frame of mind is not a way to a better life. It is a better life.

Night Muse, did you watch the video? The video says nothing of “sitting on your butt doing nothing but wishing,” and having your wishes fulfilled. In fact, if anything, it supports your view of “positive thinking.” The video is simply stating that our thoughts emit waves which have an effect on the whole world around us. If your thoughts are positive and energetic, this will affect the world around you into returning you with positivity and energy. There is a series of lectures entitled “The Science of Personal Achievement.” Some of that series, I find to be utter hogwash as well. For example, “praying” to “infinite intelligence.” However, other parts of that series make perfect, remarkable, and profound sense, and, I think, help to clarify what this video does a shallow job of explaining.