Tibetan Dream Yoga


I’ve searched for a while and I can’t seem to find a good topic or site about Tibetan Dream Yoga.

I know a little of it, but I haven’t found any helpful topics on where to begin

I’ve tried a meditation version of lucid dreaming, which isn’t WILD, and isn’t much of anything else I’ve found.

I’m pretty sure the Dream Yoga is like my meditation idea, but now I’m asking y’all if you know anything about it, or know any sites.

Thank you everyone, very much :][/b]

Could you explain your meditation idea? Also, if you enter a lucid state from meditation, that would be considered WILD as you are going from a waking state strait to lucidity.

But there are ways (via meditation) that aren’t nessesarily WILD. I would like to hear more on this if you could find more info

I’m sure if you emailed the lucidity.com staff, they would be much obliged to give you information on Tibetan Dream Yoga. Lucidity.com is lucid dreaming research center website if you didn’t know. Now that you mention it I’m going to try contacting them to see if they will give me information.

natural-connection.com/resou … _yoga.html

Yeah I do dream yoga, been doing so since-- look in sig

All it is, is staying in every moment of the day. Maybe even contemplating if this very second is a dream, and that life is a dream. It’s mainly focus on the here and now, things around you.

Some useful links.

I have a book with an article on Tibetan Dream Yoga written by Stephen Laberge.
(i havent had much discussion with the recent members on LD’s…you guys know who Laberge is right?)

I’ll see if I can find it online…lemme see here…

not yet…found this though…amazon.com/gp/product/156455 … _product_t op

and this…lucidity.com/DreamYoga.html

but not my Laberge article.

So, anybody who does dream yoga out there have any success with LD’s from it?

Check out The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. It is truly an excellent book and instructional manual by a dream Master.

This link has been already in ld4all but I add it again


Tarab Tulku also guided me to the practice of lucid dreaming.


dream yoga is good for when we go to sleep,
but the highest thing is to clean the entire energy system up in all the bodies
so that one can simply leave the body when they wish to, through the top of the head

essentially, being conscious in dreams does not have a strong tendency to produce spiritual consciousness or greatly improve the well-being of the self in waking life, although possible and practicing dream yoga is excellent

meditation is like being able to do the same thing any-time you wish.

it is instructed by Shiva in a very long discourse on many ways to meditate that to project awareness in the heart as one is drifting off to sleep will make one a master of dreams.
the third eye center also helps to maintain awareness without losing consciousness, and hence this website sums up a good technique

but the lower Kingdom of the 7 chakras is nothing compared to the upper kingdom, with the crown chakra being by far the most important center for spiritual realization.

If one studies the Dream Yoga’s they will find that they are about maintaining a state of meditation throughout the entirety of life and death. Though perhaps we are discussing Dream Yoga from differing esoteric traditions. It is an extremely powerful way of attaining spiritual realization and enlightenment. It also was never intended to be practiced by itself. Dream Yoga is not just a LD practice.
As a cultivator I personally disagree with the statement that the crown is the most important chakra for spiritual realization. Without the proper cultivation of all chakras and bodies realizations can not be attained. In many alchemical systems there tends to be a general disregard or disrespect for the lower centers and world. This is understandable considering the types of attachments that are associated with them. Many of these traditions while transmitting some very powerful techniques are very fire path oriented and tend to be focused on escape. Getting away from the physical world and running away out the crown. It would be wonderful if more Yogis focused on attaining the higher states in this deminsion and manifesting Heaven on Earth.
That said, thanks so much for the post I love so many Vedic systems.

thank you very much!

arguably the heart is most important for humanity as a whole,

and the crown only for serious seekers of full manifestation of the Kingdom

it is indeed so, it can become escapism, when one may be better suited to Karma yoga, seeking after Raja or basic asceticism,
this seeking coming and arising from dispassion, a dispassion which comes from the third chakra
and a stifled willpower that WANTS something, doesn’t believe it can have it (lack) so goes into spiritual seclusion as a form of rebellion
not necessarily succeeding

these trends are evident in me.

I have always been particulary interested in the Indian systems that fully utilize the conception vessel as well as the governing. Completeing the flow and cooling and grounding the heavenly qi in the earthly plane and body. I have found it so much easier to carry a meditative state throughout my day and life this way. There are even some Kriya systems that do so. I wish I could remember names. The ones I am thinking of are along the Silk road and undoubtedly shared with Taoist Sages.
As far as the comment about the heart, sure. In Chinese Mysticism we would say the Hun or the ethereal soul resides in the liver but also the upper, middle and lower dantians. The middle hun is the spiritual drive to be of service to humanity and the universe.

I am not very familiar with these terminologies,

you are speaking of using the downward current of energy flow, from heaven to earth, rather than upward ?

My kriya school does this however it also raises kundalini up the spine

the position of the palms is always down that, in meditation, the energy flows and grounds, rather than opens to psychic and dissolving within it, and it is very peaceful and liberating.

this requires the beginning of a new thread as the language becomes too complicated although still loosely connected to Dream Yoga.

I will pose then, Yogananda said that if every person would adopt yoga (meaning his Kriya meditation) we would have world peace

however I do not see that many minds wish to leave the body at all, and simply want meditation that produces clarity and reduces stress, which is what the yoga does, but it does more than that in time.

there is a fear in me for some reason that asks these questions.

The governing vessel is the same as the channel that you use to draw the energy up the spine. The entirety of its flow actually comes to just below the nose. In Taoist alchemy and many other systems we would cycle the energy back down through the channel that runs from the governing under the nose down the front of the body to the perineum(the conception vessel). The back channel is more associated with fire, masculine, yang and the front or conception vessel more associated with yin, cool, water and feminine energy. Therefore we would balance and harmonize evolutionary and Heavenly qi through both energy channels and ground it in the lower dantian. There is of course a great deal more we do with these meridians.

I thought Yogananda attained the state of Rainbow body. Is that not so?

i have not heard much about rainbow body,
recalled reading it in some Buddhist explorations I did

but never heard about Yogananda,
he attained nirvikalpa samadhi,
i do not know which dimension he ascended to, what his highest attainment and level was.

I believe the classification for the Rainbow body in Vedic traditions would be Paramukta or supremely free. One who has ascended fully yet can take a physical form at will as an Avatar. Babaji fits in here.
I actually looked up and was mistaken Yogananda did not reach this state. His body however did not decay at all in the twenty days before cremation. There is a letter from the mortuary in L.A.

I am very curious to discuss Bhakti yoga
it is said the highest way to full liberation is the simple chanting of the maha mantra

I have only heard of Bhakti Yoga. Have you trained this method? You study and train Kriya Yoga right?