The Wizard's Phase 2 for induction of Lucid Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way that we could induce a lucid dream without straining our brains. A way that will work for almost everyone and not just a few people. A method that will work effectively and positively almost every time, and not just occasionally. Yes brothers and sisters , there is a way. This privelage is one of many gifts given to us by God to enjoy. I have been thinking long and hard as to how to reveal this method. Because I do not want you to jump too far ahead all at once, I have decided to explain this piece by piece on a daily basis. The first step we need to accomplish is to educate the inner mind. One can use hypnosis, mind realaxation techniques, trance music, binary beats, sublimal messages and etc etc, until you wear yourself out, but none of these methods will work because the section of the brain which controls dreams, will not understand what you want. Therefore, you need to show the brain what it is that you want. For example, If one has never seen an elephant and a hypnotist suggests that when you sleep you will see an elephant, simply will not work because the brain has never seen one and doesen’t know what you are talking about. So no matter how many times you are told to see one, it simply will not happen. I calculated this new method by reading every post I could on this and other dream websites every day and compiling all of the relevant things together, so I must give credit to many of the posters on this website and most importantly to our Italian leader Pasquale, without who’s website, in my opinion this would not have been possible . And now let us begin. There are some materials you will need to obtain if you do not already have them. You will need a PC, plus two mirrors approximately 12" X 14" each. If you cannot afford to buy two mirrors, then go to a professional glass place where they fix broken windows and ask them to cut two pieces of glass for you. You will need some black crepe paper or a small can of black paint. Remember that the crepe paper or black paint pertain to only those who cannot afford to buy two mirrors , although the mirrors are definetely best for the full effect. A dark pair of sun glasses. The sun glasses must be dark, not light. A small casette tape recorder. Some black electrical tape. A large piece of black cloth approximately 4’ X 4’ which light cannot pierce. Please obtain these items as soon as possible and tomorrow I will explain to you what you need to build. It’s a lot of materials, but well worth it. And now for some personal words. This method may catapult you into an out of body projection, but I can’t do much about it. I regret this, but am unable to over come this problem. If this happens to you, try to will yourself back into your body. Enough said for today. Get busy and gather the items together, and I will see you all tomorrow. Peace to you all. :content:

All this did was infuriate me! :grin: I will spend all day thinking: “How’s he gonna put all that together?” The weirdest thing IMO are the sunglasses!?

Doh:(Pc is a problem for ones relying on public computers:(
But im still keen to hear the rest of it:)

looking forward to your next post !!! :cool_laugh: :eh:

I agree completely with this premise- especially in regards to those who have never experienced a lucid dream. It would seem incredibly difficult to achieve something where you have no frame of reference. This is probably why so many would be lucid dreamers get frustrated and give it up after no initial results. Wizard, if you could develop a method to get these people “over the hump” so to speak then that would be great.

For those trying to acheive their first moments of lucidity I recommend this- try as many different techniques as possible giving each tecnique at least a few days for potential results. If the techniques give you no results then, depending upon your disposition toward “lucidity inducing substances”, I would try everything that you are comfortable with taking. This can be completely “drug free”- things like mint tea or hot chocolate in a base of 1 part milk and 1 part half and half or heavy cream gives me very good results (esp cream). If you’re a little more daring, then you can try melantonin (very good), 5 htp, tyrosine or choline (stimulants- take at least 6 hours before sleep), or GABA (the best I have had- will post results in a seperate thread). The substances I listed above are all neurotransmitters or amino acids which the body produces naturally. Even though they are “natural” does not mean that they do not have side effects or can even be harmful if abused- become thoroughly familiar with any substance before taking it and begin with a small dose. The goal of taking these things is not to become addicted to them- but just to “jump start” your lucidity. Once you have achieved lucidity and have that crucial knoweldge now of “WHAT IT IS” then you can work on getting lucid naturally (with maybe a little extra “help” every now and then…)

I don’t know - what about things like flying? I’ve never flown before, but in my dreams, it feels awesome - like nothing I’ve experienced in RL. And there’s all sorts of stuff that we do in our dreams that we can’t reference in RL.

Hmm,i represent opposite point of view than Gary.I think its much better to stick to one tech for longer.Mind needs time to learn what we want from it.Jumping from one tech to another is not that good as it confuses.
Just the thought,i realize it might be different for everyone.

If there was one single flawless technique for inducing lucidity, then I would agree with you Jack. Different things work differently for each individual. The trick is to find what works best for each person. Let’s say that someone tries a method and has results so just decides to stick with that single method. That’s great but perhaps there is a method that would be far better for them, but they remain unaware of it because they are sticking with something that works.

I’m also more descibing what to do if you are a novice who can’t get results. Under this scenario, then you should try a lot of different things with the hope of achieving a result (ld). If they stick with one method then I could see them getting discouraged that much faster without results. At least if they are trying a lot of things they have the hope that “this one will be it”. I could be wrong, just my opinion.

Check out my recent post on GABA in “shortcuts to lucidity” Jack. I think you will appreciate it- being the “sex god” that you are. :grin:

:content:The Wizard

I assume by now that you have gathered together all of the necessary materials. But first, a bit of
foreword if I may. I wish to thank Gary for his kind words and support. It is this type of
encouraging support that spurs me to continue onward and lets me know that my work and effort
is being appreciated. I realize that like all inventors in history, there will be critics who will look
for fault and ridicule them. I see a sample of this negativity already on some of these posts even
before I have even revealed my method. Remember, that I am not getting paid for this. There is
nothing in this for me. If I wanted attention I would simply write a book about this method and
make money off of it, but I offer this to you freely. My only intention is to help the members on
this site to achieve their goal toward lucid dreaming. Nothing more. With that said, Let us begin.
We will be dealing with three sections of the mind. The Conscious, the subconscious and the
dream conscious. The dream conscious in this case will be the most important. The dream world
reflects what it hears and see’s from the conscious world. There are abstractions of this of which
I will try to explain. I have already mentioned in my previous post that if one has never seen an
elephant or even a picture or drawing of one, then it is not likely they will ever see one in the
dream state, and no matter how much hypnosis is suggested to the subconscious, that they will
see one in their dream, it simply will not happen One writer states that we can do all sorts of
things like flying in dreams that we cannot do in the conscious world. This is true, but very
different from my analogy. For example, who among us has not seen a bird or insect or airplane
fly. Who has not seen comic book heroes flying such as Mighty mouse, Superman, Peter pan, and
the list goes on. Therefore it is not surprising we can fly in dreams because the dream conscious
reflects or depicts what it see’s. We also see all sorts of crazy and weird characters in our dreams.
But again, who has not seen crazy characters in comic books, or on cartoons on television or the
art work of the 1960 and 1970 hippie and flower generation. Remember that the dream world can
only reflect what it see’s. Sorry to repeat myself but I feel the point is important. Enough said.
Let us begin. Our main objective here will be to train the dream conscious to refllect what we
want. To accomplish this, we will be working mainly with visual hypnotic induction
accompanied by some audio hypnotic techniques., which will be of secondary value. In order to
do this we will need to put together the visual device needed to train the dream conscious. The
dream conscious is like a wild horse which wants to go it’s own way and needs to be tamed. Now
here is what we need to do with the materials we have gathered. First-you will need two chairs of
equal height. Place your PC on one of the chairs. On the other chair you will need to position one
of the mirrors at a 45 degree angle so that when looking downward in the mirror from above, you
should see the screen reflection of the PC as a flat surface. Be sure to support the mirror with
very heavy books or whatever to ascertain that the mirror will not move or slip out of place. I
wish I could make a drwaing of this to make this simpler to understand. The second mirror
should be placed at one of the open ends and again suppoted by bricks or whatever to keep it
sturdy in place. So now, the top view and one of the side views are open so that you can see in.
Here we are attempting to create a sort of 3 dimensional effect. However, before you set up the
mirrors as described above there are two important things you must do. The first is to go to this
website . Google is a good search engine to
use. When you get there, you will see this writing-@$tr@LpR0j3cTi0n click on that. This will
take you to a musical site. Click on “Party” Give it a moment to download, and add it to your
favorites. This will supply us with a very powerful trance tune which we will need to assist us on
our journey. Now please don’t mistake this site with astral projection, which is the
same band, but with different music which is only good for workouts and dancing, even though
it’s the same band. Once this is done, you will need a special screen saver which most all PC’s
have already installed. It is called “Flying through space.” Go to your control panel, click display
and there you will see it. Set the time screen saver for one minute. Third-You will need a small
cassette tape recorder. In it, you will need to make relaxation suggestions. As I will describe
later either late this afternoon or tomorrow. Right now, I am worn out from so much typing and I
have to go out. Hang in there now and don’t get discouraged or allow others to discourage you.
OK? Be back soon. OUT TO LUNCH

hey Wizard when are you gooing to post the next part of the experiment¿?¿?¿?¿?¿¿¿?? :neutral:

hey Wizard there are two things i dont understand: 1. the mirriors position :eek: :blush: 2. in the link you gave when you click in “Party” it is the same music plaing :bored:

Back from lunch and now to continue, but first a word to Lazysleeper. The music is supposed to be repititious because it is a trance induction which we will need as we travel on our journey soon to come. Also, the positioning of the mirrors is best described by a drawing or picture, but I’l try my best to describe the positioning. The first mirror must be placed at approximately a 45 degree angle facing your PC sreen.So that if you are standing up and looking down, the screen should be flat. The second mirror is placed on either end with the mirror side facing inward so that it will also reflect a small portion of your pc screen. I hope this clears it up a little for you. Now we must tape a short hypnotic suggestion on your cassette tape recorder. Here it is: …Relax…simply relax…you are becoming very relaxed…close your eyes, and take a deep breath…and as you exhale your body is becoming very relaxed…your toes are relaxed…your feet muscles are relaxed…and you can feel the soothing relaxation slowly moving up from your feet to your calves, and then your thighs, your hips, and buttocks, are all very very relaxed. … You are very tired. .so very tired…you can feel the soothing relaxation moving up your spine, across your stomach area, your torso, back, and neck muscles are all very relaxed. …Your head is very relaxed and your eyelids are very heavy…it feels so good to be so relaxed…You are very very relaxed and very very tired…I want you to open your eyes very slowly and look into the mirrors…As you do so, you begin to see yourself moving through space…you are traveling faster and faster…don’t be nervous.simply enjoy the flight…further and further into the darkness of space as the meteorites whiz past you…you are flying faster and faster into space…allow yourself to flow freely into flight…do not resist it…I am going to play some mantra music now, which will carry you along your flight into space…just flow with the music…if you find yourself falling rapidly, just allow it to happen…do not resist…nothing can happen to you…you are safe…END OF THE VERBAL AUDIO OK now record this on your recorder which we will use later. There are two different ways we are going to use the mantra music I have selected for this experiment. But first I need to take a short break as I need a break. Be back soon.

hehe you said we might project by mistake - for me that would be a good thing.

By now you all should have the mirrors in place, down loaded the mantra music, I have selected, and have recorded the preliminary hypnosis on your cassette tape recorder. For those of you who have cassette recorders, The next thing you should do is to record the music from the PC to the cassette by using a lead from the PC audio output jack to the recorder’s input jack. Begin the music immediately following the preliminary hypnosis so there is virtually no break of silence in between. If you do not have a cassette recorder, you will need to download the music each and everytime you do a practice preparation , but you will not have the preliminary hypnosis. Even so, this is only a minor set back, and shouldn’t prevent you from practice. And now more about the visual technique. What is going to happen here, is that this method will pull you into a dream consciously or hurl you out of your body, but I will go more into that later. Now that the mirrors are in place, the screen saver “Flying through space”, is set for one minute, we go on. Now take the black electrical tape and place it all around the perimeter of your PC screen. Be very sure to tape over any on/off power lights, and any other small lights on your pc. We need to eliminate as much light as possible for this effect. This should be done in a TOTALLY dark room or large closet if possible for the best effect. Do you remember that in the very early days when the photo camera was first invented, the photographer would use a black cloth to block out the sunlight? This is what we must also do here. I know that many of you may not be able to have a totally pitch black room , because of street lights, parking lot lights or whatever, and so you now see the purpose of the black cloth . If you have any light at all in the room, no matter how small, you must use the black cloth. Simply drape the cloth over the top of the mirrors so that only one end is now open or exposed. To prevent the cloth from slipping, you may need to secure it with the tape.Now this is where the sunglasses come into play. There will be some light that will be emanated from the screen of your computer that needs to be lessened. The sunglasses with it’s dark lenses will do that. And now, before we go any further, let me explain what is going to happen here. This method will pull you into a dream while conscious as I said before. The most ideal time would be to do the practice sessions once in the morning, and again in late afternoon, for twenty minutes each time. You will begin to notice shortly before sleep the imagry of the meteorites flying through space, will be seen in your mind. This will be especially profound after about 5 hours of sleep. Set your alarm for about two hours before getting up in the morning. Make sure your ionizer is on before you go to sleep. When the alarm wakes you up, get up for about 5 minutes and sit up in bed. Then try to go back to sleep but this time try to remain conscious no matter how tired you may be. With your eyes closed, you will notice all sorts of shapes and hypnogagic imagery. Do not stare at them intensely, but rather visually simply be aware of them. As you observe the hypnogagic images, you will notice that in the far background little tiny specks of light, very similar to the meteorites of light you have been seeing on your pc screensaver. These are what you need to pay attention to. You will notice that the tiny specks of light will begin moving toward you and begin to pull you into the darkness. When this happens , go along with it and do not resist. You may also see entire full dream scenes while fully conscious at this time. Allow yourself to be pulled in by the specks of light until you are in the dream state. Now you will be dreaming but fully conscious and aware that you are dreaming. You may also be pulled in by such force that you may experience the sensation of rapid falling. This is a bit scary and may result in an out of body projection. If this occurs, simply will yourself back into your body. Now remember that all this may not occur on the first night, but will occur within one weeks time at most. None the less , you will see the specks of light pulling you as I have described from the very first night, IF you do your practice visual and audio sessions, during the day. Be sure to write everything down into your dream journal. The practice sessions are best done in either a lazy boy sleeper couch, or on a bed. But let us go over the practice sessions again. After setting everything up as I have described, you should have an opening between the mirrors to partially stick your face into. The flying through space screen saver along with the hypnosis and mantra music should be performed for about twenty minutes each time twice a day. Now for goodness sake, please don’t be too over anxious and over do the practice sessions. Take it slowly, but stick with it. If you do not own a pc, you will need to do this entire technique with a television set, but you will need a VCR, and a prerecorded video tape, and of course the mirrors as well. Now a personal word if I may. I would like to hear feed back from you about your results whether it is good or bad. I really don’t want to hear any criticism or negative opinions about the technique itself from readers who have no intention of trying this method, because I know this method works and you will too when you under take it. I’m worn down from so much typing. See you soon. :content:

I’m having trouble understanding the mirrors. It would help if you draw them in paint even and I’ll be glad to help you post them if you cannot.

sorry if you think im too stupid for this but i still dont understand the mirrior thing :bored: :bored: can you draw it in paint and send it to me by mail??


Sorry, but I am amazingly confused. Where do the chairs go in relation to eachother, where does the PC go in relation to the chair (like the back and arms of the chait. Also, what do you mean by putting the second mirror on the open end (what open end and an open end of what?). And why and how do we support things with bricks and books. You then say the top view and side views are open, huh? You’re method is great, but could you just clear these few things up? Thank you so much, Ben

Oh, and I think i have a tip you could use to describe this. You could have us like use the electircal tape to make a huge squrae (or circle, or triangle) outline on the ground, and we would mark each side and point point A, b, c, etc… Then you could say like “put the bla bla” on point “blah” of the sqaure. Hope I helped, ben

Well i guess i got it all right:)It indeed sounds intriguing.From what i understood that would look like a square without one frontal wall,and 3 others are made by 1.monitor,2irror facing monitor and one mirror on the top of those two with glass directed downwards.Cool,so we stetting ourselves like cameraman in old days.I guess cloth can be bigger so we can cover our heads with it too looking into “box” made of monitor and 2 mirrors.The goal here is to make 3 dimensional box with us in the middle of it(or close to it).
Just one thought on the end.Wizard-dont misjudge our intentions when some people are being sceptic about it.Even criticall feedback can be very helpfull and help others to understand things better.So keep us posted,you did great job:)

I still don’t understand. for instance, where does the second mirror go?