Too tired

Whenever i go to bed i try to do MILD but most of the time now im too tired and i just curl up and fall asleep. Any ideas?

That only happens when I try WILD. I used to be able to get to the HH stage fairly easily. Now I just fall asleep. The only thing to suggest is to try and get more sleep…

If i were you, i’d use the Darxide method, a WILD or MILD when you wake up at night, and you still can sleep.

The first thing I would do is try to get more sleep so that you are not as tired. However, if this is impossible or impractical then it comes down to a matter of will and concentration, you just have to stay focused on your intention even if you want to drift into random thoughts. Keep in mind that with MILD you fall asleep just like normal, only with a different thought in your head.

DeadDuck - I’m not sure the darxide method would be any more effective simply because when Darxide is using it he still needs the intention at the beginning of the night.

You always get to the HH stage before you fall asleep, you just don’t notice it, that’s like some people saying they don’t dream, everyone dreams, some people just don’t remember it.

Sorry for going off topic, HotRoot, my idea is to let them come to you, if you are too tired to do a WILD then try not to think about lucid dreams and eventually a DILD will come to you. That’s how I had my first, and alot of my others

[color=darkblue]But you knew what I meant. Also- not everyone gets HH before they sleep…[/color]

[color=darkblue]In my experience, DILD’s don’t just come to you. Sometimes they do but you can’t count on this method to get a DILD. I suppose not practicing any techs but occasionally reading about LD and posting here can be enough for some people.

I also agree with Lucidity_Master. You shouldn’t get any more tired if you are trying MILD/DILD since all you are doing is falling asleep as normal after practicing techs during your waking hours and perhaps keeping a DJ.

The problem with tiredness and loss of concentration should only really be a factor when practicing WILD or WBTB[/color]

I meant the hypnagogic state in general not the hallucinations in it.

That’s enough for me, and since anybody reading what I said obviously does come here the next step would be to let them come to you, would it not?

all but 2 of my LD’s have been DILD’s, a DILD also depends on the ND it’s self, that’s mainly what I meant by let them come to you, somethng in the dream causes you to realize you are dreaming, for instance you see somethng from another dream and think to yourself “That looks like somehing I saw in dream of mine… DUH! I am dreaming”

[color=darkblue]But HH includes the hallucinations, hence why it is called hypnagogic hallucinations . You have to be aware to hallucinate. [/color]

[color=darkblue]No. I think most people need to practice a little before they can expect to LD or at least come here regularly. Not everyone has LD’s just come to them. You may, but you do not represent everyone…[/color]

[color=darkblue]Not everyone realises they are dreaming so easily. For some, they must RC during the day to remember to question their dream like that. Most people just accept what they see in their dream, no matter how ludicrous.[/color]

Yeah it is odd the way most of us just accept that it is a dream no matter the situation. A while back I had a FA and had gone outside and my city was being overrun by dinosaurs. My rationalization: “Uh oh, the new zoo animals must have escaped”

You can get better at recognizing dreams if you do RC’s frequently, but also it helps to keep a dream journal and categorize dream signs in it. After that you can be sure to perform an RC whenever you’re in a situation similar to a frequent dreamsign.

[color=darkblue]:rofl: I rationalise too. It is very annoying! Some of my rationalisations were stupid at best![/color]

[color=darkblue]Yes, I miss a lot of DS’s because I never do RC’s during the day. I don’t really get the time but I do keep and DJ and try to identify the DS’s.[/color]

Why don’t you have time for RC’s? They only take about 15 seconds per one.

Umm not to be rude but EXCUSE ME people.More people have responded to

“That only happens when I try WILD. I used to be able to get to the HH stage fairly easily. Now I just fall asleep. The only thing to suggest is to try and get more sleep…”

Than they have to mine.