Too scared to LD

so there is only a small chance of me experiencing ‘old hag’?

I think thats funny. LOL, I mean that would suck, because now your LDing, and you wasted them because you didnt know what they were. I can relate

First off : I know there are other topics about this but it’s kinda different…

I really want to become lucid, but all this just totally freaks me out !
It’s not the strange noises or the old hag (actually it’s those too) it’s just dreaming… it’s just what’s paranormal (if we can call LD paranormal) These sort of things tend to freak me out… I was visiting a paranormal forum before and after reading a few of their stories my eyes just started to leak… same here…

I really want to be able to LD but it just scares the hell outta me…

Any tips or whatever… advice… I dunno :neutral:

The only thing you have to know is that it’s 100% safe. You’re dreaming, so nothing is real and nothing can hurt you. It’s all in your mind. Saying LD’ing is dangerous is like saying dreaming itself is dangerous. Nothing to worry about, nothing at all. :smile:

Welcome btw! :wave:

Hmmm… yeah… I guess so…

Thanks for your help… Can’t wait to get my first LD !! Although I’m gonna have to practice…

Good things come to those who wait. It really is fun once you get the hang of it. :grin:

Btw, you should introduce yourself in The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - Part XX topic in the Gathering.

unless you dream about falling out the window, and you’re really sleep walking… :tongue:

Let’s hope that if he’s sleep walking, he’s done something about it by now. :tongue: (And doesn’t leave the windows open! :razz:)

I wouldn’t say that LD is paranormal. It is scientifically backed.
There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a LD.
Don’t be freaked out by any of the dreams you read here. They are only dreams. And having a LD is reason to be comforted in knowing that you can control your surroundings whereas in a ND you can’t.

I’m afraid you’re right… :content:

That’s why you’re paralysed whilst dreaming :wink:.

First if all, i wanna make it clear that LD-s are [u][i]NOT[/u][/i] dangerous. It’s exactly the same as saying normal dreams (ND) would be dangerous. When lucid in your dreams, you are aware of the fact that your current surroundings are just a dream in your mind. Nothing, absolutely nothing can harm you, you are the one to control your dreams. You are the commander in your dreams, the “Head Leading General” of all “Head Leading Generals”.

Beware though, as if you are having a nightmare, your fear feeds the evil. Know that you’re dremaing and nothing can harm you, then confront the nightmare.

Welcome, btw.

Aye I know… it’s just when I think of scary stuff or have nighmares it’s often the same thing :

I walk into a pitch black room and stay there for a while… Then I decide to turn the lights on… and when I do so, there is this person, with a twisted face, with a horrible stare just standing in the middle of the room… then I wake up…

I know that lucid dreams aren’t dangerous… It’s just the tought of this dream, and the old hag n’ stuff… brrr

Hi Sharki! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Every beginner may have his own reason to be scared of LD’ing. That’s why I think it could be interesting to collect the different reasons in a “Too scared to LD” topic. So I’ll merge your topic into it. :content:

Your fear is irrationnal as you suppose LD’ing is paranormal. It isn’t. It’s just dream plus consciousness. I suppose that when you’ll realize that, your fears will disappear.

About old hag: I said few posts above that very few people have old hag hallucinations. Either you have the sleep paralysis trouble, and you see old hag without even lucid dreaming ; or you don’t have the sleep paralysis trouble, and you’re likely to never have such strong hallucinations.

And about nightmares, you have to realize that nightmares are normal dreams. In a lucid dream, you have more chances to turn a nightmare into a pleasant dream. So that lucid dreaming is less frightening that normal dreams! :happy:

I don’t care anymore… I want to become lucid… I’m reading the “While” part of the site… And all the things he says just makes me want to have a lucid dream…

Then good luck on your quest of lucid dreaming! :smile:

Thanks :happy: I just can’t wait for my first LD…

Although I read somewhere (can’t remember now) That with WILD you could hear stuff… Some kind of HI but for the ears… Is this true ?

You’re right. I’m giving some explanation in this thread:
[url]My first amazing try]
And in this thread, there are 3 links towards hypnagogic sounds topics:
[url]not relaxing while falling asleep?]

It didn’t happen to everybody though. I would like to have such funny stuff, but I just had it once. :sad: I was repeating a sentence during WILD when I heard it like it was said by a girl in my room.

yeh, when I found otu about LDing I was totally encaptured, quite the opposite from scared

if you can use logic, think about what a lucid dream is. I mean, in a lucid dream, you control it. If a demon or something appears, mame it! lol! but really just materialize a shotgun or something