Through the mirror...

I don’t know where to put this… So I’ll post it here and maybe a mod will be nice enough to move it wherever it belongs.

I wanted to know what happens to each of you when you step through the mirror. I know that everyone is different, I just wanna hear what you guys have experience before. ^,^

My mirror will break and I will have shards of glass stuck in my body and I will have to be rushed to the emergency room…

But seriously, I have never walked through a mirror in a dream.

I put my fingure in and it feels cool like liquid. It streaches like plastic to a point and then I can walk through. I can streach out a mirror if I need it bigger or get smaller to fit.

It takes me either to: Another dream, or the astral, but it depends on my lucidity. I’ve noticed the lower my clarity the less clear the mirror. So if I remember to increase clarity and lucidity I can have an OBE with a mirror. Otherwise I might just wake up or go on to the next dream image.

when I tried it, i had to push really hard to get through. It was like playdough or something.

Going through is often easy for me and i always experience weird things then…like weird situations or place or worlds.
Always a surprice, love the feeling sometimes when i go through the mirror and it feels like i go through a barrier of liquid metal.

I did it once, and startled a DC when i appeared in her house! She saw me stick my head through her wall. It felt like diving into still water :cool:

Yes that feeling i often have with going through a mirror.
Not always, sometimes i feel nothing and just go through one and enter a different world at the other side.
But you also can give yourself awsome suggestions what to expect at the otherside!

A few weeks ago in a ld i gave myself the suggestion that if i would go through the mirror i would enter the world of my own consciousness and thoughts…haha was so weird, i floated into nothingness zero gravity and saw all clips of my thoughts and memories around me.
Was fun and weird!

It feels like I’m putting my hand into a cool flowing river. I’ve never completely stepped through however.

When I go through it, i mean like really going through it, Alice-through-the-mirror through it, I find myself in something like very cold (yet so comfortable) gelatine with a lot of colours flying around, and then I have a false awakening. However one time I opened the mirror like a door and went through it. I ended up going out of the mirror in my room in the university. The numbers on the clock there were reveresed and the arms were going counterclockwise.

I have never tried that. But I’ve seen myself in mirror many times in LDs though. I should really try going through a mirror and see what happens. I think I’ll make that my goal for my next LD :grin:

I wasn’t really lucid at the time. In one dream I saw a weird mirror that reflected me in a weird way. I was in a basement of some kind of castle or something. I walked into the mirror and I ended up in an empty place. After a few seconds the landscape took form and I was in some kind of waistland with skeletons everywhere. At that moment I became lucid and changed the landscape into a park. :thumbs:

move to other place…

I never walked trought a mirror… I hope I’ll do in my next LD… I always forget to do what I planned in my LD’s.

when reading the title of this thread, I thought it was about the old LD4all forum, hehe :smile:

I have used to go through mirror in 2 LD’s. Unfortunately i ended up in the same room i started every time. Probably it’s because it was my childhood home bedroom mirror and i “knew” what is behind of it. But it’s still fun to step through it and i usually have almost no problem with that. Today at first i was able to put my hand through it, but not the whole body. In second attempt i smoothly went through it: hand first, then my body. I only needed to bow my head, because the mirror was bit shorter than me :tongue:

What i can say with confidence is: if you are FULLY aware that you are in LD and that in LD you can step through it, you can step through mirror easily. For example i had some problems with flying in LD before (sometimes could, sometimes not) until i started to FORCE myself to fly - “This is a dream and i MUST be able to fly in dream, so i will fly!”. Now i just DO it and it succeeds. The same goes about mirror.

But i think i need to find dream mirror that is not located with my RL mirror, so the element of unknowingness what lies behind it remains.

I push and push on mirrors/TVs I see in my LDs and never can get through. Its like trying to push through a wall IRL. :mirror:

I know what you mean about the thickness. I’ve never stepped through a mirror, but I have put my arm through a car window and a countertop before and felt the cool water like sensation you guys mentioned. I tried to go through the tv into a cartoon once, but it felt like I was just squeezing into a box and not into another world.

I have read that one of the reality checks you can do is to try and go thru a mirror in your dreams. The reason I bring this up is that i saw a movie A Simple Wish staring Martin Short where a witch got stuck in a mirror and was trapped. Maybe im wrong but I think that mirrors can be dangerous maybe not if your dreaming but it kind of makes me guess. Mickey Mouse had a cartoon where he went thru a mirror also but I havent seen that in along time. Im not trying to make mirrors sound dangerous but it would be nice to hear some imput on the subject.

The mirror is going to do whatever you’re expecting it to. Yours might suck you in since you think it’ll do that, but another person’s would just allow them to travel through. (or bump your fingers against the glass like mine :content: )

This thread is an oldie but a goodie.
The time I looked through a mirror in a LD was one of the most shocking experiences of my entire dreamlife. I was fully expecting to put my head through and enter a mirror world of some sort, with a few things changed in odd ways. After a failed attempt, I took a few breaths and put my hand through, then my head. The second my head was through, I was in completely alien dimension. What popped into my head at the time was the idea that I had put my head into an atom: I heard a really loud electric buzzing and saw an infinite black void with incredibly bright neon blue curving lines that I thought were superstrings. I was shocked awake almost instantly.

Can’t wait to do that again!