Time in Lucid Dreaming

Hey everyone. It has passed two years since i started my quest to lucidity and i actually had one lucid dream, but after some time i stoped. Now, im very interested again and i hope this time i won´t stop in the middle again.

Some time ago i was reading a topic about how long can a lucid dream last in a night. Some said it looks like hours or even last a day or more .

My big question is: If for example you have a lucid dream ( one night in the real world) and it looks like you are lucid for days, would it alter your time perception when you awake up in the real world? Also, would it affect your memory? For example, i study something in the real world, and then i go to sleep and have a lucid dream in that night and looks like it was 2 days dreaming. Would i forget the stuff i have studied in the real world when i awake up after having such a long LD?

Thanks in advantage for any answer and sorry if this question looks too stupid :tongue:

don’t worry, there are no stupid questions :content:
i’m pretty sure that altering the dreamtime doesn’t alter your time pperception IRL and your memory at all, or at least to no noticable level
anyway, here’s the link for a trick called the “dreamclock”:
ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … ht=#628810

you’re not alone :happy:

I can see why it would feel like you might “miss” time… totally natural to wonder about that! I think it’s ok, as in the LD, it probably feels longer, because you’re cutting from one scene to the next, just like in a film, without doing all that boring, walking from one place to another that you do IRL.

I had my first WILD last week. It was an accidental WBTB scenario… I looked at my phone when I fell asleep, and went straight into the LD, and woke up from it an hour later. It felt like I was there for a day! But I distinctly remember disappearing from one place and appearing in another. I remember the entire thing, and to add it up is only an hour’s worth of memories. Great memories though!

You have nothing to worry about! In fact, if you’re studying, it might even help your mind consolidate the things you’ve learned :smile:

I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, because even “boring walks” are exciting in a lucid dream. :tongue: