Trick to Get Tired

*Note - I did not invent this. I am just reviving it.

Sometimes when I get in bed, my body feels tired but my eyes aren’t. It feels like I can just keep them open. What I do is I move my eyes back and forth like your watching a fast ping pong game. Do this side to side for about 10 minutes and then you do the same but you go up and down. You can do this with your eyes open or eyes closed I don’t think it really matters. After doing this then you should feel more tired then you were before.

I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds to me something more like your eyes are just starting to hurt, so you’ll want to close them. I guess you could say that your eyes are tired, but I don’t really know how not having tired eyes will help you fall asleep, if that’s what you’re getting at. It is a lot easier to force your eyes closed than to force your body to sleep, and if you say that your body was already tired then you shouldn’t need this to help you fall asleep. Regardless, I will try it tonight to see if it actually does make it easier for me to fall asleep.

By tired I mean you don’t have to force your eyes shut. I just close my eyes and without me holding them shut they just pop back up as if I were still awake. This is just to make it so that you don’t have to force your eyes shut.

Are you saying that your eyes open on their own and it is very hard for you to keep them shut? That doesn’t sound very normal; maybe you should get that checked out.

i think thats more psychological … anyways , to get you tired a good idea would be reading a soothing book instead of making funny movements with your eyes :razz:

nothing is wrong with my eyes…I don’t think I’m getting my point across.

I know what you mean. Your saying your putting more weight on your eyelids so you can keep them closed without accidentally opening them ruining your chance for wild or something. All its doing is making your eyes be tired with the rest of your body so your more relaxed???

no, he’s saying that, you’re not putting weight on your eyes, you’re making them tired. when you’re tired, generally, you’ll find it difficult to open your eyes, but when you’re tired, but you have no trouble keeping your eyes open(IE your body is tired but your mind isn’t) you can do the exercise to make your mind more tired(not quite sure i got that right either. because it doesn’t really make much sense

I think he is trying to say that if your eyes keep opening when trying to sleep then this technique would hopefully prevent it. I think your eyes opening can be a problem I have experienced it when trying to WILD it seemed to go away when I took my focus away from my eyes though.

Personally I would be reluctant to try this method. I think that forcing yourself to do it for ten minutes would not be the best way to time it. Making such movements with your eyes will undoubtedly put extra strain on the muscles. This probably isn’t harmful as such but if you overdo it you could end up with eye strain. I think if you are going to try this, doing it until your eyes are tired would be a better timing method.

You don’t have to do it for ten minutes. That is just what the guy said to do. I just did it for like a minute or two and it worked fine. No eye strains or anything. You are doing this to get your eyes heavy if you are having trouble keeping them closed.

Don’t complain on this “trick” b4 you’ve tried it! Who knows, it might work great.

I made a post a few months back about how moving your eyes from side to side triggers your memory. … highlight=

Oooo i’ll try this tonight… although i dont really have a problem getting tired - i just always lose consiousness fall asleep. Another way of getting tired is setting your alarm to go off 30 mins after you lie down. Completely relax and dont think about LDs. Then, when you’re about to fall asleep and are really relaxed, the alarm goes off and you feel really tired. Then you can try WILD :grin:
(or you could try drinking coffee and waiting for it to ware off - you will feel very down and tired then :tongue: )

Sakoda, you were on to something there. Reading, because when we read we make the same funny movements with out eyes, except for straight up and down.

Also, this is the clasical hypnosis thing right? They swing a pocket watch in front of you. Nowadays they might have one of those upside down pendulum dealys. It should work quite well.

I know exactly what you mean : when I go to sleep around midnight and wake up 10 minutes later, I am completely relaxed and can fall asleep in no time.

As for the eye relaxation : I also read it on a stereogram site web, they say that you need to stretch your eyes’ muscles to fall asleep easier. I tried it, but less than 10 minutes of course, it’s too long.

Despite what some people replied with, this method makes perfect sense! There really are no wrong ways of going about techniques. If it works for you, it works! The best method that you can perform is the one that you believe in the most.

Anyway, I used this technique while trying to induce a nap, and it worked perfectly. Thanks kT4all for posting it up :smile: .

No problem Ben :content: I just got back so any luck for anyone else?

I ended up waking up after 3 1/2 hours or so, then I decided to simply go to the bathroom and try to WILD. So far having no luck, even this technique was useless to me. =/ I am sure it works for some people, maybe I didn’t try hard enough or long enough. Long story short, I can’t go back to sleep now lol. I will have to start practicing MILD from now on before bed.

Oh and I didn’t even remember a dream this time, disregarding everything when I awoke planning to WILD. =/ Ironic.


Actually, this technique sounds pretty cool. And it might, as someone said earlier, aid memory (like deja vu, if you move your eyes in a similar position as you were in REM, then you might hit that key phrase to start your memory. Same thing as not moving after you wake up. NOT SCIENTIFICALLY BASED).
I just don’t move and think of anything. If you move, you can’t get to sleep (no duh). Then when I get tired, I do LD techniques.

I tried this yechnique and got a LD a few night ago :content: :yay:
Except i didnt exactly do WILD, i just fell asleep really tired and the only thing i could think was LDs - couldnt be bothered to think about anything else - so i ended up having a MILD :grin: