The Secret

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This topic is for discussion about that video and the laws of attraction, for those who have seen it or know about it :ysim:[/mod]
The Secret

This is something that I found by coincidence while browsing some other forum. It is something that everybody should see!

This is the secret, this is the answer to all of your dreams…

cool movie :smile: I want to save it so i have it on my own computer but i don’t know how to do that, anyone knows?

(you know you attracted that movie when you found it, right? :content: ) (same to me… :grin: )

I think you can download it for free here, but it doesn’t seem like it’s the whole movie, but it’s still something :smile:

I can’t donate any money to ld4all, but I hope that you can use the law of attraction to get the money you need :wink:

That was pretty interesting. I dont beleive any of it though.


thanks lucid_viking :smile:
wow, that one seems like it is the whole movie as opposed to the one on yourtube. I have something to watch then :smile:

cookie, anyone? :grin:

There seems to be alot of spiritual movies like this coming. It reminds me of the book “The celestien prophocey” Where it says that thousands of years ago, humans sent out phillosophers, artist, scientest. To find out the answer to the universe, and now there starting to come back with the answers. While we kept ourselves occupied with the industreal world, and money.

I don’t know if this really works or not, but I hope it does. :smile:

if you haven’t done so yet, i suggest you watch “What the bleep do we know” :smile: It is very inspiring and explains how this works, it is scientifically discovered how you really attract certain people/behaviour etc.

so where is that ipod i’ve been dreaming of…?

some of this stuff is a little far fetched. cmon…WE made up the system that takes place once you get a ticket. It doesnt happen because your mind wants it…it happens because that’s the law!

ah ah, don’t disbelieve it just because you don’t know how it works Ben :wink: .

Want “scientific” evidence? Here’s your evidence:

–Everything is made out of energy, correct? I’m energy, you’re energy, our thoughts are energy, your computer is energy etc…

–All Energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Depending on the rate of the frequency, we experience Energy in different ways.

–Energy vibrating at a certain frequency attracts energy at the same frequence.

Okay, so I found that at some cheap website, but you get it, right? And since everything is energy… :wink:

But hey, doesn’t Lucid Dreams work that way too? And hey, it wasn’t long ago since people didn’t believe in lucid dreams either, was it?

I already knew “The Secret”. Yes, I do believe it. I always have. Why don’t you, Ben?

I didn’t say I don’t believe it. Most of it I agree with, it’s just some of the situations that I find false. It’s almost as if the creators of the movie tried too hard to get the point accross…so much that it made no sense. Maybe I didn’t understand it properly…or maybe I’m right and some of that movie is BS.

Why would it be so hard to believe that you can attract certain things into your life, just by dwelling on them for long enough?

ok, you obviously don’t understand anything I’m saying…lol.

Look in the video. Watch the part about the guy getting a ticket (ticket from a cop). When the guy says “ooh stupid tickets, I hate tickets!”, the narrators say that because of THAT statement, he has to go to the court and pay for the ticket. DUMB? yes. it is. And if you think it isn’t…then that means you are saying that if he DIDNT say that statement (ooh stupid tickets, i hate tickets), then he wouldnt have to pay for the ticket, and he could just go on with his life happily using The Secret.

This situation (about the ticket) is not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of what is fact in life. Whether you love getting tickets or not, you have to pay for them! Your thoughts don’t get to change that!

I didn’t see that part of the movie. Sorry, I only saw the short clip that streamed on youtube. Yeah, I guess that is pretty weird. I think the guy would have to pay the ticket anyway. That was a lame example they chose to give.

if you are always thinking of how you hate tickets, you are bound to attract situations that will give you a ticket.

(likewise if you’d love them :grin: )

BenDrummin’s comment about the ticket made me think of a terrible paradox. :bored:

If the guy says “Tickets, tickets, I hate tickets” he will have a ticket. Now, if he says "“Tickets, tickets, I love tickets” he will have a ticket too. How to avoid tickets? :eek:

stop thinking about them!