Tree of Life

I would love to hear about any experiences related to the Tree of Life,
whether in LD, ND, a meditative state, reading, or waking phenomena, or any ol’ thing that’s out there. Anything goes, it’s all about sharing…

The inspiration for this comes from personal life experience in the light of a gnostic perception of the Tree of Life. In other words, seeing the Cosmos through the eyes of the Infinite; an indescribable state of being, which we later do our best to capture in words.

I also want to thank Eonnn for his inpsiring commentary regarding the nature of god and our experience of the Universe. I thought really hard about what to call this, but I finally decided that the title i chose gets a firm grasp on the scope of what I like to explore: the oneness of creation.

Here are a couple dreams that ring of ToL to me…both are WILD

I’m laying in bed releasing my day and suddenly a bold image of a cross appears. It seem to be made of gold, with a crystal inside a circle at the intersection of the lines. A violet beam of light dances behind the cross. Then the bottom line lengthens and expands to become a highway. I’m aware of floating forwards towards the cross and that feeling of starting to dream. Soon I’m full LDing and the crystal is getting really big. Then i wake up.

what’s funny here is that just this evening i got inspired to dream about things that could be related to Genesis or the bible in general. Looks like perhaps i jumped straight to the New Testament.

Here’s one i had a couple of weeks ago, totally forgot about and was really happy to discover again…

WILD-I’m laying on my back trying to relax and just sleep when this
circle with a cross in the middle appears. My attention really lights up and I go right into LDing. I kind of follow the image as it seems to be floating away from me in a dark fog. Then the circle cross freezes and becomes a window in on a small beautiful church. The space around is white void, then grass appears and then a brownish courtyard and surrounding neighborhood. It seems like i should go into the church, so i walk in to find no one there. I go all the way to the altar and find a rose quartz about the size of my thumb on a purple cloth. I pick it up. That’s it.

Crosses ring of the Tree of Life to me. Thoughts anyone? :content:

Check it out! … fLife.html

this picture really speaks to the concepts that have been floating around in my space about the ToL.

i’m aware of this idea that a being starts off their spiritual evolution near the bottom, at the roots, and then works their way up to the top, by the fruits. :tongue:

but this picture shows me that it’s a continuous, even circular process, a visual analogy for the recycling aspect of universal creativity. i personally believe in reincarnation, so to me the looping branches represent the birth, death and rebirth of the human spirit.

-apples and oranges

a funny synchronicity…

i get off the subway station and see a young homeless man with a cup. he’s saying hello with his eyes and a smile. i can see he’s got a big heart and a gentle spirit.

i take a moment out of my day to stop and say hello. then i ask him if he knows anything about the Tree of Life. he says,
“what’s true to life? Um…i don’t know,” and smiles.

i laugh and enunciate a little more clearly,“i actually said the Treee of Lifffe.” he goes “Oh! i know all about it! it’s like how everything feeds off of each other.”

then he says,“hey, my name’s Tree,” like he had forgotten and my question helped him remember. i say, “thanks for being” and move on.



Hello Universe and fellow inhabitants,

i got a great idea from Quest #15 for a concurrent LD adventure to post within this topic.

my goal is to plant a tree seed and watch it grow over a few hundred or thousand years. in RL i’ve got the opposite of a green thumb, every plant i’ve ever had ate it! i also want to be practically immortal so this’ll kill two birds with one stone.

alright, FOCUS, i love it!

-being me never felt so good

Check it out!
but this picture shows me that it’s a continuous, even circular process, a visual analogy for the recycling aspect of universal creativity. i personally believe in reincarnation, so to me the looping branches represent the birth, death and rebirth of the human spirit.
I like your idea of what the tree of life represents, i think you could indeed be correct. I’ve watched a few videos on symbolism and this tree of life goes a long way back. I think the video i watched said it was just a symbolic representation for the structure of all life, like a dna strand except it applies to all life in the universe. There is also a tree of knowledge which has something to do with the knowledge that was passed onto us to enable us to reach the highest level of understanding that next to god.

Unfortunately i don’t think i’ve ever had dreams about the tree of life, its not really something i think about. Although i do often think about how creation started, karma, reincarnation and things like that, the tree of life isn’t one of them because to me its just a symbol for the seed of creation.

hi Eonnn, thanks for your insight!

i actually had a ND sort of LD last night in which i was looking at a giant tree stump in the midst of a dense white fog. to me it represented the Tree of Life in a state of neglect, though at first i thought it meant death. i woke up thinking about how there are aspects of myself that i neglect (emotions #1) and this feels like a step toward opening to that more.

i usually focus on a lot of stuff at once, so for a change i’m sticking with this for a while just to get into the experience of doing one thing. i really feel it boosting my LDing too. also the ToL brings an image to my mind and not words right away, so that’s different for me too. i actually used to meditate on the t’ai chi symbol and that definitely had a positive effect on me.

the journey continues…all feedback welcome!


Tree of Life meditation…

i enjoyed reading the steps, it really got me there…

-distracted by nature

This brings me back to my first and strongest lucid dream…

I was questioning the world…wondering what and how things work. I had my spiritguide with me, a constant companion for anything important like this. I was walking a forest and looking at the trees. I saw how things connected to one another, how the world itself works interconnects. A squirrel finds itself in there and the feeling of interconnection was stronger than ever…a copper kind of fire glowed within it… There were other things along those lines, a good conversation with my spirit guide about the world, that it was dying, maybe similar to your neglected tree of life?

I’ll have to dig up my dj if this is the kind of thing you are looking for. Let me know!

Well, I just noticed this topic… In my Dream Team on Sealife, which is actually called the Tree of Life, we’re going to have a challenge every moon. The current challenge is to travel through Malkuth, one of the realms of the Tree of Life. So, if I get any TOL related dreams, i’ll be sure to tell you.

I think it’ll take us a fair few moons to get through the tree, since we’re doing a new realm each moon. Should be cool.

whatch “The Fountain” it should help you understand what ur talking about in a symbolistic way also a very tripy movie :content:

in Revelation it says we shall eat from the Tree of Life and it will heal the nations

are they speaking of an energetic transfer, or an actual tree or herb or substance in existence which has the inherent spiritual qualities within it, if, administered to the people in the right way, will cause them to develop qualities of peace?

there is a state of mind where the golden caduceus cross is in the middle of the head, your WILD sounds like that to me Kindergarten.

it symbolizes the beginning of raising the ego out of the body, moving from the heart to the center of the head, and the top of the head being in the etheric plane.

you say “Run your energy” what do you mean! I would really like to know, I was thinking you were one of my teachers lol!

Do you do Kriya ?

that’s really cool about the homeless man, I was on here talking about keeping your eyes open, and then i went outside, this very heavy-set (obese, too) woman was walking with a CD player and a backpack on, and she looked like she was out of orbit and I was walking to my car, and she was walking by and said “you have to keep your eyes open” and I was going to ask her if she needed any help, and wondering if she was going to try to get in my car with me, and she became enmeshed in my vibrations and as I walked aware of her she orbited closer to me in her movements, but still kept going along her path, it was very bizarre!
several weeks ago, 2 or 3.

what is Kriya?

read Autobiography of a Yogi

I wouldn’t be very dishonest if I said “I don’t know” because I haven’t been initiated into it yet, but it is a system of running energy to remove blockages and attain God-consciousness, and its held in place by gurus who have already attained this perfection.

Thanks eyelids, I’ll keep it in mind and find some time to finish it tommorow.

The tree of Life is in Eden, other wise known as Heaven. See:

Heaven or Eden is a metaphorical concept. It means a different state of consciousness it is not an actually physical place. You need to understand Eden to understand the Tree of Life.

Instead of being wise we decided to be stupid and miss out on our chance to eat from the very tree that gave us eternal life thus:

What is the cherubim and the flaming sword?:

But understand that we were in control of the garden:

And we have not lost our control.

is the tree of life completely metaphorical, is it in relation to specific plants ?

or to the chakras?

heard said the tree of knowledge of good and evil was the sexual chakra, and upon being sexual they fell from divinity, multiplying, and creating this present world, metaphorically.

When I first saw the words “tree of life” I thought of actual trees, the lungs of our planet, the keepers of beauty and homes to so many creatures.

I became curious, I read on, and then thougt it was metaphorical, a state of mind maybe. I came up with several ideas, but the theory I liked best was this: The tree of life is a representation of the connections everyone has, with its branches and roots-all living beings interwined and interconnected.

I’m religious enough, so I liked the bible references too. Gnosis, do you think that Eden and heaven are the same thing?

connecting it to the chakras sounds interesting-hadn’t thought about it, are you saying the Tree of knowledge of good and evil is the same thing as the Tree of life, eyelids?

no i am not

i got the idea from reading Autobiography of a Yogi, his teacher says that there are many fruits in the garden, symbolizing the pleasures of all the chakras, but the tree that was forbidden, the knowledge of good & evil was the sexual center, causing man to become flesh oriented and fall from his spiritual sky

now, i often ponder (mods please allow this , thank you ) :

that this is referring to cannabis and mushrooms
and that one of them is “evil” and t he other produces life
and i’ve no idea which one

mushrooms give KNOWLEDGE, universal knowledge, seemingly bringing immortality
cannabis takes knowledge away, though it can produce spiritual visions, but allows one to be IGNORANT and therefore “blisful” or at peace, which seems as if this is what the Eden consciousness was,

Kaneh-bosom was mentioned as a sacred and holy incense often in the Bible, which was either calamus plant, or cannabis plant, both of which are psychoactive

however these ideas don’t quite make right sense, because when I think of a spiritual human< i see them with no need to take a plant in order to maintain communion with God,

the yogis of the east simply do their yoga, and are always there, and this is hwo they teach others, this is much higher than shamanism could ever be.

however it seems very like that early Jews and early Christians used sacramental herbs, it IS obvious, its documented in the Bible all over the OT, very specific rules for making a holy anointing oil using what is currently translated as “Calamus” however, most believe this is a mistranslation and it means cannabis.

i want to point out how tyrannical and evil our nation is, that plants are against the law, and people feel like they can’t openly talk about this stuff
but they can go buy a cinna-bon and tell their friends how delicious it is

or watch a dude get shot in the head on mainstream tv and laugh.
play grand theft auto with their kids.

but beware, nudity is evil! but sexual exploitation is good ?

we are in for a HUGE PARADIGM SHIFT, right now, lol.

*when the Jews picked manna but were not allowed to stockpile it, only take what they need, and it helped them talk to God, it seems very likely these were magic mushrooms because they DO directly link one to what could be conceived of as a “God” and they grow very quickly, sprouting up seemingly out of nowhere.

it does not make sense that people who actually talked to God, glowed golden colors, would make elaborate incenses that did, nothing at all in particular, to me.

*but again shamanism is inferior to yoga

it is also troubling that the Bible does not seem to care if one drinks or does various things, which are actually NOT good for spiritual health, which makes me think of the Bible as an inferior tool to full god-realization, right now

“it is not what goes in a man’s mouth… but what comes out”
this is so true, however still, if you are drinking wine, you are clogging your chakras and messing your energy up.

They are. See:

What Jesus meant when he said he saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven is that he saw evil fall out of people. Or in other words the seventy were able to cast the serpent from Eden.


When we ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil our chakras become unsynchronized. Therefore we became imperfect. Perfection is the synchronization of all 7 spiritual centers (chakras) of the body but it only takes one imperfection to cause all the destruction we see today which is why 7 is the heavenly # and 6 is the # of fallen man because 6 is short of perfection and yet not close to perfection.