things to do in a LD...

I have recently developed a list of things to do in a lucid dream in hopes that when i become lucid i will think of something other then sex. that always seems to wake me up. however i’ve ran out of ideas heres my list so far if anyone can give me any other ideas please do.

things to do in a lucid dream:

  1. fly
  2. morph
  3. body swop
  4. skate
  5. play music
  6. try to have an OBE (jump off the edge of the earth)
  7. Get stoned (( i have gotten drunk in a ND and it wos the weirdest feeling so why not))
    :cool: see in 360 degrees
  8. morph into a dragon
  9. explore space
  10. kill people i don’t like
  11. fight people with swords and such.
  12. creat a fantisy world
  13. debate with myself
  14. do magic
  15. have victor wooten teach me how to play bass
  16. grow an eye in the middle of my forhead
  17. jump off a tall building
  18. turn invisable
  19. grow really big and terrorize a city godzilla style
  20. do a backflip ((this should be the first thing i do considering how overjoyed i will be once i can hold my lucidity))
  21. dig a hole through the earth, end up in china
  22. creat crazy crosses between different types of animals ((like half cat half bat))
  23. relive situations where i wish i had done something aside from what i did

anyway, THere it is as it stands now. hopfully it gave you some ideas too.

  1. Manipulate time into slow-mo and do matrix-like acrobatics :cool_laugh:

Actually, I personally ran backwards in a high street and did backwards somersaults and they went pretty slow. Your decision whether you find that boring or relaxing. I loved it!

Topics like that are very helpful for people losing motivation (well, I find it very helpful :smile: ) They show thousands of reasons to LD!
Maybe this topic should be made sticky, what do you think?

  1. Fight 100 Agent Smiths

(If you haven’t seen Matrix Reloaded n/m then)

  1. Completely control time, like prince of persia does. It’s so much fun.
  2. Eat people, and see what flesh tastes like.

eat people… Free cube i like your way of thinking. Though i wounder what it would be like eating them whole like a snake… oh cool!

  1. eat something whole like a snake.((don’t eat a snake whole rather, eat like a snake))

thats a good idea pav. How does something become a sticky i wonder?

oh heres one i picked up from one of losvedir’s posts.

  1. teach your self to have perfect pitch.((If you don’t know what that is Read the thread about musical notes in intro to…))

32)i would love to swim like a dolphin, jumping out of the water doing flips and stuff
33)eat a giant grape
34)be a cartoon

wow. what is there not to do?

things i have to do:

become a tree

oh oh. How about:
35) Make radiowaves visible. I bet that would look really cool.

becoming a tree sounds interest that will go as 31) on my list sence it was skipped

we already have a topic for this… as it seems ppl keep overlooking it i have made it sticky now:

maybe you can add your list there, you will find some inspiration as well.