To get dreaming

Hello! :smile:

I’m new here at LD4all!
I’ve heard about this and I begin to be intrested directly.

I have just a question if I’m not remember my dreams. How much time can it take to I’m begin to remeber my dreams all night?

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Greetings Gogo, and welcome to the forums!

My first question is: are you keeping a dream journal? If not then I’d suggest starting one right away. A dream journal is going to be very useful in your quest for lucidity, and it will improve your dream recall and vividness greatly.

To address your question, though: it really depends. For some people, getting good dream recall takes months. For others it’s weeks or maybe days. It really depends on how motivated you are and how much you’re willing to work towards it. However, don’t get stressed out if it doesn’t come to you right away. Just be patient and stay motivated and eventually you’ll start to get great recall.

Thanks for answer!

I’ve begin with this in this week and I have not remember any dreams yet.
But when I remember any dream I should write a Dream journal.
I know that I often remembers dreams when I have worked with one thing in a longer time.
I’m very motivated and gonna spend lot of time to learn it.

I have one question again.
When I am trained to maximum lucidity (if I can) do I need to still write dream journals?

I would say yes, just to keep your dream recall at a good level. However, if you feel like your recall is good enough where you don’t need to write dreams down, that would be fine if you wanted to do that. Basically, whatever works for you is what you should do.

Okay, great.

I have some good news. I was dreaming tonight or I think it was at the morning hours exactly before I wake.
So I have write a dream journal about that i remember. But it was a very unclear.

Good job, Gogo. Any result is a good result. With lucid dreaming, progress is often slow, but having progress at all is a very good sign. Just keep at it. :smile:

Yeah thanks!

I’m gonna update here if it I am still dreaming other days.

I was dreaming again last night. And this dream was more detailed and I remember some sentences who people saying.
It´s feels like I´m slowly begins to remember more! :smile:

I make it a rule for myself that I have to write down something in my dream journal every time I wake up, even if it’s just “this felt like a happy dream” or “something was green” or “talking to some people” or whatever. I think this trains your brain to realize that these dream memories are important, because your subconscious realizes they are going to be recorded later. I don’t worry about possibly putting down false impressions, because if you put something down and it’s not accurate, that will make your brain even more motivated to remember, because your subconscious will know that you put down something wrong, and want to correct it.

Also visualising before going to sleep that you’ll remember your dreams when you, for instance, turn off your alarm clock of pick up your dream journal may help trigger your memory.

Another trick is to make sure you sleep enough hours (at least 7) and figure out when your REM phases roughly happen. Sometimes waking up 30 minutes earlier can make a huge difference.

totlly agreed on ths for me sometimes i go to bed just like half an hour later than normall and i remember nothing so time is very important

good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for all tips! :smile:
I gonna test some of them.

Exactly what I do. I always recommend this to people who want to start remembering there dreams.

I have also do that at one dream. I woke up about 5am just one hour before I should go up.
I think it´s a great routine.

This morning was really fun I wake up at 6 and I just go up and eating breakfast. But I don´t remember any dreams.
And then I go to the bus and when I’m sitting on the bus and rests.
When I come to what I dreamed about that night. It was really cool when I just got a flashback like that :smile:

Just like everything, practice makes perfect. If you remember one tiny little segment of it, or even just get a feeling of deja vu, you can focus on that and eventually you will slowly remember the entire dream. Try to remain still while you’re doing this, it helps.

That’s what I do as well. I often wake up and don’t remember anything, but after a few minutes of laying down I remember a tiny detail of a dream. Then I just continue asked myself, what happened before that, and before that, and before that, and before that…slowly you’ll remember the whole dream by just questioning yourself what happened before/after the part that you remember. Last week I had a dream in which I walked through half my village and could remember my whole dream by simply retracing the path I had walked in reverse. Also today I thought I would have an empty page in my DJ after waking up, but 10 minutes later the whole page was filled.

It’s going really good for me now! :smile:
I remember 3 dreams in a row the latest nights.
That’s a big process for me

Good to hear it’s going well. :smile:

Whenever I get out of practice for a few months it takes me about two to three weeks to go from almost nothing to 3-4 dreams a night, but every time I start off again it’s a little faster than before. So you’re making really good progress.

Maybe you’ll even get to the point where you’ll remember more than 6 dreams a night soon. I find that if I make an effort to at least mention (even if just in one sentence) every dream I recall in my journal, I’ll start remembering a whole lot more than 3-4 per night.

Right now though, I’m only on my second day of getting into the habit of lucid dreaming again, but I already recalled several dreams last night. I guess all my past practice is helping me out.