Trouble with WILD

I tried having a LD using WILD. Last night was my first try was last night (i actually tried a couple of times) and i would feel my body get go into SP (i think :meh:) and i could see different images some were blurry but when i concentrated on staying calm and trying to “enter” in the dream i would lose it. I dont even know if it was a dream so anyhelp with knowing if i’m dreaming or not? any tips? I also tried today when i took a nap. no luck :meh:

First off, don’t get discouraged by early failures. WILD, while being a very popular tech, can be difficult for some beginners. The biggest thing with WILD is to simply let go of everything around you. If you begin to concentrate on how your body feels, you’ll lose it. The same is true if you begin to concentrate too hard on the images. You simply have to remain focused as all of these things are going on around you.

Now, other than that basics, there are a few things we need to know. First, are you doing this later on in the night or right when you go to bed? Next, How quickly (or long) does it take you to fall asleep. Last, how much time do you have to sleep every night?

These factors as well as others can effect the success you have with WILD. Now I’ll admit I have a much higher success rate with MILD and RCILD myself, so I’d like to defer you to an expert on the subject. Expert, take it away! crosses fingers the next poster is a WILD expert :razz:

In all seriousness, there are some great topics you might want to look over here:
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You’re right Rhewin, although alluring, WILD can prove to be too big a challenge to your novice dreamer. Seriously, the other techs do work, and require far less effort.

What was the SP like? Can you go into detail? My guess is your body was not fully asleep. This could take 20 minutes, or it could take an hour.

If you’re doing WILD, you shouldn’t worry about recognizing when you’re in a dream. You’ll know.

Just make sure you’re not having a false awakening if you fail a WILD. Do reality checks!

May I please add another WILD question.
I’m trying WILD as well as others (don’t know what they are called)
However when i try the “one i’m dreaming, 2 i’m dreaming” Then i end up only thinking about saying that. If I take my mind off saying that for even a couple of seconds then i end up forgeting to carry on.
Any idea’s i really want to be able to get WILD to work for me.
Hope that sort of makes sense.

Well, that’s actually is what makes WILD difficult to master. The reason you count is to keep your mind focused on those numbers instead of falling asleep like the rest of your body is. You can technically use whatever mantra you like (so in a worst case scenario there is a chance for MILD), but counting seems to be the best for keeping the mind focused. Like you said, if you lose focus, it’s back to square 1.

The short answer: try not to think about anything but your focus. It can be hard, and you might keep yourself awake later than you like as you try to master of it. Best of luck to you, I hope you do better than I do at WILD :content:.