This may sound crazy=/

Does anyone think its possible that after we die we are in a lucid dream world?
if so
Would you be alone, or would there be other “lucid dreamers(?)”

ive been having thoughts about this lately

did you get this from waking life if not you should watch it

i personally think its a very good theory

Whether or not its actually possible, I have no idea. But that is what I want to believe. It’d make dying less scary.

That is quite right.
For me tho, simply believing is hard without proof. I’d need some good convincing.

I’m no nihilist, but I don’t really beleive in anything, however this theory is what appeals to me the most.

I can see this turning into a ‘what happens when we die’ war… :confused:
Lol… aw well, there quite interesting, as nobody has any evidence to supprt their theory.
Though… ghosts. I know their real, had contact with them. [not in a 6th sense way, :tongue:] Just done some table tipping :content:
But…mhmm… that doesnt fit in with any thoeries i have about i guess mines wrong … :sad:
But i think the best thing would be if we all got what we beleived in … if you get me.
Then everyones happy! :smile:
Meh, i beleive in karma though. Or maybe its just an illusion on the mind? I may make a topic on this…
/me runs off and makes one.

According to NDE desciptions, after dying may be even better or quite a nightmare.
I wouldn’t be too much affirmative about this subtil subject, but there are some (little?) similarities between some NDE and LD reports, and I’m sure that lucid dream gives indeed a small outline of how one may feel when living out of the body / without the body. Well as far as we consider there is still someone to feel something, witch constitute, after all, only a personnal belief.


Sure, why not?

Keep in mind that you are asking us to speculate about the nature of life after death, as such that’s all it is: speculation. We can know more know what happens after death than we can understand how time works or how the universe was formed.

I must write here, “life after death” is very interesting!
I, personally, wouldn’t mind being in a lucid dream after death, but imagining how it would work is a bit too much for me right now. Sure beats sitting around in a tropical rain forest, eating fruits or suffering in an inferno… especially the last one :anx:!
Nonexistence might not be that bad either, not having to worry about silly things…

I find that not quite true. There are people who might eventually find out the last two, but what happens after death is anybody’s guess.

If you die than your brain stops working, so you can’t think anymore and you can have no lucid dreams. IMO…

Lucid dream may have learned you that you are NOT your brain.
Indeed in a lucid dream, do you feel to be the dream character you encounter? No for sure. Do you know what he will answer to you? Neither.
But these are from your brain. So you is a different entity than your brain. I think this is undeniable as you aren’t able to know everything that your brain contain.

What could be debatable is : may this you keep existing without your brain. Very interesting question, not to be answered here!

I started pondering the whole “life after death” thing this morning while I was in the car, on the way to school. I took my religion’s views into scope, then my own doubts and worries (especially about the freaky concept of non-existence)… then I started feeling uncomfortably philosophical for a Friday, so I blasted it out of my head with classic rock. That’s how these things work for me :grin: . I figure that I’ll find out eventually… or not, if I cease to exist… runs for his AC/DC

I hope so, I just dont want to be reincarnated again. I would atleast like to spend some time in this lucid state before coming back. I think we might all stay in the lucid dream until we decide we want to go back to the school that we call life. I think maybie no matter how bad your life may be we learn the truth when we die, and we want to come back, and do it again. Its like the ride seemed scary, but damn I want to get back in line, and ride the roller coaster again, because in the end we learn that everything is in its right place rather we realize it or not, but we dont fully realize it until we die, and spend some time in the lucid dream. I just wonder how it will effect us (lucid dreamers) when we die. I allso think we keep alot of what we learn in previous lives, and carry it with us into the next life. Now things our getting entersting, because in this life we have 2012, we just might have a 2012 in every life we live. This might be what our life is all about. A roller coaster with a huge climax that brings on the end of the world, or whatever. Now something funny Ive noticed. Ive noticed that in the past there is allways a warm unseasonbly warm, windy, and overcast day in December, and its usualy around Dec 21. I know this, because it was allways around Christmas vacation when I was going to school. I remmber thinking to myself that it had a allmost apoctolipic magical feel to it. Now Im not saying it happned every Dec, but I myself have noticed it a few times in my life. I allmost feel like Ive done it before. Its hard to explain.

Maybe when you are in a lucid dream from a long time, you may consider being incarnated again as a good thing, who knows?

  1. Not the first time that the end of the world is anticipated.
    Trough I respect this belief/prophecy, I would prefer, if you don’t mind, that you present it as a personnal belief, and not some certainty.

You know…


I think that’d be possible… :smile:
I thought about it yesterday after dancing classes on my way to a girlfriends house… I thought as well, that what we’re experiencing right now might also just be a dream, partially lucid… But like Lucidy_Master said, all we can do is speculate… In “Waking Life” in the part where the protagonist goes to this “Lucid Dreaming Center” someone says “A dream is only real until we wake up…” so how about waking life? I’ve never actually “died” in a dream, I always woke up before it happened… What do you think?


yeah, in that theory is one BIG problem :tongue:
because most scientists and lucid dreamers think, than lucid dreams are only dimention of our brains ;]
so when we will be dead, our brain will not work :tongue: its easy to understand. I believe, than after dead we come to the astral plane or dimentions that are higher than ours :smile:


If you admit the existence of such higher planes or dimensions, why do you reject the simple consideration of lucid dream being a midfield between both physical and such planes?

Let’s be lucid about science : brain activity and dreams are for sure linked. But this doesn’t mean nothing happens in higher planes or dimensions!
If something happens in non material planes or dimension, these things are not avaiable from science (science is based on physical/material measurement).

I’m not claiming that lucid dream could exist without the brain -this I don’t know- but I’m highlighting that no scientific argumentation could demonstrate it as false. That woudl’t be science but just an irrational belief hiding beneath scientific material.

We know were not the only thing in the body, cause im guessing everyone beleives in OBEs/NDEs/APs. If so then obviously this entity separates from our bodies when we die.
And what about SGs? What are they? I reckon after life theres another plane.
But once again, i have no idea how ghosts & the paranormal fit into this theory, since i know they exist. Meh.

I think there are some people in Russia, who say the world will end very soon, living in a cave even now. Or maybe they have given up or been dragged out by now since it was quite a few months ago when I heard about it.
I believe they were holding some people in there against they’re will as well so they weren’t on good terms with the local police. Heh eh hee.
About 2012. For some reason I have a feeling that it actually might be it… hmm.
Once, my mother placed a mug very near the edge of a shelf. It was where people touch very rarely, so my mother thought it was safe to store that mug there. I had a feeling that it WILL fall off and brake, but I was ignored. Later that day it did fall off and brake :content:. Probably just a coincidence but who knows…

Some things may be impossible to prove. Scientists tend to be too critical :hide: . That’s probably why we don’t still know much about the human mind, sleep and other things like that.
A little faith sometimes goes a long way, and nobody will stop you from doing experiments to try proving what you believe in, even though there is chance that what you believe in is wrong, what you find or even don’t find might help future researchers.

Thank you for your replies everyone!

No, actually i’ve never seen it :cry:
I think i’m going to watch it tonight :happy:

Have you ever considered that ghosts arent real and the “table tipping” was caused by something else/maybe someone that is dead(or whatever) and somehow connecting to the “life world”

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Life is crazy. Anything is possible. Glad to be on the ride with you folks.

Well, hey. Thats not a bad theory. Would explain the whole
‘my life flashed before my eyes, 30 years represented in seconds’ Thing.

You know, paranormal. I call them ghosts.
Either way. Theres lots of evidence and witness accounts that swing in favour of ghosts being real [or whatever you call them – people in purgatory]

Thats a point purgatory. What are peoples veiws on that?