The Tetris Effect

First time I spotted this post, it would equally help with dream incubation in normal dreams. Therefore moved it to stuff of dreams

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First off, I didn’t know in which section of the forum to put this in, but general seems like a good place, so sorry if it’s in the wrong section!

“The Tetris effect occurs when people devote sufficient time and attention to an activity that it begins to overshadow their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It is named after the video game Tetris.”
From the wiki page

In my own words, this is when you play enough video games that you dream about playing them. I was just curious to see if anyone has had these dreams and especially if anyone has ever been lucid in one. That seems like quite the task to accomplish!

I have been trying to become lucid for a few weeks now (With no luck, I might add), I was thinking about this today after having a dream about playing Starcraft II, which I have to say, is pretty lame as a dream. And I might add, that I have had these kinds of dreams dozens of times, given the fact that I’m a gamer and all.

So how about it? Give me your stories!

PS: This is my first post! I’ve been reading this forum for almost a month now, after having gotten back into LDing, cause I was sorta trying it last summer, with only a single success. But I’ll eventually get it. :smile:

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:welcome: to the forum ShoemakerSteve

and ive had an experiance like this i was playing video games a lot after a time of not for a while and i had a few dreams of which i was eaither playing games or being in the game it self

sadly no lucid experiances with this though im new to this whole thing and have had one over this summer but yeah i see this all the time with every activitities i spend a decent amount of time doing

In my case, i dont dream about the video games (or other things ive been very busy with during the day), but they seem to take over my HH completely, which can be pretty irritating if iwant to go to sleep, because then i see for example football manager matches being played in my head or endless numbers from exel files ive been busy with.
I guess that can be used for WILD though, so maybe i’ll try to enter a videogame that way once (if i finally can get WILD to work)

I is not very uncommon for me to dream about video games. When i quited World of Warcraft i had dreams about it all the time for weeks after :razz:

Well, for me when I was a game addict (not The Game) I usually always had that game in my mind all the time, which didnt allow me to think of something else :razz:

I can tell you that more than video games can affect your mind like this, for example Ive been using the train a lot recently, now all my dreams involve railroads and trains :lol:

The Game has been part of my life so much it haunts my THE GAME thoughts.

Dang it.

The Game :neutral:

Since i started high school a year ago I’ve been riding the bus almost every morning and since then i often dream about riding the bus.

I’ve had my mind stuck in minesweeper mode in the past…feels like your head is playing minesweeper 24/7…when trying to sleep, in your dreams, during work…it was a good sign to quit playing. :neutral:

I worry too much, and I often dream about things that I’ve been fretting about IWL.

I lost the game.

I’ve had many video game related dreams, probably at least one from each genre. XP If I spend an extended amount of time playing a game, or doing pretty much anything, I’ll more that likely dream about it.

Well, being playing Zelda, and I would love to have the Lens of Truth!
And in my dream there was this hidden door behind a fake wall you can walk through. But the LoT didn`t appear…

My favorite video game dreams are the ones where the dream is pixelated or in blocky 3D just like the actual game. :happy: I’ve had lots of dreams like that.

I remember dreaming about being the test subject in Portal, not about playing it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t LD, but everything was working like in the game, including physics and viewing through portals. Going to experience it again :smile:

Lol, that’s amazing! Sounds like tons of fun :razz:

@everyone else: Really interesting stuff you guys are giving me, like dreams about busses or trains? Kinda strange when you really think about it. Also, Lol @ The Game, I lost, and so did all of you for reading my post :wink:

I think i’ve had the odd dream about games, because when I find a game I like I don’t stop playing for about a month. I once played a DS pokemon game so much I actually started hearing the tune of it in my head in WL!! I may try this out, sounds cool, and thats a pretty cool term :razz:

I play video gmaes quite a bit, but surprisingly i never had any dreams about video games at all. Dang it, i lost the game :grin:

I just lost the crap out of the game.

Anyhow, I had a dream about Left 4 Dead once. It ended up being my first lucid dream (although I was only lucid long enough to save myself from impending doom).

Lol, that doesn’t even sound like a good thing, unless you’re dreaming of playing the game and not actually being inside it. But being inside of Left 4 Dead would be incredibly frightening! :razz:

I kept having the weirdest nightmare. i.e I used to have windows 98 and there was a background and it was a green feild with a blue sky… anyway this was my background for the longest time, and I began to have these really weird dreams where I was being chased through the background of my computer by what looked like a barbie… :confused: don’t ask because I dont have an answer :happy:

When I played a lot of GTA I used to dream about it a lot and I even thought I was inside the game when I was out with my friends haha. I remember seeing a red light and thought “Oh hey a quest!” before I immediately realized what I was thinking. It was weird. I don’t play that much anymore though :razz: