To those who Lucid dream at will: what's your secret?

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I just wanted to ask you guys what your secret was. How did you get to this point and how long did it take you guys? Thanks a ton!

I would look into Lucid Living, seems to be a great way to get Lucid Dreams. It Also appears to takes lots of time and experience to be able to Lucid Dream at will. I also wouldn’t put the title of this in Caps.

The keys to lucid dreaming are:

Motivation: Never give up, even when you fail. Keep at it and cherish the successes. Reading about other peoples’ experiences can help. It’s also helpful to have a clear reason why you want to LD. What are your lucid goals?

Confidence: Belief in yourself is huge. I always say that techniques are the stepping stones to confidence. You take a lucid pill in a dream to help you because you believe it will work. And the whole point of MILD and autosuggestion is repeating something until you believe it. People feel confident when they have techniques and tools to assist them but you have the power to LD without them. Your confidence is what makes them work.

Awareness: Finally, awareness is most important in all aspects of LD’ing. The point of a RC is to make yourself aware that something is off. In MILD you are aware of your intentions and in my case my strong will and excitement to LD, and in WILD you must be passively aware of your forming dream as you fall asleep. It’s the basis of the lucid mindset which Robert Waggoner discusses in his “Secret to Frequent Lucid Dreamers” which, instead of a RC, focuses on a critical question. ‘What was I just doing? How did I get here? Does this make sense?’ This enables the dreamer to become more aware of the world around him and develop a more questioning nature. Doing a RC without awareness kind of defeats the point.
Lucid Living is a step beyond that. If life feels like a dream, you will always be lucid. You are very aware of what you are doing, why it makes sense, your senses, and most importantly, your emotions. Your emotions are what motivate you and enables you to be confident. See how this comes full circle? :wink:

My Path to getting where I am was that I came here with about 1-2 LD’s naturally every 1-2 months. I was certainly motivated knowing there were techniques to induce this wonderful experience. I also came with a lot of confidence knowing I had had LD’s without the techniques, so surely I would no doubt get a LD with them. The first technique I used was WILD (which is not usually recommended for newbs), but it worked for me since I fell asleep fast and managed to keep aware.
I became addicted to LD’ing the first months here and got quite a few using any technique I could. I had success with them all with my confidence and never really let the failures get to me. Of course, this was also a chaotic time in my life so escape was a huge motivating factor. If I didn’t get a LD that night, I would sometimes nap. It became quite excessive.
I was under so much stress at the time that I had hallucinations and paranoia. All I could do was escape. After trying the techniques, I realized all I had to do was be confident and I was probably gonna LD. I started using the techniques only when convenient (eg. WILD naps or WBTB if I woke up anyway)

In an attempt to deal and sort out my life, I developed a questioning nature. Having hallucinations made me ask myself if certain things were realistic. “There’s are spiders all over the class but no one sees them… They must not be real.” I would ironically get dreams of dismissing things as hallucinations. Then it occurred to me that I could use the same questioning logic with dreams. I started developing the lucid mindset before Robert Waggoner even wrote about it.
I asked myself at dream signs, “Does this make sense? How did I get here? What was I just doing?”. As the frequency of my DILD’s increased, I added more and more dream signs to the list. Every time I’d miss something odd in a dream, I made a mental note to question it next time. Soon my list of dream signs grew so big, I became lucid every night because anything illogical would just tip me off that I was dreaming. In addition, I would also replay my day and search for gaps in my memory. This was excellent combat against false memories.

The real “Lucid Living” shift came when it occurred to me that anything could be a dream sign. The couch I was sitting on. It felt real, but it also felt real in a dream. The ground I was standing on, the air I was breathing, the emotions I was very much aware of. I could be dreaming. And then suddenly, it just all felt like a dream. There’s a certain state of mind that comes with questioning. This sense of lucidity and awareness. It never turned off after that. Life still feels like a dream. I’m lucid right now.

I stopped getting non lucid dreams. Now I just wake up in the dream aware. I’m not sure you can say that I’m one of the people who lucid dream “at will”. I don’t really know how to stop. :razz:

Anyway, I hope this was helpful.
(No doubt it’ll be helpful for me as I can just link this post to everyone who asks me the same questions. XD)

It was first attempt and it is this technique: Click
:gni: Its very easy and VERY effective :gni:

Read whole topic carefully.

Wow. Thanks a lot for this post, Wyvern :happy:

There’s another example of how awareness is important. :tongue:

Thanks so much everyone!!! Wyvern, that was a great post thanks! :content: When you go about your RL are you saying that you are just constantly thinking that it could possibly be a dream? Are you just constantly in a state of thought that you could be sleeping right now? I get everything you are saying but just wondering how to apply this Lucid Living technique in my life. Thanx!! :grin:

Wow, Wyv. That’s an amazing post. But one question, why would you ever want to not have a lucid dream? :razz:

Oh, and I’m taking the LL mindset info by Robert and blending it with some theories that I gained from WritersCube and that you just reinforced with your post. I will be aiming to LL, but I will only use the critical question to bring on that feeling of awareness. Instead of using the critical question, overtime I’m going to aim to hold on to that feeling of being constantly aware which will consequently result in my being totally aware.

And if you’re curious as to what you said that supported my theory,

Gonna add a comment on that as soon as I can, but now, I have to go eat supper! :wink:

awareness…confidence…yes these are the keys - you got it -

I found it just the opposite. The more i am aware in dream, the more and more i’m aware in RL.
No doubt this LL technique is greatest benefit of all.
Awareness is the key to power.

Some strange muse told me that this is something related to LL:

[spoiler]by Gustav Meyrink, Green Face
The key that will make us masters of our inner nature has been rusty ever since the Flood. The secret is to be awake.To be awake is everything. Man is firmly convinced that he is awake; in reality he is caught in a net of sleep and dreams which he has unconsciously woven himself.
The tighter the net, the heavier he sleeps. Those who are trapped in its meshes are the sleepers who walk through life like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse, indifferent and without a thought in their heads. Seen through the meshes, the world appears to the dreamers like a piece of lattice-work: they only see misleading apertures, act accordingly, and are unaware that what they see are simply the debris of an enormous whole. These dreamers are not, as you may perhaps think, dwellers in a world of fantasy and poets. They are the everyday men, the workers, the restless ones, consumed by a mad desire for restelssness. They are like those beetles which laboriously climb all the way up along a pipe, only to plunge down into it again as soon as they have reached the top. They say they are awake, but what they think life is, is really only a dream, every detail of which is fixed in advance and independent of their free will.

There have been, and still are, a few men who have known that they were dreaming.

To be awake is everything.

The first step towards this state is so simple that any child could take it. Only those who have been misled have forgotten how to walk, and stay paralyzed on their two feet because they do not want to throw away the crutches they have inherited from their predecessors.

To be awake is everything.

Keep awake whatever you are doing! Do not imagine that you are already awake. No - you are asleep and dreaming.

Gather all your strength together and fill your body for a moment with the feeling (but not the thought !!): Now I am awake ! If you can do this successfully, then you will at once perceive that the state in which you were before was merely one of somnolence. This is the first step on the long, long journey that leads from servitude to freedom.
Go on, then, advancing from one awakening to another. There are no tormenting thoughts that you cannot in this way get rid of. They will be left behind and will not be able to trouble you any more. You will be as high above them as the crown of a tree is above the withered branches below. Your pains will fall away from you like dead leaves from a tree when you feel your whole body, mind and soul is awake.

The Brahmans’ icy baths, the sleepless nights of the disciples of Buddha and the Christian ascetics, the self-inflicted tortures of the Hindu fakirs are nothing other that the ossified rites which indicate that it was here that the temple of those who strove to stay awake originally stood. Read the sacred writings of all the peoples on Earth. Through all of them runs, like a red thread, the hidden Science of attaining and maintaining wakefulness. It is the ladder of Jacob who fought all through the “night” (sleep) with the angel of the Lord until the “day” (wakefulness) broke and he was victorious.

You must climb from one rung to another if you want to conquer death. The lowest rung is called: genius.
What are we to call the higher ones? They are hidden from the mass of mankind and looked upon as legends.
The story of Troy was thought to be a legend until one day a man had the courage to start excavating by himself.

The first enemy you will meet with on this road to wakefulness will be your own body. It will fight you until the first cock-crow. But if you can glimpse the dawn of eternal wakefulness which will put a gulf between you and those somnambulists who think that they are men and who are unaware that they are gods asleep, then sleep will leave your body too, and the Universe will be at your feet. Then you will be able to work miracles, if you wish so, and you will no longer be compelled, like a humble slave, to wait until some god or goddess is kind enough to shower gifts upon you, or to cut off your head.

This goal can and must be attained in this life. But even if this does not happen, remember that he who has found the way once, always returns to this world with an internal maturity that enables him to continue his work.[/spoiler]

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Wow, wyvern, I din’t know about the hallucinations :bored: Great to see you turned that into something positive!

I’ve actually had some weird things happen to me lately (not close to seeing spiders, but anyway). Things like writting down my dreams and then feeling like I’m losing my mind when it’s not there. (I’ve written down dreams in a FA many times, but this was different, somehow…) I hope I can still use that to increase awareness, even though I’ve been lazy :razz: Sometimes it seems that becoming and remaining more aware demands a lot of energy from me… I’ve still done some auto-suggestion and meditation at night, but trying to enter the right mindset makes me feel so tired and weak :eh: I’m probably doing it wrong then lol I should try to become really confident without that tired feeling…